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AIA Middle East Newsletter  October 2017
Wednesday to Friday, 01-03 November 2017 
" Cityscape Jeddah "  |  Saudi Arabia

Cityscape Jeddah,  the International Real Estate Investment and Development Event, will once again be an outstanding opportunity for the regional and international real estate community to come together to network, create joint venture partnerships and discuss the future of real estate. A power three day networking exhibition and conference, will be complimented by a line-up of niche networking events that will provide investors and developers with the opportunity to interact face-to-face .
Where & When
Jeddah Center for Forums and Events
01-03 November 2017

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Friday, Saturday,  08-09 December 2017
"2017 AIA Middle East Year End Conference"  |  Sharjah
There has never been a more interesting time in history to be an architect. 
The pressures imposed on the industry from globalization, generational shifts and advances in technology are evolving and accelerating.
What does the present global situation tell us about where we are headed?
The goal of this conference is to advance a dialogue between architects and the community, to visualize and project the architectural profession 30 years in the future.
Sharjah is the anchor for the 2017 AIA Middle East Year End Conference. Grounded in a rich history of Culture and Art, the Emirate embraces technology, innovation and sustainability for future generations.

Where & When
Location to be determined
08-09 December 2017, 9:45 AM-8:00 PM

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Saturday, 20 May 2017
"Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Design & Construction Tour by Brian Kleiver
|  Bahrain

An exclusive tour of one of Bahrain's architectural icons and the award winning
Four Seasons Bahrain Bay designed by international design firm, SOM. The project tour was led by the Project / Site Architect,  Brian Kleiver.
Brian explained the inspiration and complexities of the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Hotel design including lengthy coordination with the interior designer & operator for back of house & front of house areas as well as challenges and methods of successful construction.


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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
AIA ME Launch Event   |  Oman

IA Middle East, an american chapter of the American Institute of Architects organized an exclusive event introducing the institute in Oman, where information about AIA was shared with attendees with the intention of promoting  architecture and design best practices in the Mena region. Benefits of AIA membership were also disclosed during the event.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017
Empowering Architects Event Series- Round 1  
 |  Dubai

The event consisted of a panel discussion with highly recognized local architects answering questions from the audience followed by time for one-on-one discussion with the panelists. This event gave an  opportunity to address other experienced professionals with questions and challenges you have met in your own practice, as well as network with fellow architects.

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Saturday to Thursday, 15-27 July 2017
Global Summer School 2017   |  Oman

IaaC Global Summer School Muscat is an innovative opportunity of research, design, technology and experimentation  on the urban fabric organized in the Sultanate of Oman from the 15th to the 27th of July.
The GSS Muscat focused in the development of new concepts of mobility, in order to propose an augmented system  of transportation with its spatial and organization continuity, and to create the ultimate user experience in the  metropolitan city of Muscat. We truly believe in public transport infrastructures as a primary need of development, and  a social and urban interaction among other attracters of the city itself. A hub as an essential engine of regional and  global economic growth.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
Killed by the Architect Talk Event |  Bahrain

Killed by the Architects is a reference to having lost a life in a video game due to a 'fall or the wall'. In other words, due to the designed conditions.Expanding on this understanding of Architecture as a sequence of environments, the talk explores layers of experiences through the construct of Narratives, tracing the axis from the Duomo leading to Arco della Pace through Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Sara M. Anwar is the Director of ARCHITECTEM, a Dubai based Platform promoting Academic Architectural Dialogue in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017
Reason & Emotion Through Sustainability  |  Dubai


Fernando Menis  is a Spanish Architect, graduated from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, who also serves as Chairman of the Laboratory for Innovation in Architecture, Design and Advanced Tourism of Tenerife and as a Professor of the EUC (European University of the Canary Islands) and, occasionally, as a guest speaker at International Congresses of Architecture and Universities (such as Harvard, Technical University of Berlin, Columbia University and École Spéciale d'Architecture). Fernando Menis designs are characterized by being sustainable and adaptable, representing low cost projects combining the natural elements of the urban landscape with architecture.

