From the Desk of the Community Lay Director: 

My prayers have been with each of you during the storm and its aftermath. I hope that we are getting back to a sense of normalcy. That we are getting back to our regular routines.

I am glad that we have a Gathering coming up on October 6 th at Brunswick UMC. I hope to see a lot of you there so we can celebrate our blessings together. I know that there were a lot of instances where God was right there, showing us just how good He is. I was trying to follow as many of you that I could on Facebook, texts and e-mails. Praise God I did not see any loss of life in our area. Saw where some water and trees damaged homes, churches and businesses. These can be rebuilt and replaced. Lives cannot. To God be the Glory!

Due to the storm, we had to cancel our District Training Event. We will try to reschedule sometime next year. 

As of September 22 nd , no new applications have been turned in. Remember that the deadline for applications is December 1 st . Please be in prayer for all of the future pilgrims.

At the October Gathering we are going to open the floor for a question and answer period, to talk about the upcoming walks and getting new applications. I would love to see a great turnout for the Gathering. 
Please make your plans for attending.

Now is the time for new Board Nominees. If you have an interest in running for a Board position, please let Carolyn Capps, Lori Durham, or me know.

It will be great to see y’all on the 6 th .


MEN- 20


GOAL- 60 each
Calling all Pastors!

Darrell Joiner, our Community Spiritual Director, needs to know if you have attended a walk. If so, he needs your information.

Also, if you haven't filled out a Clergy Willing Servant Form in awhile, please do so again to update your information.

Click on the BUTTON below to access the form. Fill it out and send it to Darrell. Click HERE for Darrell's email address.               .
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings            

October 6th--Brunswick 1st UMC 7 PM
November 3rd--Nahunta 1st Baptist Church 7 PM
December 1st--Wesley UMC at Frederica 7 PM
January 5th--Blackshear UMC 7 PM

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact David DuBois for more information regarding what is required of a host church.
Reflections from the Heart
Goodbye, Irma, You Stayed Too Long!
Trisa Chancey
Table of Mary
Irma. Harvey. Matthew. Katrina. Names whose meanings will ever more be tied to the destruction those hurricanes wrought.

I felt a sense of disgust as I watched video on Facebook of people looting stores as Hurricane Irma approached. My stomach was in knots as I heard reports of pets left behind to fend for themselves, some of which were left in crates or with leashes tethered to a tree or post, not only left behind, but trapped.

Then there were other images that took their place. Images I prefer to dwell on and remember. A woman who rounded up the dogs in her neighborhood and managed to get them safely into her attic, high enough to be rescued by boat. And she stayed with the animals until rescue came. People making a human chain to rescue a man from a sinking car. Countless people reaching out to help others, even when their own safety was at stake.

One of my favorite post-Irma stories is of a young mother whose home took a tree in the roof. The worst part was that her home was also looted and many precious items were lost. She posted her plight on Facebook and several helpful people banded together to help her family. She was given Walmart gift cards to help replace some of what she lost. What did she do? She found another family whose straights were even more dire, and gave them one of her Walmart gift cards. She saw God’s provision, and wanted to extend that provision to others. Even in her point of need, she saw the need of others and sought to meet it!

Whatever memories Irma holds for you, I pray that you felt God’s peace and presence through the storm. I pray that you were ministered to at your point of need, and even more that you were able to minister to another at theirs. It is important to remember that God placed us here for “such a time as this,” and He doesn’t make mistakes.

De Colores!   
Church Reps Needed

To help ensure that all GIWTE community members are receiving information about our community, the Board is seeking a volunteer from each church in our community to facilitate information distribution from emails and Facebook notices among your church's Emmaus group.

Please contact Lori Durham  if you are interested in volunteering to help spread news throughout the churches in our community.
Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

The next GIE Board Meeting will be held October 21, at 9 AM at Brunswick FUMC, Miller Building.

Emmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month at the Miller Building behind Brunswick First United Methodist Church.