GFWC Alabama Clubwoman
Fall Edition
October 1, 2018
Christine Steele
2018-2020 President GFWC Alabama
Dates of Importance:

10/1: Club Dues are DUE with Roster 2018-2020 Treasurer's Form

10/5: Postmark Deadline for Southern Region Conference

10/13: Central District Fall Meeting

10/19-21: Southern Region Conference, Jackson, MS

12/1: AFWC Open House @ HQ

12/2: Central District Reporting Workshop
by Jane Brooks

The Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs (AFWC) was organized on April 17, 1895 at South Highland Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. Nine clubs were present. Miss Mary LaFayette Robbins was the voted the first President of the Federation.
From the very beginning,
AFWC was formed as a “service organization” and “a power for good”.
President's Message
Since the September Edition of News & Notes, a lot has been happening. Clubs are getting back into full force of Living the Volunteer Spirit in your communities, state, country and internationally. 
  Your President has attended club meetings of GFWC duMidi Woman’s Club, GFWC Alabama Collinsville Study Club, Hueytown Study Club, Book Lovers Study Club of Russellville, and the Fenelon Club. She has also traveled to the GFWC North and GFWC South District meetings. I would love to visit your club. Please extend an invitation to attend a meeting, event or fundraiser. 
  This President also attended the Annual United Nations Day Tea at Jacksonville State University International House with Jane Wright, Scholarship Chairman and Mary White, JSU IH Chairman. It was an honor to announce Chioma Ugochukwu from Nigeria as the AFWC International House Scholarship recipient. Her story is inspiring - many challenges to overcome. She is a Junior at JSU after having studied at Gadsden State Community College. She also received a JSU President’s Scholarship so we know she makes the grades! Hope you will attend the 2019 AFWC Annual Convention at Lakes Guntersville State Park to meet her in person. 
   Averaging at least one day working at HQ each week, this President has been meeting different people there: the contractor about repairs to the building, the alarm guy who finally finished up and we now have a reliable system and a surprise delivery of a box full of scrapbooks and historical items. Fun going through everything!
   Meetings have taken place with various officers and chairmen with business being taken care of to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan. 
If your club has not done so yet, please mail this President a copy of your club yearbook. I am wanting to make a display at HQ of all the clubs in the state. If your bylaws are not included in the yearbook, please mail a copy of that too. We need to keep our records updated for the IRS 501c4 group exemption that the majority of clubs are under. 
I would like to express my thanks to all who have supported the AFWC President’s Special Project: Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships . We are learning, or refreshing our minds, of the rich history that we are a part of and already have the funds to award three extra special scholarships this year. AFWC will be proud to award even more scholarships next year and perhaps at a higher amount – all dependent on the donations received. Please see articles from this committee’s Co-Chairmen, Jane Brooks covering the history ( check out this link to see a summary of our first 22 years! ) and Sherry Stutts being inventive with earning a college degree. 
Hope to see everyone at the Holiday Open House at Headquarters on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Mark it down on your calendar with more details to follow.  

Christine Steele, President
New Statewide Scholarships!

