October 2018
    What's Happening this month:

October 20th -- Double Points Day
(End of construction celebration)
October 27th -- Halloween in Hopkins and pumpkin display voting
October 31st - Halloween
Check out our app! If you use a smartphone or tablet and would like another way to refill your prescriptions, then please download it today.
Center Drug is your Wellness Destination! We want to help you feel better when you are sick, but we also want to help keep you healthy so you can live a long, healthy life! To help you do this we offer:
* Immunizations--Flu, Shingles, & Pneumonia
* Strep and Flu testing
* Blood Glucose and Cholesterol testing
* MedSync
* Multi-dose packaging
* Nutrient Depletion Vitamin Program
* Free Vitamins for Seniors Program
* Consults with our Pharmacists
* Sockwell support stockings
Point of care testing reminder

Since school has started, we have seen a definite increase in Strep throat.

Remember that we do offer both Strep and Flu testing in our store. If the rapid test is positive, we will be able to get you a prescription for an antibiotic or an antiviral to treat the infection per a protocol we have with a physician.

The Strep test is $40 and the Flu test is $50. These tests are not covered by your insurance, but the medication would be if your test is positive. Everyone who has used our testing services has been pleased with the time they have saved not having to sit in Urgent Care for hours on end when they have not been feeling well.
Flu shots

We will start giving flu shots Monday, October 8th. This year we will have dedicated staff to give flu shots on Tuesday, October 9th and 23rd from 10am to 2pm. We will also have dedicated staff available for flu shots on Saturday the 20th from 10am-4pm in conjunction with our End of Construction celebration. On these days, your wait time for your flu shot should be minimal. We will be available for flu shots most days of the week--no appointment is necessary; however, we will not have any staff available on Wednesday evenings to give flu shots. You can always call the store at 952-938-2719 ahead of your arrival to make sure we have a certified Pharmacist available for your flu shot.

We recommend that you plan to have your flu shot before the end of November since it does take about 2 weeks for your body to develop immunity to the flu virus.
Shingles Shots

We are currently out of the new Shingles vaccine, but we do expect to get more in-stock by mid-October.

You may call the store and put your name on a waiting list for the vaccine if you would like. We will then contact you when the vaccine is available.

The CDC expects that by December the vaccine will be widely available again.
Medicare Open Enrollment

October 15 marks the start of Medicare Part D plan open enrollment for 2019. Like last year, you will be able to make an appointment to sit down with a pharmacist and look at plan options, and what those plans will cost you for 2019.

We will not have the 2019 plan information much before October 15th; but, after that date we will be able to tell you what plans we will be a preferred pharmacy in for 2019. As of right now, it looks like the plans we were preferred in for 2018, we will also be preferred in for 2019.
Storefront facelift - Construction update:

Our website shows the current state of the facade update, and you can also view all of the previous pictures/progress there too.

This past week we had all new windows installed and a new door. It is great to have a new uniform look with the windows across the front of the store, and since these windows are much more energy efficient we should stay warmer in the front of the store this winter!

Next, we will be getting new brick on the store front and metal on the canopy, as well as an EFIS finish on the parapet along with a new sign and lighting.

The completion date has now been pushed out until November 1st. It is going to look great when it is done! Thank you all for bearing with us during the construction mess and the inconvenience in the parking situation--it will soon be over!

Remember, we will always deliver if you don't want to get involved in the construction area.
October 20th End of Construction Celebration

Even though the store front facade construction may not be quite finished by October 20th (due to rain and some material delays), we are going ahead with our Celebration, but with a slight modification to our plans since the fences may still be out in the front of the store. We are moving the fun inside.

Join us on Saturday, October 20th from 10-4 for the following events:

* Double Loyalty Points all day
* Boo Bites, Cookies and Apple Cider-- you will have to come to find out what a Boo Bite is!
* Free Giveaways
* Free Mystery Boo! prizes to the first 24 Customers
* Games
* Flu Shots--get a shot today and receive a valuable store coupon!
* Zollipop and Gorp Bar samples!

Stop by and enjoy the Fall Fun!
Ortho Molecular Club

We have started a punch card club for our Ortho Molecular line of vitamins.

Buy 9 Ortho Molecular products and get your 10th free!

Ortho Molecular is a pharmaceutical grade vitamin line that we have been carrying for over a year now. The Ortho Molecular vitamins that we carry support our nutritional depletion program in which you get a print out from the cash register listing which vitamins that the drugs you take could be depleting, and it offers suggestions for vitamins that you might want to consider taking.

Ortho Molecular vitamins are pharmaceutical grade vitamins so you know exactly what you are taking, and that they will be absorbed by your system, and make you feel great! If you don't have a punch card yet, stop by the pharmacy counter and pick one up.

Our most popular supplements from Ortho Molecular are: CoQ10, methyl-B complex, Vitamin D and Ortho Biotic (a probiotic). If you haven't already---give Ortho Molecular a try and feel the difference a quality vitamin can make in your life!
New Product highlight

Cleanlogic bath and Body Care

We now have in stock a line of Exfoliating Body Scrubbers from Cleanlogic Bath and Body Care.

We carry the body sponge, the dual round exfoliating scrubber, the stretch bath & shower cloth and a padded bath and shower cloth that has plastic handles on each end so you can easily manage the cloth while allowing you to clean and massage dull dry skin away, especially in hard to reach areas like your back, or the bottom of your feet with minimal bending or stretching!

Cleanlogic products offer antimicrobial product protection to help keep your stretch cloths cleaner and fresher. These cloths would make great gifts for the older people in your life, but you too will enjoy the exfoliating benefits of the cloth. Buy one for yourself, and get an extra for a gift--they will make great stocking stuffers! (Christmas isn't that far away!)
Halloween is this Month

NEBO flashlights can help you stay safe while out Trick or Treating with the little ones. We have many small handheld flashlight options from NEBO that are all nice and bright to keep you seen while you are out and about scaring up some Halloween fun! We also have the Rebel Headlamp with head strap that will light your way--hands free!

Looking for a Halloween treat to give out that is Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy-Free and naturally colored and flavored? If so, Zollipops are the lollipops to buy, and we have them! You can find them in our pegged candy area, as well as our Halloween candy area. They taste great!

October 27th will be the 2nd Annual Halloween in Hopkins where your children can trick or treat at Hopkins Area Businesses--dress up and stop by Center Drug for a treat! There will also be pumpkin displays that you can vote on at the area businesses. Stop by to see the display we will create!
Upcoming Double Point Days:
(Be sure to mark your calendars)

Saturday, October 20th

Saturday, November 24th
(Triple Points for Small Business Saturday)

Wednesday, December 12th
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Gift Gab

October is here, that means it is time to haunt your home!

Don't be a scaredy cat. Grab all your ghoul friends, dust off the broom and fly on in!

See all the spooktacular halloween gifts and accessories we have to get you frightingly festive this season.