How often do you have a feeling of joy? Once a day? Once a week? Never? Joy has been defined as a feeling of great happiness and/or pleasure; delight; bliss. It also has been described as the feeling one has when love meets happiness. In this book Ms. O'Kane endeavors to describe her experience with this emotion as she details the changes she brought to her troubled life in order to achieve moments of joy.
The book begins with a detailed description of her life from early childhood until her realization as an adult and mother that the only way her life of low self-esteem, failure, pain, and anger would improve demanded that she had to heal herself. She had to take full responsibility for her choices and her life. In the remainder of the book she shares the steps she took to do this and the results. It is a story of courage, with many personal details. As part of her life- changing steps, she has become more in- volved with the community in Castro Valley, CA, where she resides.
This book would have benefited from better editing, but the reader feels as if the author is telling you her story, one-to-one. You cannot escape the genuineness of the feelings she has as she describes them. She had the assistance of a psychologist in her journey, and recommends that anyone who is considering self-examination consider obtaining professional help. She also reminds the reader that the journey to joy is never finished - it is a process which becomes part of your life.  

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