President's Message
Dear CCCA Friends and Colleagues,
Happy Halloween! We are days away from one of the most pivotal elections in many years. This year's ballot is filled with choices that we may or may not agree on, but the one constant is that we all have an equal voice when casting our ballots. While I recognize we come from diverse backgrounds and political ideologies, one of the most important things we can do as political leaders is to encourage our friends and families to exercise their right to vote.

Many of our local elections have moved to even years, competing against the noise of today's statewide races and national news. Some of the propositions we will be voting on will reshape how cities respond to regional and local needs and the deployment of services, including storm water, housing, and transportation.

Elections are just as consequential in statewide affairs. At the end of the 2017-18 Legislative Session, Governor Brown signed thousands of bills, including many that will impact local control. AB 1912 and SB 946, to name a few, will have a lasting effect on how we project future pension liability and business operations along the public right-of-way. CCCA has worked to address these threats over the years through meetings and building relationships with legislative
leaders. We can expect 2019 to bring a new class of colleagues and legislators from across the state. It will be important for our association to be ready and engage them early on.

Accordingly, CCCA is planning the next Sacramento Legislative Tour for January 7-9, 2019 at the Citizen Hotel. It is a crucial time for CCCA to introduce ourselves and meet with new and current legislative leaders to go over our legislative priorities for 2019. It will also be an opportunity to meet with the administration of a n   ew governor. Our hope is to find common ground with policymakers that strengthen local control. Please join us in Sacramento for one of our important conferences.  

I also want to recognize several members for their work on behalf of their cities. Earlier this month, the Executive Board welcomed Nanette Fish of the City of Temple City and Rick Rodriguez of the City of Downey. These new members bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of local and regional issues and will serve as the chairs of Selection Committee and Ambassadors Committee, respectively. We are also saying farewell to Mitch Englander from the City of Los Angeles. Mitch has served on the Executive Board since 2014. He has been a staunch advocate for collaborative governance and public safety issues, especially addressing homelessness in Los Angeles. Mitch will be taking on a new role and we thank him for his service.

I want to end my note today with a final thought. No matter our political views during any the election, I have no doubt that as city leaders we will continue to meet our constituents, talk about issues, and encourage people to get out the vote. I'll see you all at our next Board of Directors Meeting at Universal Studios and please vote on November 6th!

Jorge Morales
California Contract Cities Association
October City Managers Meeting
October 2018 City Managers Meeting At the October City Managers Meeting, CCCA was joined by Ms. Terri Williams, Director of Environmental Health at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to discuss LA County and the state's work regulating food service providers and the implementation of SB 946. Ms. Williams provided an overview of the Department's process with issuing health permits, inspection of food facilities and mobile carts, and what city administrators should be aware of when adopting local street vending ordinances.

SB 946 prevents cities from outlawing sidewalk vendors on public right-of-ways and enables cities to regulate vendors if the ordinance relates to health, safety, and welfare concerns. The law also decriminalizes violations to administrative fines.

A copy of LA County Department of Public Health's presentation can be found here.
Fall Educational Summit

2018 Fall Educational Summit
In early October, CCCA members traveled to Coronado Island for the 38th Annual Fall Educational Summit. This year's conference focused on county contract issues. The sessions comprised of a comparison of contract law enforcement by county,  homeless strategies, legislative and proposition updates, and county cost updates from LA County Fire, Public Works, and Animal Control. State Senator Anthony Portantino also joined CCCA for the conference dinner as the 2018 Legislator of the Year.

For access to session materials, please click here.
Updated Policies from CCCA Executive Board
At the Fall Educational Summit, CCCA Executive Board adopted several new policies, including a new code of conduct, mission statement, and social media hashtag. These changes are a reflection of CCCA's historical successes providing great educational opportunities, networking, and advocacy to advance the contracting model and strengthen local control.
Mission Statement
"Advance the Benefits of the Contracting Model and Strengthen Local Control"

Code of Conduct
The California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) strives to provide cutting edge educational and networking opportunities for all our members in a safe and respectable environment at all times.

CCCA expects the following from all attendees and guests at our events:
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect at all times
  • Respect the various political views and opinions of everyone in attendance.
  • Refrain from engaging in activities or actions that would reflect poorly on CCCA.
  • Avoid disrupting speakers or presenters during sessions and meetings.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation to ensure the success of our conferences, meetings, and other events are enjoyable for all in attendance.

Social Media Hashtag
Associate Members



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Upcoming Events
November 15, 2018
City Managers Summit
USC Radisson Hotel

November 28, 2018
Board of Directors Meeting
Universal Studios

December 6, 2018 
Union Station

January 7-9, 2019
Sacramento Legislative Tour
The Citizen Hotel
Member Highlight

Rick Rodriguez
Mayor Pro Tem

Richard "Rick" Rodriguez Sr is the Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Downey. The second youngest of six children, Rick saw at an early age that almost anything could be achieved through hardwork. Rick has served in a number of roles, including as Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the City of Downey, Past-President of Downey Chamber of Commerce, and as a Law Enforcement Chaplain with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Rick and his wife Lupe are owners of Rodbat Management Inc. (RMI), a Southern California professional security organization.
Associate Member Highlight

As the number one energy services company in the world,   ENGIE  is dedicated to serving local communities. We design and build energy upgrades that have achieved  
more than $2.7 billion in savings over the past 40 years. Our partnerships have created over a 30% overall reduction in cities' energy consumption, while creating local jobs and 
STEM  internships.

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