October 2018
Finger Prickin' Good
Diabetes Tricks and Treats!
Finger Prickin' Good is a blog documenting a family's journey navigating life with T1D, written and managed by super mom, Brooke, who's oldest son lives with type 1 diabetes.  After her son's diagnosis in 2008, Brooke found a passion for cooking and creating healthy meal and treats that made meal and snack time fun, healthy, and helpful in managing T1D.  The goal of Finger Prickin Good is to "make life sweeter with doses of good food, humor and inspiration."  Enjoy FPG's take on the often daunting  Halloween night!
Reposted with permission from Finger Prickin' Good
Halloween is almost upon us once again. For many (especially those of you with freshly diagnosed kiddos), I'm sure the mere thought of Halloween and it's candy-filled traditions is now the scariest part of this holiday for you. I know because I've been there and I admit that those first couple of Halloween's after C was diagnosed with diabetes were pretty challenging and stressful.
After C was diagnosed with diabetes, we maintained that we never wanted to rob him of staple childhood experiences (like trick-or-treating) just because of diabetes. However, as we are all very aware, diabetes doesn't ever decide to just take the night off either, so these holidays do unfortunately take some extra planning.
It's taken several years, but I've finally learned that I need not dread the candy-filled holidays. With a good plan in place, that both you and your child have agreed on, holidays like Halloween can still be super fun and enjoyable for your type 1 kiddo.
With that in mind, this year I wanted to create a whole pre-trick-or-treating Halloween themed meal. I've seen so many cute ideas floating around, and I compiled the ones I thought would make the most kid and carb-friendly, balanced meal, and served it in a muffin tin. Here's what's inside:
  • Mummy Dogs (1 hot dog cut in 1/2 and wrapped in a strip of crescent roll dough and baked at 375F for 10-13 minutes)= 12 carbs
  • "Candy Corn" Veggies (yellow bell peppers, carrots, and cauliflower layered to resemble candy corn)= 4 carbs
  • Witches Broomsticks (cut 1 cheese stick into thirds, wrap one end with chives and insert a pretzel stick through the top)= 2 carbs
  • Clementine "Pumpkin" (1 peeled clementine with a small piece of celery inserted in the top)= 9 carbs
  • Dirt & Worms (sugar-free chocolate pudding cup topped with 1/2 crushed Oreo and 2 gummy worms)= 30 carbs
  • Silly Apple Monster (1/4 apple, strawberry slice, sunflower seeds and 2 googly eyes secured with peanut butter)= 8 carbs

Meal Total = 65 carbohydrates.  Of course you can cater this to your own child's appetite and likes/dislikes. If you're wanting to cut back on carbs in anticipation of allowing your child to indulge in some trick-or-treating candy, just omit the dirt & worms and it will nearly cut the meal carb total in half.

Check out www.fingerprickingood.com or follow @fingerprickingood on Instagram for more creative meal ideas!

We are excited to announce the CDF Online Camp Store is now open!  

Sizes and quantity are limited at this time.  We will be offering a more complete stock coming this Winter.  Head over to the store for stickers, socks, and more!

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CDBC Camper,  Payton H. represented all youth with T1D by being a OneWalk Ambassador for JDRF Oregon/SW Washington Chapter this year! We are so proud to have Payton representing all of our campers and other people living with T1D and for his hard work raising research funds and T1D awareness!  
Congrats, Payton, on a job well done!

11/3 - JDRF Oregon/SW Washington Type One Nation Summit @ Nike World Campus (Beaverton, OR)

2/ 23 - Riding On Insulin Oregon Camp (Timberline Lodge, OR)
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"Where Are They Now" is a monthly feature article showcasing past Chris Dudley Basketball Camp campers, now young adults with type 1 diabetes living active lives and following their dreams!  

CDBC Camper 3 Years
Favorite Camp Memory
My favorite camp memories would have to be the friends that I made, along with the slip and slide, volleyball games, capture the flag and talent show.

Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care? I learned so much from camp in regards to my diabetes care. At home I didn't know anyone my age with diabetes, so it was great to pick up on the little things that helped out when I got back home. I played high school basketball so just being able to talk to kids my age and trade tips on what would work and what wouldn't was something that I couldn't get anywhere else. Given the time frame I was at camp, it was also my first experience seeing the pump get used. I also came away with the idea to replace my medic alert necklace that I wore (and would constantly get in the way) with a tattoo of it instead!

Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp?
There are some people I stay in contact with from camp. Facebook and Instagram have made things so much easier to stay in touch.

What is your advice for present or future campers? Have fun and enjoy every
minute of your time at camp! Some of the people you meet at camp will become life long friends. These are  kids that are exactly like you. Having doctors give you advice is great, but it's even better to talk to others that have  the same real world experiences that  you might be going through.

Tell us about life since your years at camp!
It's been quite a while since my camper days, but after high school I went to a trade school to learn the ins and outs of the Radio and Television industry. The last 12 years I climbed the ranks with one of the largest Audio/Visual Rental companies in the world, and ended up over seeing the Detroit office. Currently, I'm exploring my options and trying to decide what I want to do next. During this time I met my beautiful wife Lindsay, and together we have a 7 year old son, Landon.

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