October 2018

"What scares me is what scares you. We're all afraid of the same things.  That's why horror is such a powerful genre."

- John Carpenter, director, "Halloween" (1978)
Outsourcing Offers a Solution to HR Horror Stories 
Prevent Staffing Scares and Terrifying Tax Penalties 

From payroll duties to tax management tasks, HR departments are responsible for the tracking and safekeeping of a tremendous amount of information. For many companies, maintaining such functions in-house is not only a challenge, but also a serious drain on resources that would be better spent on developing the business, providing customer service, and more.
That's why an estimated 50% of businesses choose outsourcing for everything from benefits administration to regulatory monitoring. Follow the link below to find out how outsourcing HR responsibilities can help protect a company's reputation, while maximizing profit and potential.

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a global media group, in search of a Digital Content Producer located in  Washington, D.C. The  primary duties will include the execution of content for TV and digital media to help draw in viewership for the brand. The candidate  will be an international news lover, with a keen understanding of what makes content compelling for a global audience both on television and the web. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, an International news channel, in search of a Booking Producer  for their Washington, D.C. location. The position will be responsible for researching and booking high profile guests in and outside the U.S. The ideal candidate has international news, guest booking, and live broadcast experience with established media contacts globally.

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, an online higher education platform, in search of a Producer for their Washington, DC metro office. This is a Full-Time Temp-to-Perm opportunity to produce academic content. The ideal candidate is an intuitive helper, willing to juggle multiple projects, anticipates the needs of the team, and can handle logistics flawlessly. The Producer works closely with university faculty to manage video pre-production, on-set video production, and post-production in the mission to deliver a series of content-rich academic videos.

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a financial publishing company, in search of an Equity Analyst for their South Florida office. This is a unique opportunity to work with a fast-growing company with all the opportunities of a small startup and the stability of a deep-pocketed firm with a 30-year track record. They publish more than a dozen advisories covering finance, investing, and economics and have hundreds of thousands of readers around the world.  The ideal candidate is excellent at reading balance sheets, parsing footnotes, and valuing companies. 
Opportunities Abound for Disabled Crew Members 

Individuals with disabilities account for approximately 20% of the population. 

And yet, despite overwhelming support for diversity and inclusion throughout the film and television industry, their prominence on sets - both below the line and behind the camera - remains dramatically low.

Those numbers are gradually changing, however, thanks to several creative forces who are reaching out and making a call for representation.

Follow the link below for the entire story.

Avoid a Nightmare on Freelance Street 

Are you certain your independent contractors carry workers' compensation insurance? If not, serious injuries on the job could lead to horrifying litigation for your production company.  


An independent contractor could claim that you failed to provide proper controls, saying that a ladder was faulty or "another worker's negligence" caused the accident. 


The bottom line? You, as the hiring party, are at risk, unless workers' comp is in place.  A "hold harmless" agreement provides even further protection for your company.


Maslow Media Group protects clients from financial and legal nightmares surrounding freelance and independent contractor compliance.    Contact us today to learn more!

Establish Your Office's Halloween Party Protocol
Have Fun, But Don't Scare Up Any Trouble

Halloween is a time of chills and thrills. But when celebration takes place in an office setting, steps must be taken to ensure equanimity and inclusivity, and to avoid some truly scary consequences.

From compensation issues, to harassment concerns, to religious beliefs - there are several considerations that should take precedence prior to "Monster Mash" dance offs or dashing for the punch bowl.
Maslow Media Group specializes in helping companies clear their HR hurdles, and can protect you from payroll, tax, and other compliance horrors. Reach out today to find out how we can help you.

Happy Halloween!
From Tokyo to Timbuktu, Maslow Media Group's production managers can provide a 24-hour turnaround on crews, no matter where on earth you need to be

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