President Christine Steele’s President’s Project “Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships” has now added three new scholarships to the existing scholarships listed on pages 89-90 in the AFWC 2018-2020 Yearbook. Only three scholarships will be added for this year. The new scholarships are as follows: AFWC Military Veteran Scholarship. This scholarship has been established as a part of the 2018-2020 International GFWC 7 Grand Initiatives; one being projects devoted to women in the military. This $500 scholarship is available to women veterans who have honorably served in our nation’s armed forces.  AFWC Jane Wright Scholarship. This $500 scholarship is awarded to a student who has chosen Education as their major field of study. Jane Wright is a former teacher who has spent many years as the AFWC Scholarship Chairman, has served as Scholarship Chairman on the District level, is a Past President of AFWC and has served in many other AFWC positions.  AFWC Cynthia Geis Scholarship. This $500 scholarship is awarded to a student who has chosen Counseling or Pyschology as their major field of study. Cynthia Geis had dedicated years of service to Domestic Violence Awareness in her local club, AFWC, District, Southern Region and GFWC levels. She is a Past President of AFWC and has served in many other AFWC, District, Southern Region and GFWC positions. These scholarships are only available for use in a state supported college in the state of Alabama. Please help get available information out to your club members and their families, high schools and colleges. Many thanks to those of you that have given donations; what a wonderful way to impact a woman’s life, who may be a future AFWC club member.  A revised application is forthcoming.
“You be the Change as we “Purse-sue Donations”
Sherry Stutts, Co-chair 
GFWC Alabama’s District “Saturdays Down South”
“Kick Off” A Winner!
By Randy Matthews, President-Elect
GFWC Alabama’s District “Saturdays Down South” was a “W” for the GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs. The kick-off of GFWC Alabama’s North District meeting of the 2018-2020 administration was a great success led by District Director Gloria Stevens and hosted by the GFWC River City Woman’s Club in Decatur.
Attendees were welcomed by Judge David Breland who gave many interesting facts about the beautiful and historical city of Decatur. An inspiring program by Pamela Bolding from the Neighborhood Christian Center was only one item on the packed agenda. GFWC Alabama President’s Project Co-Chairman Sherry Stutts outlined how each Federated member in Alabama can contribute to President Christine Steele’s Scholarship project and Jane Brooks, Co-Chairman gave an educational and engaging history on the originating years of AFWC.
The next District “Saturday Down South” led by District Director Mary Ann Baltzer and hosted by Eastern Shore Federated Woman’s Club, will have just been written into the next 125 years of GFWC Alabama’s history when this article is being read. After much game planning and coaching of the GFWC Alabama South District Board of Directors this will be another “W” for the Federation.
GFWC Alabama Central District will conclude GFWC Alabama’s “Saturdays Down South” on October 13, 2018, in Hoover under the leadership of District Director Cynthia Hopkins and hosted by the Maude Martin Study Club.
To facilitate a friendly competition a $125 cash prize will be given to the District who has the highest percentage of “purse-onalties” attending the GFWC Alabama “Saturdays Down South” this fall. More information on the “ Best District Purse-onality Award ” can be found on the GFWC Alabama website and the GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs Facebook page.
 GFWC Alabama club women are enthusiastic for continuing the GFWC mission. Engaging and educational District meetings at a “Saturday Down South” prepares Federated members for a winning club year as GFWC Alabama continues serving communities by “ Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships.”
Reporting: The Culmination of a Wonderful Club Year
by Jan Greer, 1st Vice President
Reporting Awards:

General Clubs           $150.00

Juniorette Clubs           $75.00

District/At-Large Clubs    $75.00
GFWC Alabama Clubs have diligently planned and are implementing outstanding programs and projects which have and will benefit communities throughout the state and around the world. Clubs and club members work tirelessly in preparation and implementation of award worthy activities. The exciting climax to these efforts comes from clubs officially reporting and submitting a brief Narrative and Statistical Form to GFWC Alabama. Clubs do not have to submit written Narrative reports on activities however, narratives are necessary in competing for awards. Narratives are also an excellent means of keeping a club’s history! So ladies, gather your pens and paper and let’s shine a light on your club’s “purse-nality” this year.
A reporting workshop has been set for Central District on December 2 nd. Once a location is determined, a notice will go out to all the Central clubs. North and South District are still working out a date that would be good for their clubs. The GFWC First Vice President is available to assist every club with their reports.
To reward clubs for their reporting efforts, GFWC Alabama will reward three lucky clubs/districts a cash prize. To win the reward, clubs/districts who write Narrative reports will be entered once for each Narrative submitted to your GFWC Alabama First Vice President no later than February 1, 2019. At the 2019 annual State Convention three lucky winners will be drawn randomly to win the rewards listed at left.
The more narratives a club/district submits, the greater the chance to win! So make sure that you club is entered for the reward!
GFWC Alabama Membership:
Celebrating Membership with Diverse Purse-nalities and Hat-titudes
by Becky Vansant, 2nd Vice President
The Membership Committee is looking forward to seeing all those new members you are recruiting at the start of this new club year. Remember, members sponsoring new members will be recognized in the AFWC Annual Convention Program Book and entered into a drawing for a fabulous purse. You can’t be recognized or entered into the drawing unless we know that you’ve sponsored a new member, so please have your club president or membership chairman send the attached New Member Sponsor Form. In addition, the new member you sponsored will be receive a “Welcome to Federation” postcard from the membership committee.

Did you know that Membership Grants are available through GFWC? Grants are available to clubs to assist with recruitment efforts and to districts to assist with club building efforts. Funds are designated each GFWC fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30 to help underwrite membership recruiting and rebuilding in your community. GFWC offers $50 for club member recruitment programs and $100 for district new club building programs. To apply for a club membership grant, please visit, email, or contact 202-347-3168, to receive an application. You must return the application form to GFWC Headquarters at least 45 days prior to your event. 

