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Insurance Agents E&O!

Think you might be paying too much for your agency's E&O?

We can consider everything from Program Administrators to Wholesale Brokers; as well as Life and Health Agencies, Property and Casualty Agencies, and more!

There are no minimum revenue threshold requirements, and we can offer an admitted product in all states (when eligible).

Primary and Excess limits are available.

Send us your (or any other) Agency E&O for review today!

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Cyber Liability, Data Breach, Information Technology Security...

Whatever you want to call it, your clients need this important coverage now more than ever! 

Data breaches occur every day; and while hacking incidents are the most recognizable (and expensive), they are not the most common cause of data loss.

Simple human error (think of a lost laptop or flash-drive) accounts for the majority of data breach reports, and malicious or criminal attacks account for more than a third of reported breaches.
Recovering from a breach can be expensive and time consuming. Determining the cause and extent of the breach, complying with the notice laws, correcting damage, public relations and potential lawsuits from customers and clients can truly drain a business.
So make sure your customers have some sort of Cyber Liability or Data Breach coverage to provide innovative protection and help mitigate the financial effects of a breach of company records.
Call 800-241-9759 or send your submissions to for review today!
Flood Coverage

Due to upcoming changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that will now allow policy holders to purchase private flood insurance (in lieu of going through the NFIP), we have a new Flood Program option for your clients!

We can offer Primary Flood Limits up to $5 million for Personal Lines risks, and this product provides more options than the NFIP can offer.

Coverage offered includes:

  • Pricing more competitive than the NFIP
  • Replacement cost for Building and contents
  • Additional living expense
  • Ability to schedule multiple locations onto one policy
  • Policy wording meets lender compliance
  • Additional Excess Coverage up to $45 million

Please note for risks in a flood zone A or AE we must have an Elevation Certificate.

Contact us today for a Flood quote on your homeowners and/or dwelling risks. 

Call 800-241-9759 or send your submissions to
Commercial Lines:
Residential Roofing Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL; $2mil Excess (over GL only); $130k Inland Marine. $1mil gross receipts.
Japanese/Sushi Restaurant (w/ table-side cooking)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil/$2mil Liquor; $350k Prop TIV. $1.5mil gross receipts. Has ansul over every hibachi table. Prior GL losses.
Metal Recycling/Dismantling- $1mil/$2mil GL (excl Products/Completed Ops); $1.9mil Prop TIV. $630k gross receipts.
Armed Security (guarding helicopter pad at inactive military base)- $500k/$1mil GL; $500k/$500k Prof.
Motel- $1mil/$2mil GL (incl H&NO Auto); $4mil Excess (over GL, H&NO Auto and EL); $5mil Prop TIV. $1.1mil gross receipts. Prior large fire loss.
Residential Condo Association- $1mil/$2mil GL. $2.1mil Prop TIV. 34 units.
Commercial Property owner- 6 Story Bldg leased to Office, Retail and Deli tenant(s). $8.6mil Prop TIV.
Lessors Risk Only (Warehouses & Offices)- $1mil/$2mil GL (excl Products/ Completed Ops); $412k Prop TIV.

Personal Lines:
HO3- Owner Occ Dwelling. $450k TIV. 3 prior losses.
HO3- Owner Occ Dwelling. $907k TIV. 2 prior losses.
$5mil Personal Umbrella- including 2 youthful drivers w/ MVR activity.