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Wolverine Plating Corporation is a well-known plating shop in Roseville, Michigan that specializes in Zinc and Zinc Nickel alloy barrel plating services. Since 1956, they have been matching exact plating specifications and creating solutions to meet the needs of their customers. They are committed to quality, utilizing a comprehensive control plan program to minimize their customers risks. They are QS, TS, IATF certified and have been test lab approved for 20 years. Their goal is to deliver the highest quality, defect-free finished product, on-time, every time.
Wolverine is certified to provide plating services for a top tier OEM and had been experiencing difficulties meeting salt spray requirements with an existing chemistry supplier. They attempted to work with the chemistry supplier to solve the issue but the results were hit and miss. As a result...
COLDIP Tri-V 121 Zinc Passivate

COLDIP Tri-V 121 is a unique, high performance Trivalent blue passivation for use over zinc  electroplated deposits. Ideal for high corrosion resistance requirements where an additional sealer or topcoat may not be used. Imparts an  aesthetically pleasing blue-bright conversion coating which provides a finish that will exceed 175 hours of neutral salt spray to white corrosion.Will provide up to 350+ hours to first white rust when top coated with Columbia Chemical's Zinc-Chro-Shield or Zinc-Chro-Pellant. COLDIP Tri-V 121 is an easy-to-use one part system applied by conventional immersion techniques. Offers a cost effective alternative to high corrosion  finishes in "all trivalent" containing products. 

 Having trouble with your salt spray requirements? Need to meet OEM or Tier 1 plating process specifications? Contact your Columbia rep for assistance.
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Columbia Chemical was pleased to recently partner with Products Finishing Magazine to present the extremely successful webinar on Making the switch from Hexavalent to Trivalent Chromium Plating
Columbia Chemical's Executive Vice President and renowned Trivalent Chromium expert Mark Schario presented with PF Editor Tim Pennington moderating. After beginning with an overview of current regulations, attendees were able learn about and understand the process differences and performance characteristics of trivalent chromium, see basic step-by-step visuals detailing the mechanics of line conversion, a walk-through of the cost differences and hear a case study of a successful conversion. The record-setting question and answer session at the end was proof positive that Engineers, Lab Techs, Purchasing Specialists, Plating Managers and Line Operators all reaped the benefit from this "clearly presented, simple and to the point" in-depth look at a high-demand topic led by an expert in the field.

  Columbia Chemical's Director of European Sales  Brett Tilberg joins Sérgio Camargo Filho and the Metal Coat team at the EBRATS Show.
Columbia Chemical was onsite with longtime partner Metal Coat for the 2018 EBRATS show in São Paulo, Brazil.  Metal Coat has been an International Partner of Columbia's for more than 18 years. Metal Coat Owner and Commercial Director Sérgio Camargo Filho said their market continues to see high demand for Columbia's COLZINC ACF-II process for alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating, as well as Columbia's line of products for trivalent passivations and sealers .

EBRATS, or the Brazilian Surface Treatment Encounter and Expo is "recognized as the great showcase and largest forum in Latin America regarding the dissemination of processes that occur in the entire universe covered by the Surface Finishing segment." This year's show saw heavy traffic at the booth and a lot of interest in Columbia's latest Zinc Nickel technology COLLOY NI-Z Posit II.  This next generation alkaline cyanide free zinc-nickel plating process provides a bright, ductile zinc-nickel deposit containing 12% - 15% Nickel. In  addition to its usage in the Brazilian market, COLLOY NI-Z Posit II has also had extensive success and recent additional growth for coating automotive components in markets in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia.

Congratulations to our international partners Metal Coat Produtos Químicos Ltda. on a successful 2018 EBRATS show!

COLDIP Midnight 1500 Trivalent Passivate meets with great success in the field 
The results are in - Columbia's new black passivate hit the market earlier this year and as the word spread from the initial round of plating facilities using the process, demand continues to grow. COLDIP MIDNIGHT 1500 is an easy-to-use trivalent black process with a simple three-part system which allows for maximum color control. It provides a consistent black appearance and works well over acid chloride zinc (both ammoniated and non-ammoniated systems), cyanide zinc, alkaline cyanide zinc free and zinc-iron/cobalt alloy deposits. 
A few of the comments our field team is hearing about COLDIP Midnight 1500: "It's more consistent and considerably darker", "the bath is rugged and maintains its integrity resulting in a nice, dark part", "incredible salt spray results, even without a sealer", "the simple three-part system worked so well, especially with a slide conversion." 

Technical Specialist Mark Adams commented:  "My customers have had great success with COLDIP Midnight 1500. They have told me it is easy-to-use, easier to control and results in a consistently darker, blacker part. This new black passivate is simply superior - we even displaced a major competitor after they could not fix the issues their customer were having with their passivation chemistry."

If you are looking for an easy-to-control, cost effective black passivate that consistently provides a deep, dark finish - look no further. Contact your Columbia Chemical Rep today and ask about COLDIP Midnight 1500.  
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