Each club president should have received a copy of the GFWC Alabama Membership Guide which details GFWC Alabama and GFWC’s membership campaigns for this administration in your president’s package from Summer Workshop. Please share these guides with your club’s membership chair. Membership Chairs, please feel free to reach out to us for another copy at  
Treasury Notes
by Karol Kaputska (Treasurer) & Terri Walker (Asst. Treasurer)
Club Presidents and Juniorette Advisors:

The Treasurer's Form completed with dues check is due by October 1st.   According to the by-laws: Clubs in arrears for dues after November 15 shall be delinquent and a penalty of twenty five dollars shall be added to the dues. Clubs and their members shall be ineligible for Federation and District awards and the Sue Shaw Juniorette Scholarship. Club members shall be ineligible to be nominated for all elective Offices. 

If you have any questions or need a copy of the Treasurer's form , please contact me at  or 256-797-0254. Checks are to be made out to AFWC and mailed to Karol Kapustka, GFWC Alabama Treasurer, at 14007 Green Way Park Circle, SE, Huntsville, AL 35803

For all Clubs who fall under the GFWC Alabama 501(3)c IRS filing umbrella, your 2017 990N filing acceptance cards are being delivered to Club Presidents at your 2018 Fall District meeting. By now Treasurer, Karol Kuputska, has graciously delivered them to both the North District and South District meetings, and Central District will receive theirs in a couple of weeks.  
Choose your donation level!

Associate Degree $25
Bachelor Degree $125
Masters Degree $525
Doctoral Degree $1,250

Make Checks out to AFWC , designate President’s Project
Mail to: Karol Kapustka,
AFWC Treasurer
14007 Green Way Park Circle, Huntsville, AL 35803
2018-2020 President's Project: Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships
Raising funds for these AFWC Scholarships:
Past Presidents’
Kitty Stone Graduate
Sue Hester Special Education
Jacksonville State Univ. International House
Miss Alabama
Distinguished Young Woman
AFWC Military Veteran Scholarship
AFWC Jane Wright Scholarship
AFWC Cynthia Geis Scholarship

~You be the Change as we Purse-sue Donations~

The 2018-2020 President's Pin (pictured above left) is available for $10 on our GFWC Alabama Marketplace with proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund.

News from your CSP Chairmen!

Please see the guidelines for the GFWC and GFWC-Alabama Arts Contests on the GFWC website and the GFWC-Alabama websites .

October is National Arts for the Humanities Month (NAHM). NAHM is the recognition of the importance of culture in America. It was launched more than 30 years ago as National Arts Week. “In 1993, it was reestablished by Americans for the Arts and national arts partners as a month long celebration with goals of: FOCUSING on the arts at local, state, and national levels; ENCOURAGING individuals and organizations to participate in the arts; ALLOWING governments and businesses to show their support of the arts; and RAISING public awareness about the role of the arts and humanities in our communities and lives.” Visit for more information and ideas of how you and your club and get involved in the ARTS!

Art Therapy is being used to help military veterans overcome PTSD and heal during wound recovery time. Visit one of the following websites to learn more about this and ways that you and your club can help:

Did you know that GFWC club women founded 75% of America’s public libraries, as well as pioneering the idea of the bookmobile by 1933? As we begin preparing to celebrate AFWC’s 125 th anniversary in 2020, it is important to stop and recognize (and maybe celebrate) what YOUR club women have done in AFWC’s history in supporting your local public library. My own club (GFWC Book Lovers Study Club) has an important link to the founding of the Russellville Public Library in 1913. Several ladies gathered in 1912 in a home with the purpose of establishing a library. They called their club the Russellville Study Club. Within a year, they had a donated building to house a library, and members donated many of their own books to get the collection started. Volunteers kept the library open two days a week. By 1928 or sixteen years later, the membership had grown so large that another club was formed – Book Lovers Study Club!
So, what is your club’s history in supporting libraries? Who do you have serving on the Board of Trustees, member of a Friends of the Library group, or volunteering at your local library? Consider the many ways that your club can be more involved in your community’s library. Last year, members of GFWC Legacy sponsored a table at a Friends of the Library fundraising event, “A Night at the Library.” The Double Springs Study Club members donated $1,000.00 to sponsor the summer reading program at their library. The Women’s Club of Saraland collected and placed about 9,000 books in their library, community center, and nursing home. Many other clubs and individual clubwomen supported their public library through book donations, program sponsorships, and through volunteer hours.
As your Education Community Service Program Chairman, I urge you to get involved with your local library and carry on the tradition of service that impacts the literacy and education of every community. Consider these important dates to celebrate your Public Library this year:
Banned Books Week Sept. 23-29
Teen Read Week Oct. 7-13
National Friends of Library Week Oct. 21-27
Drop Everything and Read April 12
National Library Week April 7-13
National Library Workers Day- April 9