The talk reviewed the work of Menis architects trough the lenses of sustainability and the intimate relationship with the landscape.Fernando Menis combines a wide range of approaches from large scale buildings-like the Torun's Opera House- to landscape design and small scale interventions

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Monday to Wednesday, 11-13 September 2017
Building Heathcare   |  Dubai

The population in GCC is expected to reach  57.13 million at the end of 2020 61.08 million at the end of 2025  and  64.9 million at the end of 2030 .
With this rise in population growth and life expectancy, there is a continuous need for healthcare provision which has resulted in a wave of investment in healthcare facilities throughout the region.
Building Healthcare has commissioned the  Hospital Project Report in the UAE  which outlines the current projects in the region. The report includes information on the UAE's healthcare market, outpatient and inpatient market growth, and details of the ongoing hospital projects

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Monday to Wednesday, 11-13 September 2017
Cityscape Global      Dubai

Cityscpape Global is recognized as the annual barometer for the real estate industry in emerging markets and is one of the largest and most influential real estate events held globally. The event supports real estate growth worldwide to an international audience, highlighting iconic architecture, significant developments and unparalleled investment opportunities

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Wednesday,  20 September 2017
Figuring the Figure   Bahrain  

  'Figuring the Figure'  is a rejection of known architectural typologies as formal strategies to design. The lecture will review the creation of a visual glossary; specifically the use of the figure in architecture as a design tool to create a language that can be adapted for use in various projects. 

Zaid Kashef Alghata  is founder of House of ZKA, a collection of architectural explorations that attempt to frame its focus towards existing architectural climates

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How AIA is helping to build a more diverse profession!

The co-chairs of the Equity and Future of Architecture Committee share how architects can further embrace AIA's values

AIA's values call for equity and to stand for both  human and civil rights, and the Institute's efforts over the last several months have begun to turn those values into actionable initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion.
In January of 2017, AIA's Equity in Architecture Commission released 11 recommendations for "expanding and strengthening the profession's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in every practice." Soon after, the one-year commission ended and its work was assumed by the interim Equity and Future of Architecture Committee. Co-chaired by Emily Grandstaff-Rice, FAIA, and Rosa Sheng, AIA, it was formed by 2017 AIA President Thomas Vonier, FAIA, to further implementation of the recommendations as well as tackle other equity, diversity and inclusion issues facing AIA.
"The committee has been reviewing the recommendations," Grandstaff-Rice says, "figuring out timelines, budget, and what's doable right now. We're producing action plans so that all 11 of them are realized over the next three years."
In addition, the committee is supporting the upcoming  Women's Leadership Summit, as well as planning for a Design Justice Summit in 2018 and supporting AIA's K-12 Task Force. They are also working on producing equitable practice guides, which will assist firm leaders in building practices that, according to Sheng, "maximize potential by minimizing barriers."
"Diversity has been an issue for 50 years," Grandstaff-Rice says, "ever since  Whitney Young gave his speech in 1968. What has changed is that there is an awareness. I'm incredibly encouraged that we are now having frank, open conversations."
"We're all at different levels, and we all have to find a way to get engaged," she adds. "When you have a question or a concern about diversity, commit yourself to doing a little bit better. With every little bit, we move incrementally. I want sustainable change; I want a larger conversation about an open, inclusive profession."
For architects who want to contribute but aren't sure how, Grandstaff-Rice says, "Notice and name. Notice the situations around you and ask, 'Am I contributing to equity and inclusion?' And name the problem, if there is one. Also, understand that it's not just about racial diversity or gender diversity; it can mean religious diversity, welcoming people with physical disabilities. It's not about checking boxes; it's about asking, 'Am I creating an environment that allows all voices to participate?'"
"Step one is self-awareness," Sheng adds. "What are your values? Then, it's important to talk as a group or local chapter: What are our values?"
"There are common values that I think we all share: dignity, respect, developing empathy for others," she says. "We can disagree about certain things, but these commonalities should form the culture of our firms, local chapters, state chapters, and AIA National."
If the data in NCARB's recent  By the Numbers report and AIA membership data are any indication, the profession appears to finally be on the right track: gender equity improved in regard to both newly licensed architects and AXP participants, and the percentage of AXP participants and ARE candidates who are non-white increased as well. It will be up to AIA leadership, the Equity and Future of Architecture Committee, and architects and designers everywhere to keep that needle moving in the right direction.

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Le Corbusier
 October 06, 1887

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 October 23, 1918

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 October 12,1934 

Zaha Hadid
 October 31,1950

Maya Lin
 October 05, 1959

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