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October 2017

Make a Plan
Many times throughout life we find ourselves unsure of the best next step. It might be a life change that comes in many forms , marriage, divorce, illness, issues with children ,from special needs to substance abuse , grandchildren , issues with parents and their aging, concerns within ourselves as to how to best proceed so that we do the right thing in any given circumstance. We want to ensure our own security and usually there is a financial component to life plans, and usually a legal one as well. There could be an imminent life change that only you know about such as ending a marriage , cutting off financial support to a family member, or a medical diagnosis. Many people move through these events in a reactionary mode and many times I hear from clients because there is a crisis. Crisis is emotionally wearing, it upsets the rhythm of your life and it can be expensive. In fact many times it is much more costly than putting a plan in place at a time when life is manageable.
We work with clients that are in all situations in a comprehensive and proactive way. It might be that you need an attorney to talk through your long term financial and care plan who can address today issues and subsequent issues that we can help you anticipate ten or twenty years down the road. Of course you need an estate plan that benefits others when you die but you need a plan for now and the path from now till whenever the end comes.
You need someone who specializes in developing a strategy . You might need referrals to professionals that can assist with specific needs you and your family have now. We have an extensive network of professionals that specialize in everything from care management to real estate to financial planning.
Is your husband or wife showing signs of aging that is causing concern, do you have concern about your finances, and how you will manage those if you or your spouse becomes ill or loses competency , are you considering divorce and need to talk through how to move through the process by protecting yourself and planning ahead? Are you confused about how to qualify for public benefits, or stay on benefits for disabled family members or get assistance with long term care costs ? Maybe you are in a second marriage and want to leave assets to your spouse but not your spouse's children ?
We will help make a plan with you . Send an email to and ask for a phone call or a meeting , or just call us at 720-200-4025

Dear Clients and Friends,

At the Law Offices of Bradley J. Frigon, we consistently strive to provide quality personalized legal services with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  We assist clients with wills, trusts, probate and trust administration, probate ligitation, Medicaid and public benefits planning, tax palnning, guardian and conservatorships, and special needs trusts.

Please feel free to give us a call if we can provide assistance with your specific needs.  Your comments and questions are important to us, please send them to Vicki for immediate attention.


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