Growing and Protecting Our Council
Hello Brothers and Sisters!

Since our last newsletter, our Council has grown! It is my distinct privilege to welcome our fellow brother and sister members from the great state of Mississippi into the Central South Carpenters Regional Council.

Over the summer, the former Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council was dissolved, with Tennessee and Alabama members joining the Southeastern Carpenters and Mississippi joining our Council. Current members of Carpenters Local Union 318 with an address in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Texas are now serviced by the Central South Carpenters Regional Council and the New Orleans Carpenters & Pile Drivers Local Union 1846. Read more about our Council's growth, below.

Our country is also a short-time away from the mid-term elections, and we are active in the political arena to promote programs that support the working men and women of our five-state jurisdiction. Our goal is also to guard against legislation or developments that threaten quality work opportunities for our members. We’ve outlined our activities, below, and offer you our list of recommended candidates for those races occurring within our council.

This newsletter is full of useful information that I trust will help keep you informed about Council news. Please take a look through and let us know what you think! Your input is always welcome and valued. Of course, the very best way to stay informed it to attend your Local Union meetings!

Finally, on behalf of the entire staff of the CSCRC, let me be the first to wish you and your family a happy, restful, safe 2018 holiday season. Keep up the great work, everyone! Each of you contribute to the success of our organization, everyday, and we thank you for your dedication.

Yours in Solidarity,
Jason B. Engels, EST
With change comes questions, concerns and unknowns. With the addition of UBC members from Mississippi into our council over the summer, our Council leadership’s goal was - and continues to be - to ensure a pleasant, successful transition for every new member. 

Information packets, Local meetings, and the invitation to contact any Council leader personally with questions or comments are just some resources in place to help welcome our Mississippi members. EST Engels led the way with a welcome letter, which read in part: 

"I am honored to serve as your Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and I am extremely optimistic regarding opportunities that exist within our expanded geographical region. Our new Regional Council footprint currently has more than 5,000 UBC members who, collectively, will produce about 5.1 million man-hours worked annually. I am eager to work with each and every one of you to ensure a successful, proactive Regional Council dedicated to increasing market share and raising standards for carpenters."
New Council Delegate from Mississippi Hits the Ground Running

Welcome to our Council's newest delegate, Albino Balderas, who has already attended his first meeting as a delegate from Local 1846 to the Central South Carpenters Regional Council.

Helping him to hit the ground running are (pictured, left to right) Assistant to the EST Kavin Griffin, EST Jason Engels, Albino, Council President/Local 1846 Rep. John Edwards, and Local 1846 Council Rep. Emanuel Mitchell. Welcome Albino!
We employ an inclusive and nonpartisan effort to support candidates who champion the goals of working people, promote needed infrastructure investments, and support fair trade. We interview candidates seeking support, promote political involvement and voting among the membership, and assist in campaigns. Members are encouraged to attend government meetings and public hearings where issues affecting them are discussed and to reach out directly to the officials they helped elect.
Texas Governor Abbott Visits Houston Training Center

Texas Governor Gregory Abbott spent an afternoon recently learning more about issues important to working men and women across the state as part of a visit to the Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center near Houston. Governor Abbott toured the facility and met with many construction industry leaders, led by Central South Carpenters’ Executive Secretary-Treasurer Jason Engels.

Joining EST Engels in representing the Central South Carpenters were Chief of Staff Craig Wright, Political Director Gary Warren, Assistant to the EST Kavin Griffin, Business Development Rep. Terry Darling and Council Reps Kenneth Fontenot and Maria Robles. Leaders of the Southern States Millwrights Regional Council and the Texas Carpenters & Millwrights Training Trust Fund also attended the meeting.
“We are honored to have the Governor spend so much time with us and engage in dialogue about issues that directly affect the work opportunities and quality of life issues for our members,” Engels said. “We look forward to cultivating our relationship with the Governor’s office so that everyone remains aware of the needs and expectations of those constituents who are also professional carpenters and contributing members of the Texas economy."
UBC Get Out the Vote Conference Preps CSCRC Staff for November's Mid-Terms

The UBC held a great Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Political Conference recently to prepare for the upcoming general election.

Federal and local officials combined with UBC political leaders to give the full-house audience an information-packed slate of presentations. The goal of the event: Motivate UBC membership by providing political talking points, training for new skills, educating on the importance of voting, and providing a special plan of action for the Mid-Terms. 

Representing Central South at the conference and working in our Council are (pictured left to right) Delegates Rosslyn Gibson, Art Cooper, and Jesus Mercado, Council Rep. Terry Darling, and UBC Political Director, Gary Warren.

Additional Political Activity Highlights:
Members On the Move
Congratulations New Council Delegates
We are proud to welcome these new council leaders, all of whom were sworn-in at the August Tri-Annual Council meeting. They are pictured here with EST Jason Engels, (left to right): Albino Balderas-Local 1846, John Roberts-Local 329, Craig Braud-Local 1098, EST Engels, Beau Serpas-Local 1846, Anita Montgomery-Local 1846 and Gonzalo Balderas-Local 1846.
Shawn Walker
Francisco Marquez
Bobby Vasquez
We place a top priority on developing the total professional: Carpenters who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities.

Members are the heartbeat of our Council. Only in strength and number will we continue to protect our careers and our families.

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Learn more about our recruitment efforts. Visit...
Top: For nonunion carpenters.
Mid: For new carpenters,
Bottom: For military vets
Around the Council
Austin Local 1266 continues to host its successful Worker's Meetings. Keep up the great work, everyone!
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