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CCEDC Welcomes 4-H Educator Meghan Tanner
We are delighted to introduce our new 4-H Educator, Meghan Tanner. Meghan is a life-long 4-H’er, who grew up showing dairy cows and sheep in Connecticut. She graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business and from Post University with a Master’s in Education. Meghan is passionate about 4-H, youth development and agricultural literacy. When not in the office, Meghan can be found playing with her cows (including her retired show cow, Flip Flop), reading one of her many books or watching movies with her dog. Meghan is excited to be joining Dutchess County 4-H and looks forward to meeting everyone throughout the fall! For all things 4-H, please contact Meghan at met222@cornell.edu !
Pictured above, Meghan at a 4-H program in Connecticut with her calf, Della.
Please invite Meghan to visit one of your meetings - she is excited to get to know you!
The Saddest News
Millerhurst Farm in Ancram loses dairy barn and cows in fire
Tragedy stuck the Miller family when their 200 year old dairy barn and 47 of their cows were destroyed by fire (click for link to Poughkeepsie Journal report ). We extend our deepest sympathies to the family. If you would like to help, one way is through the Meal Train site.
4-H Record Books
Why is this important?
Funding from the County is provided to support the 4-H program. To secure funding we need to meet outcomes. Record Books are evidence of 4-H'ers communication and record keeping skills, financial literacy, community service and achievements. No outcomes - no funding!
So, Leaders and parents, please encourage your youth to get them completed and to the office BY OCTOBER 26TH.
Be sure you have done the following (sorry... it is a long list!):

  • Handed in Record Books to the 4-H Office;

  • Handed in 2018-19 enrolments forms and the 'long form' to the office;

  • Provided the office with a list of your club officers and a calendar of meetings and activities for the new year; and

  • Included Jane on the email list for Advisory meetings.

Leader Appreciation
Leaders, Co-Leaders and Project Leaders/Instructors
As a small token of our immense gratitude for all you do we are honored to invite you to CCEDC for a night of celebration
Friday November 9th, 6.30-9.00pm at FHC
Dutchess BOCES catering students will be providing a 3-course meal with vegetarian options. We will be presenting achievement and long service awards throughout the evening, as well as a few fun activities to highlight and celebrate the 4-H program.
Leaders/Instructors wishing to bring partners, additional tickets can be purchased for $10/pp
Register with Angela by November 2nd
Dates … Dates … Dates... Dates... Dates
Record books will be evaluated during the last week
Toys for Tots Drive starts
Thursday 25          Club Officer Training 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Monday 29           Club Officer Training 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Thursday 1           Teen Ambassadors Planning Meeting
Wednesday 7      Fashion Review Planning Meeting at FHC
Friday 9                Leader Appreciation Dinner 6:30-9pm at FHC
Saturday 17         Harvest Food Festival 1-5pm at FHC
Thursday 6           Public Presentation Activities 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Thursday 3          Public Presentation Activities 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Saturday 5          DC 4-H Horse Bowl at FHC
Thursday 10        Public Presentation Event#1, 5-8pm at FHC
t.b.d.                   Fair review and discussion 
Saturday 2          DC 4-H Horse Communications at FHC
Thursday 14         Public Presentation Event #2, 5-8pm at FHC 
t.b.d .                  Regional Horse Bowl
Saturday 9         Public Presentation Event #3, 9am-2:30pm at FHC 
t.b.d.                  Tractor Safety Course commences
Educational Activities Explained
Club Officer Trainings
All 4-H'ers can benefit and new Club Officers should attend one of the two sessions. Packed with leadership training using fun, hands-on activities to teach how to run a professional meeting and fill officer roles effectively.
Teen Ambassador Planning
Open to teens from all clubs, 13 and up. A brainstorming evening on Nov. 1st to identify what projects the teens themselves would like to do to a) support 4-H, and b) develop their own knowledge and skills.
Fashion Review Planning
For youth interested in strutting their stuff on the runway in the spring, contact us to find out how to get involved
Public Presentation Activities
Youth of all ages and experience will get tips and tricks to doing an awesome presentation. These sessions will provide tools and build confidence and competence to wow evaluators.
ACTION: Harvest Food Festival
Saturday November 17th commencing at 1pm at CCEDC

This is a little later in the month to allow everyone, especially new members, to plan and get the help they need to prepare. Some things you may not know:
The Fall Harvest Food Festival
  • Counts as a Public Presentation
  • Is open to all 4-H members to enter
  • Presentations can be repeated at the Fair to earn premiums
  • Is delicious, nutritious and fun!

To find out more go to the 4-H Member Resources page

Registration Opens October 1st and closes November 9th
Toys For Tots - Brighten a Life Today
Community Service led by a 4-H'er ….
Hello. My name is Alison and I am a 12 year old member of the 4H Dutchess County Long Rifles Club. Since I was about 5 I have been donating to a great charity called Toys for Tots. I like this charity because the toys we donate are given to local families.
This past Christmas I had the amazing opportunity to help pass out the toys directly to the families. It really opened my eyes to the struggles of the needy. But, there was a problem. Many of the families had children 8 years old and older, and there just weren’t enough toys for them. There were even fewer toys available for children 12 and older. This happened for boys and girls. This year I really want to change that.
As a service project, I am asking all of the 4H clubs in Dutchess County if they would like to participate. Your club can choose to be a collection point for your club or for your community. Toys for Tots requests new, unwrapped toys, and they do not allow Nerf guns, other toy weapons, candy or food. I am requesting a gift for a child of the same age and gender as each 4H member, hoping to help fill the gap for older children.
Cornell Cooperative Extension has offered to be a drop-off center. If your club would like to collect toys, you may bring them to CCEDC, or we can arrange pick up at your location. The toys will be collected from your locations mid to late November.
If your club would like to participate, or if you have any questions, please contact me at tgnash99@verizon.net
Teen Ambassadors - Reach out to Jane to Join
1st Meeting at FHC: Thursday 1st November, 6.30pm
Teens - be part of this youth leadership group. Learn lots and have fun while promoting your 4-H program and supporting the community.
Leaders - please encourage the teens in your club to sign up. 
Contact Jane to sign up, or just come along on 11/01/18
We Need More Responses!
Voluntary Confidential Survey
to collect data on 4-H family demographics.
Should you be willing to complete this survey, we will use the data to leverage funding for our programs!

To be completed by the 'head' of each household
Takes no more than 5 minutes
All information is 100% confidential
Huge potential benefits to you and the program

Rhinebeck Farmers Market 2019
Promote Your Club
The Rhinebeck Farmers' Market (RFM) is booking their community booth for 2019 dates. Please contact Andrea Bartolomeo via email at info@rhinebeckfarmersmarket.com .   The RFM offers non-profit and community groups a space in the market free of charge for one date per season, schedule permitting. The booth is to be used to inform the public about your organization and about upcoming events. Raffles and sales are prohibited, however you may provide information and direct people to where they may purchase items related to your organization. A donation box is also allowed.
Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve.
Guy Fawkes was a bad man who tried to burn down the British Houses of Parliament. Read the poem here !
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