October 2018
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October is
Breast Cancer
Awareness Month

She is clothed in Strength and Dignity and she Laughs without fear of the future --Proverbs 31:25
As a true believer of "everything happens for a reason", I know it's not just a coincidence that on June 16, 2018--the exact date of the 4 year anniversary of my surgery, I earned my GORUCK Star Course patch by rucking 50+ miles in 18 hours and 48 minutes. I didn't share the significance of the date with anyone but it was on my mind and most definitely my heart. I was on a mission to settle for nothing less than rucking those 50 miles in 20 hours or less, to symbolize my support for all the fighters, admiration for the survivors and to honor the taken and never give up hope! In fact I had the initials of two survivors, KB and KS written in sharpie on my forearm for inspiration. Any time I was ready to give up...I looked down at their initials, along with the others I had written on my forearm and knew that giving up was not an option because they've NEVER given up .
I'm so thankful to my friend Kim for encouraging me to get my mammogram and to both Kim and Kelly for sharing their heroic stories of survival with me. Through early detection, I was blessed and lucky enough to avoid a very close call being diagnosed with this terrible disease. On June 16, 2014, I elected to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy after being diagnosed with ADH (Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia) which in the words of my doctor meant I didn't have breast cancer "yet" but if I chose to do nothing about the ADH it would most definitely turn into breast cancer at some point. This surgery decreased my chances of getting diagnosed with full blown breast cancer from 25-30% to 1-2% or less.
I know many people who have experienced breast cancer first hand and many people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer through their loved ones and I promised myself that on every anniversary of my surgery and every October 1st, I would share my story just in case there is another woman out there who has received the same diagnosis as I did and is contemplating their best path moving forward. If you are thinking of undergoing a double mastectomy as a preventative measure, you are not being radical nor are you crazy...it is not crazy to take preventative measures...it is not crazy to choose peace of mind over fear and worry and it is not crazy to want to provide yourself with the greatest chance of a prolonged cancer-free life.

I am very blessed that I hopefully will never have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments and I commend all of those brave, strong and determined women who currently are, who have and to those that did and lost the fight. You are all my heroes and your strength, your fight and your perseverance helped me make one of the most difficult yet best decisions of my life four years ago and I will be forever thankful and grateful for that!

Don't skip your mammograms! Early detection save lives!
Operation Gratitude
Candy GIVE-Back Collection
Don't Get Tricked
by Those Treats

It's so easy to be tempted by those fun-sized candies every Halloween. From the Kit Kat bars to the Snickers bars, soon you'll be seeing those Halloween candy jars everywhere you go. Go ahead and indulge if you must, but just remember, even those small little bites add up quickly. Take a look at the chart to see how your favorite fun-sized treat stacks up. It takes a BIG amount of exercise to burn the calories from those SMALL size treats.

If the chart has convinced you to practice portion control or take a pass on the candy and those calories altogether, w hy not donate it to the Operation Gratitude Candy GIVE-Back Collection and share those extra treats with deployed troops and first responders.
Smile for Life Dental located at 2001 Larkin Ave., Suite 120 in Elgin (847-697-1111) is hosting a collection site or you can bring your candy to me or I can pick it up from you and drop it off for you. I would need any donations No later than Monday, November 5th.
For more information regarding this campaign and others, please visit:
The JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club
The JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club continues to be a BIG success and has been going strong since it's inception at the end of July.

September was a great month, our club participated in 5 rucks for a total of 22 miles.

There were 2 featured rucks in September dedicated to the Heroes of 9/11. Thank you to everyone that joined us to honor the heroes, our first responders and military who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe and protect our freedoms. A special Thank You to Seth P. Lewis, State Senate Candidate, who joined us on 9/11 for a 3 mile ruck. We appreciate your support!

We also appreciate the beeps and yells of support for our ruck club and we're excited to be noticed! Rucking is all about being active, community and awareness! Together...We Got This!!!

If you're interested in learning more about our ruck club or signing up for one of our rucks, just visit the JZTrainedme Fitness website
CPI Corporate Health & Wellness
Fitness Workout Session
The Computer Projects of Illinois staff participated in a Pyramid Combo workout earlier this month!

We targeted biceps, back, legs and the core. There were four different exercises that were performed at 20 reps each and after a rest period then 19 reps of each exercise are performed and so on and so on. This workout is tough but fun and leaves you feeling accomplished with 840 reps completed by the end of the workout!
They did awesome! Great job conquering this workout! Breaking up your schedule and working out during the day is a very effective way to reduce workplace stress!!! They Got This!!!
JZTrainedme Fitness
Group Outdoor Workouts
The JZTrainedme Fitness Group Workouts have been a big success and have come to a close for the season! Thank you to everyone that made it out! If you didn't get a chance to join us, look for us to start up again in April of next year!

Unfortunately, the rain was not kind to us in September so we were only able to schedule the Group Outdoor Workout/Ruck Combo! Check out the pics below! It was a great workout and A LOT of fun!