International Outreach has 4 great partners! They are:

Operation Smile : Currently the most needed item for the mission trips are the “Smile Splints.” Please know all items and contributions are greatly appreciated. There is a new “Inventory Sheet” and this can be found on the Operation Smile website:

Shot@Life: The “Race to Erase” will be held October 1 – November 11, 2018. This year there will be an emphasis on advocating for global immunization funding to continue and even increase. A simple way for you and your club to make a difference is to Text VACCINES to 738674. It takes just a few minutes to opt-in and fill out your voting address to send a letter to all your members of Congress in support of glob; childhood vaccines. What a great action to take at your October club meeting!

UNICEF: Watch for information to be sent as soon as I receive it with Unicef’s plans for “key moments” one of which will be the celebration in October of the “International Day of the Girl Child”.

Heifer International :  This CSP has chosen a project with Heifer International as a 2 year project. Heifer has asked GFWC for help in raising money to expand the Tanzania School Milk program. There is a GFWC page on the Heifer website, found at , with information and materials for our use. There is a great article in a Heifer Work Ark magazine. You can access the article by clicking on this web site or by doing a search on A thirst for Knowledge/Heifer International. If you choose to donate, please send your donation to our state treasurer Karol Kapustka so that we may have a record of the state donations. I would also like to recognize each club that makes a donation.  If you need more information, you may call me at 256-528-5154 or 256-557-2225.  
  LEADS - Leadership Education and Development Seminar. Friday, June 28 th, 2019 at the 129 th GFWC International Convention in Austin, Texas. I hope you all read the Alabama is a LEADS Success Story in the September 6th, 2018 issue of News & Notes. If you are interested in leadership training, please read the criteria and application in the AFWC Yearbook, pages 67-68. Qualified members may apply for LEADS with 2 letters of support from active GFWC club members; we want more applications! Deadline for application is February 1 st, 2019. Judging will be done this year by a sister state in the Southern Region. You must attend the seminar in Texas. Financial assistance is given by GFWC, AFWC and Alabama LEADS.

Greetings from your Conservation CSP Chairman! I hope you’ve had a great summer and are ready to start a new year of conservation projects!

Search the internet for conservation topics and projects and say goodbye to whatever you’d planned to do for the rest of the day! There are so many wonderful organizations that work in the huge field of conservation. I’d like to highlight a few that I have discovered in my internet travels and in talking to other club women about organizations they support. 

Wands for Wildlife -- Recycle & Save Wild Lives!
A wildlife rehabilitation nonprofit in Western North Carolina recycles old mascara wands to help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of injured and sick animals. They work great because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use on the injured and orphaned wild animals receiving care.  (Click here) to find out more about how to recycle used mascara wands for this organization.

Alabama Wildlife Federation and the Alabama Nature Center
This organization, located in Millbrook, Alabama, provides a wide variety of educational programs for children and adults. Set aside an hour or two and explore this website.

Share the Beach – Alabama’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program
Everybody loves to see those precious little sea turtles emerge from the shell and take off for the water. There’s more current information and videos on Facebook – Share the Beach – Alabama’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program.

This should keep you busy for a while! Enjoy!

October, we all know the importance of this month. Have you had your mammogram? Do you know someone who, maybe, missed their appointment? Now that I have you looking at your calendar let’s pick up the phone and make that appointment. Yes, I know it is one of the most “uncomfortable” things we as women have to do. Here is my suggestion, call a friend and make the appointments together. I think lunch after would also be a good idea.

Making Strides of Tuscaloosa Sat. Oct. 20 th. Contact Jeannie Smith,
N. Central AL Race for the Cure Sat. Oct. 13 th.
Calera Goes Pink Golf Tournament Oct 21 st.
Think Pink Tea Mobile Oct. 4 th.
Gulf Shores Goes Pink Oct.1 st sponsored by GFWC South Baldwin Woman’s Club.

These are just a few local events. Google October Breast Cancer Events Oct. 2018 for complete listings. You can form teams with your club members or walk/race as individuals.

Gulf Shores Police and Target are sponsoring National Night Out on Oct. 9 th 5-8PM at the Pelican Place, Craft Farms. This is an annual community building campaign. 

