October 16, 2017


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Monday, Oct 16, 2017 Online registration: Classical & Pop-Jazz Recital
Checks must be mailed by Oct 15, 2017

Dr. Matthew Hagle
"Awards Competition Repertoire"
Monday, Oct 16, 2017
Rolling Meadows Library
9:15 A.M. IMT (Independent Music Teachers) Chat
NWSMTA Library Sale 9:45 A.M. Meeting

Monday, Oct 23, 2017
AIM Informational Coffee 9:45A.M.
Home of Helen Grosshans
310 W. Hintz Road, Arlington Heights
Share and create supplementary (AIM) teaching ideas!

Sunday, Oct 29, 2017
Barrington Area Library, 505 N. Northwest Hwy, Barrington
1:30 P.M. Classical 3:30 P.M. Pop and Jazz


Friday, Nov 3, 2017
ISMTA Board meeting
8:00 A.M - 9:45 A.M.

Friday - Sunday, November 3-5, 2017
ISMTA Conference
Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL

Sunday, Nov 5, 2017

AIM JUDGES' MEETING for November Exam
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Home of Mary Anne Block
749 Oak Rd., Barrington

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 3:00 P.M   Deadline: Gold Medal Recital
Call Elena Goptseva, 847-293-1894

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017    Barrington Area Library, 505 N. Northwest Hwy, Barrington
Approximate Recital times are 11 A.M., 12:30 P.M., and 2:30 P.M.

Sunday, Nov12, 2017

Eric Sutz
"Myofascia Release for Arms and Shoulders"
Monday, Nov 27, 2017
Rolling Meadows Library
9:15 A.M. IMT (Independent Music Teachers) Chat
9:45 A.M. Meeting


Have you ever searched for information on a website and been surprised to discover after reading and clicking through various links that several hours have passed? Sometimes when this happens I feel that I have learned something, but at other times I realize that I have gotten sidetracked and wasted my time. 

Recently I took some time to visit the new website and was amazed to see how much it has been improved and expanded. I could easily have spent hours on it without feeling that they were wasted. I just did a quick survey of what was there and promised myself that I would return to explore in more depth later. 

The new website, like the former one, has areas with general information on MTNA and instructions on how to join or renew membership. There is a section titled Member Benefits which includes a rather long list of discounts. In addition to the great discount that many of us have taken advantage of for printing at Office Depot there are other discount offers for hotels, rental cars, publications, prescriptions, teacher training, and more. There are also links to a number of helpful MTNA publications and a list of professional concerns for which MTNA provides legal advice. 

When I clicked on the Learn tab I discovered a treasure trove of resources. This is where you can find the past Webinars. I have watched several excellent ones but was surprised to see a list of almost twenty. I am looking forward to catching up on the ones that I missed. Under Parent and Student Resources I found a great list of websites for students and teachers, including some that were not familiar to me. Other topics under Learn include Wellness Resources, Studio Resources, and Copyright Information. My favorite area, however, was Teaching Tips. Under a list of subjects such as Learning a New Piece, Practice, Reading, Rhythm, Technique, etc., you can read brief suggestions from other teachers. A few quick clicks gave me a wealth of creative ideas to use with my students. If you have a teaching tip that you would like to share you are invited to send it to MTNA. I plan to return frequently to this great resource from MTNA and hope that you will take the time to explore it as well. 

Before closing for this month I would like to encourage you to attend the ISMTA Conference on November 3-4 at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. I guarantee that you will enjoy and benefit from the sessions, recitals, and master class with the guest artist Panayis Lyras. You will also enjoy connecting with colleagues from around the state. If you are a new member or have never attended the state conference your registration is free! Bourbonnais is only about a ninety minute drive from the northwest suburbs, and you may be able to share a ride with other teachers who are attending. I hope to see you there.

Suzanne Murray


NWSMTA  offers a camp scholarship to a camp of the student's choosing.  The scholarship money will be sent directly to the camp.  We provide a $300 scholarship to 1st place winners in each division, junior (up to 8th grade) and senior (9th through 12th grade).  We also provide a $200 scholarship to 2nd place winners in each division.  The deadline is  April 15.  Complete rules & application form are on the website.  If you have any questions, please call or send an email.

Pat Borchardt


NWSMTA offers a college scholarship in the amount of $1000 which goes to 1 winner.  The first installment is $500 and is sent directly to the school the student will be attending and the 2nd installment of $500 will be sent to the school after the student has shown a copy of acceptable grades to the chairperson after the 1st semester.  Complete rules & application form are on the website.  If you have any question, please call or email.

Pat Borchardt


I know we were all distressed by the news that Kathlyn Sbarboro's husband, Jim, passed away suddenly.  It's hard to know what you can do to help in such a tragedy.  A fund has been created for his sons' college education you may wish to contribute to.

Following is the GoFundMe link for Jim Sbarboro.


Please plan to come to our October meeting. Dr. Hagle is always full of wonderful ideas and information about the repertoire on our website.

Click here for a copy of the 2018 repertoire list.

Bring along your music to make notes!
Primary - Lanciani, Bartok
Elementary - Hofmann, Kuhlau 
Junior - Debussy, Bach
Intermediate- Debussy, Moszkowski 
Senior - Rachmaninoff, Beethoven





Knight Music Academy is seeking to add a part-time piano instructor to
it's faculty. We currently have studio space available on Thursdays
(preferred) and Saturdays. For a complete job description please visit our website:

Candidates interested in applying for this position should remit a cover
letter and resume to Laura Knight at


We had family visiting this weekend.  And like every other family that has a child who plays the piano, after dinner it was time for the youngest players to perform.  I was trying to talk Seth (3) into playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for his parents.  His mom and dad readily agreed they would be delighted to hear his progress.  When we moved into the living room for the glory moment, Seth took a look around and realized there were eight adults not in attendance.  He told me he wanted to have a recital for everyone.  Seth has never been in a recital, yet.  He also has never played Twinkle all the way through without major stops and starts.  Of course, when I invited the missing aunts and uncles and got them seated in the $100/seat section, he got an attack of stage fright and no longer wanted to play.

So, his brother, Nolan (5) was asked to start the recital.  He also refused and said Seth should be first.  Uncle Jim said he was on to him and knew he didn't really know how to play.  Nolan took the bait and said, that he indeed did know how to play.  This discussion went back and forth, with Nolan taking a step toward the piano bench with each vocal volley.  The last, "No way do you know how to play the piano," got him launched onto the bench.  He began to play as a hush came over the room.  That silence sucks every performer in.  You know the power you sense when the room is so quiet and the only sound is made by the piano.  And the piece de resistance is the last note delivered in the most gentle drawn out tone. 

The mood was broken a bit when his bow went into a forward roll, but you could smell success in the air.  Not to be out done, Seth scrambled onto the bench.  What else can you do, when the bench is higher than your hips.  He played the best Twinkle I have ever heard out of him.  The applause pleased him, but he did think he should be paid for the performance.  I should not have bribed him the last time I wanted him to play for the company.  His bow was slow and deep.  The audience broke into even bigger applause.
The moral of the story is, it takes a family of friends and supporters to make a performer.  It takes a lot of time behind the scenes to get a performer prepared.  Sometimes it takes humor to take the edge off.  There are times the best part of a performance is the respectful bow that says, "Thank you for listening to me with love."  But once they taste success, the fever begins. 

I must wait until next week to see if this success makes practice less challenging.  But until then, I can hope.

Deborah Lynch