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Marie-Claude Stockl

Our Fall newsletter is a celebration of our 1st International E3A Conference held in Atlanta, GA in September, and the resilience of a committed group of people who made it happen despite Hurricane Irma. The threat was real: electric lines down at the Calvin Conference Center, worries about gas shortage, flight delays, and our loved ones in the path of the storm. The Center pulled through, and proved that Southern hospitality is alive and well.
Kudos to everyone! What a great experience! It all came together seamlessly, and we had a joyous three days together. It was a perfect balance of valuable workshops in the morning, and hands on experience in the arena with horses in the afternoon. Lots of networking, plus practical information to build an EAL business were icing on the cake.
I want to extend a special thank you to our keynote speakers and presenters. Some of you had to change your plans, and came for one day only (Irma again). We really appreciate it. This amazing experience would not have been possible without the careful planning of our uber volunteer conference committee led by Pamela Stubbs, an event planner by profession. We were in good hands.
For members who could not attend this year, we hope you will join us for the next conference. Meantime, our membership support committee is hard at work to expand resources for our members. Stay tuned for more information!
With gratitude,

Marie-Claude Stockl

   Upcoming Training Deadlines

For a complete list of the 2018 Calendar of Events & Trainings, click here.
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personal attention.

C1: Introduction to Equine Experiential Education
Facilitation Method (Teleclass)
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Total cost of the certification, including $75 to cover the cost of the C1 teleclass is $2075. This is our most cost-effective certification package.

Learn how to enhance the offerings at your EAL business in 2018 by taking the Personal Development & Wellbeing trainings!

E5: Intro to E3A Personal Development & Wellbeing (Teleclass )    
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E6: Creating Personal Development & Wellbeing EAL Workshops
May 4-6 2018. Early Bird rate is $925 through Apr.4. Register Now!

Having trouble registering? Call us at 775-376-2530.

Highlights from the 1st International E3A Conference

Highlights from the 1st International E3A Conference:
Inspired Leadership through Equine Partners

About two years ago, E3A embarked on a mission to bring together leaders in the E3A community in the form of an inaugural conference that would offer an extended educational experience to members of the equine assisted learning (EAL) community. That conference finally became a reality in September of 2017 at the Calvin Center in Hampton, Georgia.  
Wow, what an event it was!
Joseph Urban giving an EAL elevator speech to Glock, a Calvin Center equine partner.  
Hurricane Irma gave us a bit of a scare the week before the conference. But after Irma blew through Georgia three days before the conference, the skies cleared to make way for beautiful weather and an unbelievable networking experience. We had excellent speakers in the classroom and in the arena, communicating new ideas for EAL activities and businesses. And the horses at the Calvin Center - well, they showed up as themselves, as horses always do, to contribute to the learning experience. For a full list of all the speakers and topics covered, click here to see the final program.    
E3A would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in  
making our first conference a success! 
We had 38 registrants flying to Georgia from all over the U.S. and driving from many of the surrounding states. It was truly an international event, with attendees from England and the Netherlands. E3A would also like to thank the members of the conference committee: Gina Yarrish (program chair), Pamela Stubbs (general chair), Joseph Urban (finance chair), Susan Urban (publicity chair), and Marie-Claude Stockl (E3A Board President).  This group spent many Friday mornings together in conference calls over the last year to make this event a reality!!  
The conference committee with other members of the E3A leadership at a pre-conference planning meeting at the Calvin Center. From left to right: Joseph Urban, Susan Urban, Linda Pucci, Carrie Brady, Janis Cooper, Marie-Claude Stockl, Pamela Stubbs, Lissa Pohl, and Gina Yarrish. 
If you attended the conference, you should have already received the attendee list through email. We will also be making some of the presentation materials from the conference available soon to attendees.  Please visit our Facebook site and post a review to let us know what you learned at the conference! 
  Enjoy the slide shows below that highlight the conference activity. Then continue reading the newsletter for summaries of two of the conference sessions.

  Express Your "Why" With a Mind Movie  
Kathy Milbeck
Jen Kaplan

Jen Kaplan and Kathy Milbeck describing the importance of finding your "Why" 
At the 1st International E3A Conference, Kathy Milbeck and Jen Kaplan of Equinemity gave a presentation that explored an inspired leadership approach to successfully marketing and communicating an EAL business to potential clients. Kathy and Jen showed conference attendees how to put an innovative twist into their EAL business and marketing material by finding their "Why" using Simon Sinek's, Inside Out Communication concept.  Sinek's basic premise is that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. To successfully market your business, you have to sell why you are doing what you do. Kathy and Jen's presentation addressed the role of the limbic brain in finding your "Why" and how EAL programs are hard wired to influence and create significant and meaningful changes with your clients.
The Equinemity team described how they developed a Mind Movie to communicate the "Why" of their EAL business:   "Our mind movie is based on Equinemity's journey towards discovering our Why for the 'Work.' By watching our mind movie, our clients preview our EAL programs and tap into our compelling and emotionally driven Why for the horse-human connection. In living our EAL events, we communicate with the limbic brain allowing our clients to feel the emotion behind the horse-human connection and our Powerful Why. The horse human connection is an efficient, effective, strength based and powerful method to create meaningful change within humans and horses alike."    
Click here to view Equinemity's Mind Movie. Then check out Simon Sinek's Start With Why website to discover the "Why" for your EAL business!   
Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Equine Experiential Learning
Janis Cooper, EQnimity

William Hancy and Janis Cooper describing how to use appreciative inquiry in EAL facilitation. 
William Hancy, the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry Director of Operations and Janis Cooper, owner of EQnimity, facilitated an interactive session at the 1st International E3A Conference at the Calvin Center in Hampton, Georgia. Their session, "Applying Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to Equine Experiential Learning," introduced attendees to appreciative inquiry in combination with horses. Appreciative inquiry focuses on achieving change through the positive, core-strength of an organization. Through a hands-on activity, William and Janis demonstrated how AI could help increase the value of (appreciate) learning in EAL to achieve change at both the individual and group levels. The session offered EAL practitioners an opportunity to rethink and reframe their facilitation questions in support of more strength-based results. To watch a testimonial, click here
Performing an equine activity to demonstrate the use of AI in the debriefing process.

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