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October 2018
Transportation Should Not Be a Barrier
To Voting this November!

smart fphones using ride apps
Midterm Elections are Tuesday November 6. Lack of transportation to the polls has been identified as one of the primary reasons people do not vote. The ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft have announced free and discounted rides to the polls on Election Day. Follow this link for more information. 
Path To Disability Advocacy
The View From Here: My Path to Disability Advocacy | Liam Doyle | TEDxVermilionStreet 
In this TED Talk, Liam Doyle talks about his literal and figurative path to becoming a disability rights advocate. He recalls clearly the moment he stopped being a bystander and became an advocate. He recalls the feeling of defeat early on and how he persevered through it and refused to quit.
Air Travelers with Disabilities To Get a "Bill of Rights" 
a woman and child in an airport
Federal Aviation Administration legislation was recently signed that includes an increase in civil penalties for bodily harm to passengers with disabilities or damage to wheelchairs or mobility aids and the development of an "Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights." Follow this link to read more about it. 
Homelessness is a Disability Justice Issue  
man in a wheelchair panhandling
As homeless populations increase, disabled people are among them . This article examines the intersection of homelessness and disability, questioning why it has taken so long for people interested in issues of social justice to become concerned with disabled homeless people. Has the disability rights movement found it more "convenient" to focus only on "respectable" people with disabilities? Follow this link to read the article.  
Upcoming Events:
Focus Groups: Emergency Preparedness
Disability Network Southwest Michigan is holding focus groups throughout Southwest Michigan to discuss how the disability community is affected during times of emergencies. If you are a person with a disability and have had to face an emergency such as fire, flood, tornado or other disaster, how did you handle it? Were you prepared? How does your disability impact your ability to respond in an emergency?

We want to hear from you!
Visit our website for a list of currently scheduled sessions. To inquire about attending a focus group in your area, email Pam Burbee or call 269-345-1516 x116.
Disability & Employment:
How, When & Why to Talk About It
October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and we have been celebrating by offering this Disability & Employment workshop in each of the 8 counties we represent.

If you haven't attended one yet, we still have a couple more coming up . . .
  • Coldwater: Tuesday, October 23, 3-4:30 PM
  • Battle Creek: Wednesday, October 24, 3-4:30 PM
Do's & Don'ts: Assistance Animals 
There is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as a Service Animal and how they differ from Emotional Support Animals. There are specific laws regarding what type of assistance animals are allowed in different places and whether an establishment can deny access to an assistance animal. Attend this workshop to learn the difference between Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals.

Choose the date and location that works best for you, and visit our website to RSVP.
  • Kalamazoo : Monday November 5, 3-4:30 PM
  • St. Joseph: Wednesday, November 14, 9-10:30 AM
  • Battle Creek: Thursday, November 29, 9-10:30 AM
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