A message from the President & Founder, Lauren Genkinger

WARNING - My message this month is political.  We want and need your help to help us change some laws in Georgia that will help golden retrievers and all dogs.    


1.  Law - GA is still a state where if you see a dog dying in a hot car it is a felony if you or I break that car window to save the dog.  Meaning you & I (not the person who left the dog to die) and suffer will go to jail

2.  Law - We want it to be a felony to transport a dog in the back of a truck that is not restrained.  Too many dogs are thrown out on highways or jump out - and are killed.  This should b illegal to transport a dog unrestrained.   
Here is how you can help us - we need someone who knows someone who is serving in the GA Congress who can write & sponsor these bills. We need the connection, then we plan to ask you and your golden to stand on the GA Capitol's steps and Lobby for the passage of these bills.
In summary, we need your help if you know or are connected to a Georgia Congress person that will write & sponsor these Two bills.
Please contact info@adoptagoldenatlanta.com if you can help us. 

Orphan of the Month - Meet Bunker
I came here all the way from Turkey. I'm careful about trusting people - just be patient and give me a little extra time. I have lots of energy because I am maybe only 2-3 years old and I love to run and play. I really do like people the best - even kids but I may be too energetic for the really little ones. And don't tell anyone - especially the boy dogs that I'm a snuggler ( shhhhhh-it's a secret). Now all I need is a new home with an understanding family, a fenced yard and a lifetime of love - and that love part goes two ways! Let's get together and see what happens!!!! 

Adoption Day
Sunday, October 8, 12 noon - 2 p.m. at 
4958 Lower Roswell Rd #124, Marietta, GA 30068


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Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog  
For some people, autumn means getting ready to hibernate for the winter, but for dog lovers it means fall activities to do with your dog.


Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in September. 
Toby, Stripes, Majesty, Ingles, Federer Pup, Curie, Annapolis, Annabelle, Jill, Jagger, Fisher, Stas, Brutus, Sam Golden GP, Rusty, Asher & Toby Sr. found their forever homes last month.

Too much Golden hair? 

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