SkyRise Chicago
Benefiting the
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

On Sunday, November 4th, I, along with my client Lisa and the Addison Firefighter's Association, will be participating in SkyRise Chicago, tackling the planet’s highest indoor tower climb of the Willis Tower to raise funds for the nation's best rehabilitation hospital – the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)!

The AbilityLab provides world-class rehabilitation care to thousands of patients for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke and cancer recovery, and more. The funds raised through SkyRise Chicago will directly support advances in patient care and cutting-edge research. 

SkyRise Chicago is truly a special event. It’s the only tower climb in the world to offer two modes of participation - by foot up the Willis Tower stairs and by hand-cycling the equivalent distance. These options give anyone, no matter their level of ability, the opportunity to participate. 

Help us as we challenge ourselves physically and mentally to complete the climb and support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, a non-profit hospital (Lisa and I will be rucking the climb as an additional challenge for ourselves). Your donation will help the research hospital continue to provide patients with world-class care for the brightest possible future. 

Thank you to those who have already donated...I am almost at my goal!!!

Tower up and Ruck up!

Client Spotlight
The GORUCK Star Course lead me to Dana, who's advice, experience, tips, support and inspiration were integral to my success of rucking 50+ miles in just under 19 hours in June and earning my patch.
We stayed connected after the Star Course and eventually Dana lead me back to Isagenix, which I hadn't used since 2011. Although I always loved the product, I wasn't living nearly as healthy back then as I do now and I was only exposed to one of their system's. Dana educated me about all the great changes and additional products Isagenix had incorporated since 2011 and encouraged me to try the 30 day system myself. She was confident that I would love it and would offer it as a tool my clients to use for a kick start to living a healthy lifestyle, breaking a plateau, shedding some extra pounds or as a path to mental and emotional transformations.
I agreed to move forward only if I was able to find a client to complete the 30 day system with me. I knew my results alone wouldn't be enough to convince others that Isagenix is the real deal!! Enter Lisa, my former high school classmate, who reconnected with me via training...who had hit a bit of a plateau and was looking to reignite her motivation to reach her goals and produce some solid results!
30 days later...the awesome RESULTS are in!!! Give a BIG SHOUT OUT and CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa who lost 11.2lbs and 10.1 inches over her entire body!!! She also decreased her Body Fat by 2.2% and her BMI by 1.9%. Her progress is SO noticeable!!! During her assessment she also busted out 30 regular and 20 modified push-ups (the most regular push-ups she's ever done) and she held her plank for 3:45 seconds!!! Between the Isagenix and increasing her activity level and intensity of her workouts (including rucking on a daily basis)...WOW...what a transformation!!!! We both loved the Isagenix products, we both have more energy, more mental clarity, have experienced better quality of sleep and just feel better overall! And even though the 30 days are over, we are continuing with all the Isagenix products we love the best!
I'm SO proud of Lisa and thankful to have taken this journey with her! We provided great support for each other, had fun while doing it and have become even better friends in the process!!! AND I'm very excited to report that based on our results, 2 more of my clients are started their 30 day systems earlier this month!! Get ready ladies...your AWESOME RESULTS are just 30 days away!!!
Contact me if you want to learn more about Isagenix and how you can achieve these great results too!!! 💚💜
Check These Out at the Checkout
Urban Accents Veggie Roaster Seasoning Blends! My fave is the Balsamic and Roasted Onion! Great marinade for veggies on the grill or baked in the oven! Delicious!

Available at Jewel or Costco
Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Patties in Mediterranean, Italian and Jalapeno flavors. At only 210-230 calories, these burgers are super tasty and filling. Great with tomatoes and avocado!

Available at Aldi
Meal Prep Tip of the Month: Step #2: The Prepping
  • Meal prep and meal planning is a great tool to help your healthy eating stay on track. Although any type of meal prep requires planning, there is no one correct method, it can differ based on food preferences, cooking ability, schedules, time and personal goals.

Preparing your meals is the third step to successful healthy eating and lifestyle change.

Figure Your Cooking Time
  • Focus first on foods that take the longest to cook: proteins like chicken and fish; whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and farro; dried beans and legumes and roasted vegetables.

Think Ahead
  • Consider preparing staple foods you can easily add to a weekday meal or grab for a snack: washed greens for a salad, hardboiled eggs, a bowl of chopped fruit, cooked beans.
  • Make meals that contain the same ingredients

  • If you prefer not to pre-cook proteins, consider marinating poultry, fish, or tofu on your prep day so that you can quickly pop them into the oven or stir-fry later in the week.

  • While foods are baking or bubbling on the stovetop, chop vegetables and fresh fruit, or wash and dry salad greens for later in the week.

Portion It Out
  • Divide cooked food into the containers on prep day.
  • Store snacks in baggies or containers for the grab and go.
  • Keep measuring spoons/cups in bags/packages (granola, protein powders, powdered peanut butter, chia seeds) so your portions are accurate.

Plan and prep ahead so you can eat healthier during the week!

Visit the JZTrainedme Fitness website for Healthy Recipes that are easy to plan, prep and prepare!

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