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October is National Cyber Security 
Awareness Month!
National Cyber Security Awareness Month 
(NCSAM), which is celebrated every October, was created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance to increase awareness about cyber threats and security measures.
The Federal Trade Commission recently called ransomware an "epidemic." If you have ever needed a reason to talk to your clients about cyber insurance, now is the time, and we're here to help! 
Make sure your clients beat the cyber attack "epidemic" with risk awareness and easily implemented risk management solutions.  
Contact us about data breach and/or cyber liability coverage today!  
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inquiries to 
We want your Corporately Owned Dwellings!

Dwellings that are deeded in the name of a Corporation, LLC, Trust or "Estate of" situations usually fall outside the realm of a standard carrier's guidelines; but CIU can help you place these risks! 

We can write Tenant Occupied, Vacants, Renovations, Seasonal Dwellings and/or Condos that are in a  Corporation, LLC, or titled in the name of a Trust.  

Submit your accounts to personallines@ciusgf.com 
for a quick turn around on these quotes! 
From truck tractors to construction and farm equipment (and beyond!), we have a leading insurance product for both sales and service risks. 
Big or small, we can consider them all!
We can offer:
-Dealer or Service Liability limits of up to 1,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate
-Garagekeepers (for customer's vehicles) up to $750,000 per vehicle and up to $15,000,000 per location
-Dealer's Open Lot (owned vehicles held for sale) up to $750,000 per vehicle and up to $15,000,000 per location -Property (building, contents, business interruption, signs) coverage in most states
-Tool and Equipment floater for mobile operations
And we can consider "tough" exposures, such as:
-Fabrication and Customization operations (this may require a separate GL policy)
-Farm Implement Sales and Service
-Horse Trailer Sales and Service
-Hitch Installation
-Machining work
-Uninstalled parts or supply sales
Send your submissions to 
Are your customers getting ready to "toast" the fast-approaching holiday season?  If so, make sure they are properly covered for their
Liquor Liability exposures!

We can offer Liquor Liability as a package (with GL, Property, etc.), or we can write it monoline (if desired).
Targeted classes include:
- Distributors & Manufacturing - including wineries
- Packaged Grocery & Liquor Stores
- Convenience Stores
- Special Events
- Restaurants (w/ < 50% liquor sales)
- Bars/Taverns (w/ > 50% liquor sales)
We can consider up to $1mil/$2mil primary limits, including full Assault and/or Battery Coverage (on eligible risks); and we can always look at Excess if they need even more than $1mil/$2mil coverage!
We're "serving" it up; so what are you waiting for?  
Pop some champagne and send your Liquor Liability submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today!
"Notable Dates" for the month of Oct: 

Happy Birthday to: Jeanetta Caldwell (on Oct 24th)

and Happy Halloween to everyone on Oct 31st!!
Commercial Lines:  
Vacant Commercial Building- $2mil/$3mil GL.  $1.8mil TIV. Spcl Form/ACV. $5k prop dedt (except $25k for theft/vmm and 2% for w/h). $8,700
Ammunition Manufacturing- $1mil/$2mil GL. $930k TIV.  Spcl Form/ACV.  $1k all perils prop dedt.  $500,000 annual gross receipts.                          $12,160
Buffet Restaurant- $1mil/$2mil GL. $835k TIV. Spcl x-theft/RC.  $2,500 aop/$5k w/h prop edts. $515,000 annual gross receipts. $7,705
Taxicab- $75k CSL; UM/UIM & PIP.  Local Radius.  2 units. $4,300
Social Club- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil Excess. $225k TIV. Spcl x-theft/ACV. $1k aop/$2,500 w/h prop dedts. Includes numerous activities and events club hosts throughout the year. $7,135
Petting Zoo (w/ pony rides)- $300k/$600k. $1k dedt. $30,000 annual gross receipts. $3,650
Restaurant w/ 20% alcohol sales- $1mil/$2mil GL. $1mil/$2mil Liquor Liability. $200k TIV. Spcl x-theft/ACV. $1k aop/$2,500 w/h prop dedts.  $350,000 annual gross receipts. $3,775
Apartment Building- $1mil/$2mil GL. $365k TIV. Basic/ACV. $10k all perils prop dedt.  15 units. $3,530
Farm- $500k/$1mil Liab. $250k Prop TIV.  Spcl x-theft/RC. $2,500 all perils prop dedt. $75k AD&D (collision only) on the livestock. 115 acres, 75 head (livestock) and 1 dwelling.  Several prior property losses. $3,945
Personal Lines:  
HO3- 2 Seasonal/Vacation Rental Dwellings. $1.6mil TIV (each).  Located in FL. $16,375
HO3- Vacant Dwelling (in name of an Estate). $940k TIV. $3,730
HO3- Owner Occupied.  $280k TIV. 3 prior losses. $1,750
Personal Umbrella- $2mil limit.  Scheduled over 1 primary dwelling, 1 secondary dwelling, 1 farm, 2 watercraft and 1 vehicle. $1,380