Issue No. 108  October 2018
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Ugo Richard shoots Shawn Mendes for Emporio Armani

French photographer Ugo Richard came to Toronto to shoot Canadian singer Shawn Mendes for his second campaign with Emporio Armani for their line of watches. The shoot was produced by local production company Scouts Honour.

S1 Supplied: Camera and Lenses, Camera Support, Capture Service, Computer Accessories, Truck Services

Director Mark Pybus and DOP Kevin Wong shoot promo for Iron Chef Canada

Director Mark Pybus and DOP Kevin Wong shot this promo along with the crew from Corus Entertainment for the new Canadian version of the hugely popular Iron Chef tv series. Iron Chef Canada premiers October 17th on the Food Network.

S1 Supplied: Lenses, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Video Van Interior Package
Mark Pybus on Vimeo
Kevin Wong on Vimeo
Giampaolo Sgura shoots Ryan Gosling for GQ

Italian fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura was in town during TIFF to shoot Canada's sweetheart Ryan Gosling for the cover of the November issue of GQ. Produced by P Studio Production.

S1 Supplied: Computer Monitor, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Electrical and Truck Services

Blue Ant Plus produce commercial for Kanetix

The team from Blue Ant Plus, a Social and Content Agency, shot this spot for Kanetix, a company that compares insurance quotes of all kinds for you.

S1 Supplied: Grip, Production Rentals, A La Carte Truck with Operator

Bryce Duffy shot this Campaign for Withings (formerly Nokia Health)

Photographer Bryce Duffy shot this campaign for Nokia Health (now known as Withings) earlier this year. Produced by Free Society.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Truck Services

Ad Hoc Content produces spot for Indigo

Produced by Ad Hoc Content, director Brooks Reynolds shot this ad for Indigo. 

S1 Supplied: S1 Video Van Interior Package

Pricing & Negotiating: Testimonial Video for Camera Company

Craig Oppenheimer of Wonderful Machine details the quoting process for a job shooting an interview with a photographer and retoucher for a photographic equipment and software company.

Spyware hijacks smartphones, threatens journalists around the world

Pegasus, spyware that was developed by NSO Group, can hijack the microphones and cameras on any smartphone, and copy contacts and correspondence. Despite NSO Group's claim that it is intended for legitimate anti-terror and law enforcement use, it has been showing up on devices owned by journalists in countries known for aggressively prosecuting reporters.

Phase One's Plan to Narrow the Gap Between Capture and Post

With the introduction of the IQ4's "Infinity Platform" Phase One is embarking on an ambitious strategy to push more pieces of the photographic workflow out of the PC/workstation and into its medium format camera. The IQ4 features several elements of Phase's Capture One software built in, allowing users to process RAW files in-camera, apply Styles and more.

X-Rite ColorChecker Video XL is Huge for Far, Wide, and Aerial Shots

X-Rite has announced the ColorChecker Video XL , a huge color balance reference target that's designed for long-distance, wide-angle, and/or aerial shots in which a smaller target just wouldn't suffice.
While the boxes on the Video XL show the same chromatic colors, skin tones, and gray reference chips as the standard ColorChecker Video, everything is twice as large.

Venus V29 LED Ring Light & Portable Make Up Mirror

This LED Bi-Colour ring light is great for a simple ring light look or as a portable make up mirror! Colour range from 3200K to 5600K, built in dimmer and an NP battery mount. Comes with 2x NP-750 batteries. One fully charged battery will run it at full power 5600K for about 1.5 hours.

NanGuang LED RGBW Wand

A great tool to have on hand for specials, slivers of light and if you need to add a little colour to a scene. This wand is bi-colour from 3200K - 5600K, has a "soft" white light option, and has full RGB colour. Can be powered via AC or NP style batteries. Kit comes with 2x NP-750 batteries. One will power the light at full power 5600K for XXXXXXX.

LiteGear LiteTile Plus 4  2' x 8' Kit

This kit comes with x2 of the 2' x 4' flexible LiteTile panels to create a large 2' x 8' light source. Lightweight and compact, the panels fold up to 1' x 2' for easy transport. A great way to have a large light source without the encumbrance of a large light! Bi-colour 2600K - 6200K with fine dimming controls.

MSE Panel Stand

This new crank stand is designed with large LED panels in mind. The low profile legs allow large panels to rotate with ease and to move the stand under obstacles. The 100lb capacity will carry lights such as the SUFA 800W without any issue and the crank will make it a pleasure to use. Height range is 4' 7" to 10' 10".

MSE MQ-Mount

With such a variety of LED tube style lights available now, this new mount will clamp onto any brand T-12 size tube. Quasars, Asteras and traditional florescent tubes can be clamped and held with this mount. A large surface area and rubber coating keeps the lamp secure and undamaged.

Scrim Jim 8' x 8' Kits

We've expanded our Scrim Jim line with the addition of the 8' x 8' size. The frame breaks down to 4' lengths. A great option when a full 8' frame is too large to transport. Fabrics available: 1/4, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4 silk, silver/white, single net & double net.

California Sunbounce SunSwatter 4'x6'

When you need to cut down and soften some sunlight, this overhead silk is a handy tool. The kit comes with everything you need to boom it out. Just add an assistant! Comes with a 1/3 stop fabric. A 2/3 is also available.

ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket

An off-camera flash bracket that gives you more versatility when using a speed light. Comes with a quick release plate (arca swiss) to easily remove the bracket. Collapses down for portability.

Father Frank Browne Captured the Only Known Photos Aboard the Titanic's Maiden Voyage

As Frank Brown was finishing his secondary education, he embarked on a tour of Europe to see the world in 1897 before he joined the Jesuits. Prior to leaving, his uncle Robert Browne, the Bishop of Cloyne, gave him his first camera and he was bitten by the photography bug.
Years later, his uncle also gifted him a ticket for a trip on the maiden voyage aboard the RMS Titanic that would forever change the impact of his photography on the world.

Fly Me to the Moon and Let Me Photograph the Trip: You Just Might Have a Chance

Photography can open a world of opportunities, but now it can open up opportunities beyond Earth. SpaceX's first space tourist, Yusaku Maezawa, plans to invite a group of artists including a photographer to travel to the moon with him.  Maezawa recently announced that not only has he purchased a seat on SpaceX's BFR flight to the moon, but he has purchased the entire flight.
His vision is to inspire the artist in a way that artists have never been inspired before, by flying them to the moon.

SPRY: A waterproof drone that submerges under water & flies

Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong. 

It's been fully funded on Kickstarter but they are still taking pre-orders!