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Keith Osborne, left, and Paul Cappiello: 2017 honorees
Cappiello and Osborne Honored

We are pleased to announce that R. Keith Osborne was named a Fellow of the IPPS Eastern Region and Paul Cappiello received the Region's top honor, the Award of Merit, at our conference in Grand Rapids last week.  You can read more about Keith HERE and Paul HERE.  Congratulations to both of these worthy award recipients!  
Cross section of infected pine showing beetle paths.
Southern Pine Beetle Marching Northward

Climatologists at Columbia University fear that warmer winters will cause the southern pine beetle to infest more and more forests in the northeast in the coming decades.  The survival of this devastating pest is dependent on the year's coldest nights.  With the coldest night temperatures having risen by as much as 7 degrees over the last 50 years, it is just not cold enough to keep the beetles from surviving.  Read the full New York Times article HERE.  

Some of our student attendees!
What Did You Miss on the Pre-Conference Tour?

What a great conference we had in Grand Rapids last week!  Energy was high with the infusion of 48 people who had never attended an IPPS conference before plus a bumper crop of enthusiastic students.  Click HERE for a re-cap of the pre-conference tour, the first in a series of articles about the conference.       
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