We've made major headway inside and outside of the mill. The roof is off, the floor is gone, drainage has been overhauled, and the crew is working diligently to get as far as possible before winter hits. Scope Construction, as well as the subcontractors, has been amazing to work with. They've gone above and beyond (like our roof will!) to make this major renovation happen as seamlessly as possible.  

Our small staff at AMP is growing again, this time with the addition of our education director, Christine Mitchell, an accomplished artist and art educator with years of experience directing programs in art institutions, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the New Britain Museum of American Art. Christine has taught in both Montessori and public schools, and has run her own summer camps. She has also developed and led art programs for large corporations and worked as an art therapist with kids in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  
Christine has already been helping us with some hard work and great ideas to create our programs for schools and other visitors for when AMP opens next year. And in the meantime, she is launching AMP's first community art show on October 14. Featuring two- and three-dimensional pieces inspired by the theme "Art of Work," the show will be up through November 3 at Whiting Mills (next door to AMP's mill building) on Whiting Street in Winsted.

AMP's Education Department ran a pilot digital-storytelling internship this summer. Created and led by AMP staff members, along with a collaborative, intergenerational group of mentors with careers in video production, journalism, and documentary filmmaking, the project resulted in two short films about the lives of mural subjects Edwin Raymond (police sergeant) and Melissa Bennett (firefighter) of Brooklyn, NY.  
Five dynamic interns, ages 18-25, with a broad range of interests, work experiences, and diverse backgrounds, came together to learn the art of the interview, the importance of
storytelling and its place in our digital culture, and the fundamental skills of video production. AMP partnered with Northwest Community College for the program, and they're excited to continue the relationship and have already sent more interns our way!
The interns not only conducted the interviews for the NYC film project but also had the incredible opportunity to work alongside a professional crew, led by Judy Posey (otherwise known as Ellen's daughter!) and her company, Cheap Labor. The video shorts on Edwin and Melissa are the first of many videos that will help AMP tell the story of the workers Ellen chose as mural subjects. When the mill opens, visitors of all ages will be able to hear the subjects tell their own stories through these videos. In addition, we're working on a multi-media experience for students in schools around the country, so they, too, can experience these amazing stories as part of their AMP program.  
To view these powerful visual narratives: 
Edwin Raymond: CLICK HERE
Melissa Bennett: CLICK HERE
Stay tuned for an update about how we plan to take this summer's internship and turn it into a year-round apprenticeship program!
At our second annual Art of Work Gala, we gathered to celebrate both the progress of the construction project and the launch of our first apprenticeship program in digital storytelling. Scope Construction and Newman's Own Foundation were our lead event sponsors, with many others contributing toward our education and apprenticeship program development. The highlight of the evening was hearing from three of the apprentices about the impact of their experience with AMP this summer, followed by a viewing of our first two video segments (see above links.)
We are also delighted to report that AMP has received a $35,000 grant from the Aetna Foundation to help support the development of AMP's education programs and online curriculum. Aetna was also a lead supporter for our Raise the Roof capital campaign with many others contributing in support of our education and apprenticeship programs. 


AMP isn't the only new organization moving into Winsted! The former Lambert Kay pet-supply factory, a 32,594-square foot building at the west end of downtown Main Street in Winsted, will soon be sold and renamed "Winsted Edge Works." Little Red Barn Brewers, Mad River Market (a co-op grocery store), and Scene Art Bar, among others, have taken space in the building, which is projected to be renovated and ready for occupancy by 2018. And many others have inquired about leasing space in the building, where renovations are projected to begin soon and be ready for occupancy in fall 2018. Lots of great things ahead for Winsted, and AMP is just the beginning! READ MORE

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The American Mural Project is a three-dimensional painting so large that a special building is being created for it. It is a celebration of American ingenuity, productivity, and commitment to work. The project seeks to inspire, to invite collaboration, and to reveal to people of all ages the many contributions they can make to American culture. It is intended as a tribute and a challenge.