 As I listen to The Embers “I Love Beach Music” on 94.9 The Surf in N. Myrtle Beach, SC –
From this Carolina Girl to you – get that mammogram!
GFWC South Baldwin Woman's Club:
The Pink Heals started in 2007 to help people battling cancer with a focus on women and what they mean to us in our daily lives. We have taken the theme of Public Safety with Pink Fire Trucks and Pink Police Cars to serve our community by putting people first instead of causes.
Everyone is and can be involved. This is also about bringing a community together to show love and hope for the women, their caregivers, and their families. The Guardians of the Ribbon: Pink Heals Lower Alabama Chapter makes surprise visits when requested by a family. The local fire department will put on their pink fighting gear and with flashing lights visit the home of the patient. While there, they will present something money cannot buy, a Pinky the Bear in pink fire fighter gear. Pinky is for the honored cancer patient or the caregiver as a symbol of strength and hope. It is something to “hold onto” in tough times.
GFWC South Baldwin Woman’s Club and the Gulf Shores Fire & Rescue want to bring awareness to this organization. We want to raise awareness for ALL women’s health issues.
For the first time “GULF SHORES GOES PINK” on October 1 st. The Gulf Shores Fire & Rescue will man the grills from 5-7 PM.  
GFWC du Midi Woman's Club Volunteers signed in all participants of the 2018 St Jude Walk N Run in Huntsville.
Above: South District Director Mary Ann Baltzer and GFWC Alabama President Christine Steele
Right: South District Table Decor
North District Meeting Report:
President Christine Steele’s selected theme “Purses & Hats” celebrates Federation, Friendship and FUN and FUN is what we are having! At the North District meeting, hosted by new club GFWC Alabama River City Woman’s Club in Decatur, we focused on the District Diva Purse-onality. Each table selected their one most “Diva” looking purse and the prize of a purse shaped table hanger(for a purse) was given to the winners. Each side of the Head table had a winner too. All of the winners gathered at the podium and posed in a most District Diva way. President Christine was a winner with her metal Harley Davidson Motorcycle Purse. September Birthdays were recognized, sung to and given gifts out of, what else? member’s purses! Pretty Evening Purses decorated the Head Table.
Promote Unity and Diversity
1)  1,000 clubs do a service project on January 21, 2019, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – also National Day of Service
2)  1,000 trees to be planted on Arbor Day
3)  1,000 pairs of used shoes to be donated to Soles for Souls  (project at Convention 2020)
4)  1,000 Dr. Seuss books donated by March, 2020 (project at Convention 2019)
5)  1,000 members join the GFWC Legislative Action Center
6)  1,000 projects devoted to women in the military (highlight in the AFWC President’s Special Project Scholarships and at Convention 2019)
7)  1,000 members donate $1,000 to the GFWC Capital Campaign

AFWC will have statewide projects to help meet these initiatives. Clubs are encouraged to start collecting Dr. Seuss books (can be in foreign languages too) and bring them to the 2019 Convention. More details to come. 
   Collect used shoes and bring to Convention 2020 for donation to Soles for Souls. (Sound familiar?!?) Again, more details to come. 
As a part of the AFWC President’s Special Project, a special scholarship was set up to be awarded to a female in the military. Be sure to check this out on the updated scholarship form.  
SSL and You! What you need to know...
Does your club use your website for conference registration or fundraising payments? If so, the September 2018 GFWC Communications and Public Relations Newsletter has great info for you - click here to learn all about "Secure Sockets Layer" and what it means for secure online transactions.
Start Planning Your Holiday Meals While Supporting the Historic GFWC Alabama State Headquarters
So will you be serving turkey or ham at any of your holiday meals? GFWC Alabama Foster House is taking orders for HoneyBaked Ham gift cards. You can use these cards for your turkey or ham, sides, desserts and more at the holidays or anytime. You might want to give them as gifts. Cards may be purchased in the following denominations: $10, $25, $50 and $100. These cards have no expiration dates and no fees. They may be used with store orders, catalog orders, and website orders. All orders are due no later than November 1st and all gift cards will be mailed to you no later than November 12th - in plenty of time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Click here for the order form .
All checks should be made payable to GFWC Alabama Foster House, and all order forms with checks should be mailed to Becky Vansant, 11333 Chicamauga Trl SE, Huntsville, AL 35803.
AFWC Foster House will receive 20% of all gift card sales, and all proceeds will be used to benefit our AFWC Headquarters.
The 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual is here! Download your copy today from the GFWC website under
Do you have club news to share with your Federated sisters throughout Alabama? Email your "cut and paste" ready articles and/or pictures to your GFWC Alabama Communications Chair: Christi Robinson or to