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Volume 25 - October 2018
Greetings and Happy Fall!
The 4 R Kids ECI area board has posted the  FY18 annual report. Here are the highlights in the report.
  • There were 277 families that participated in family support services who increased their knowledge about child development;
  • 444 child care providers participated in professional development that helped grow their child care business;
  • 155 child received preschool tuition scholarships which prepared them for school;
  • 300 children received dental screenings which will assist with health development.
Check out the FY18 annual report for more information.

You have the chance to invest in our youngest citizens...and all you have to do is volunteer your time!
The Iowa 4 R Kids Early Childhood Area Board is seeking applicants who want to help children age 0-5 grow, learn and prepare for Kindergarten. With the state financial resources, our twelve member board awards Early Childhood grants to ensure young children will be healthy and successful. 
Board membership is available  to residents who reside or work in Adair, Dallas, Madison, or Warren County, and do not directly or indirectly receive funds from the Board. For more information download the  4 R Kids Board membership application or contact the ECI Director,  Debra Schrader.
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Debra Schrader
4 R Kids Executive Director
Child Care Needs Meeting In Stuart Iowa!
After a recent survey with businesses in the Stuart area there is still a concern about child care availability. Its time to revisit the topic, hear what is going on and bring engaged stakeholders in the Stuart area on board with the discussion.  There will be a meeting October 16, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.at the Stuart City Hall in Stuart. Anyone interested in the child care crisis in the Stuart area is welcome to attend, no RSVP required.  To learn more about the child care meeting go here.
Did you know that over 450,000 Iowa households - 37% - struggle to afford basic household expenses and that childcare represents a family's greatest expense - $1,031/month for one infant and one preschooler in licensed and accredited childcare?

Do you know ALICE? ALICE - Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed, places a spotlight on a large population of hardworking residents who work at low-paying jobs, have little or no savings, and are one emergency away from falling into poverty.

ALICE represents a growing number of individuals and families who are working but are unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, childcare, health care and transportation. Although ALICE is earning income, pays taxes and contributes to Iowa's economy, the household income is not enough to meet a basic survival budget. Data is available on the state, county and municipal level. The report unveils new measures, based on present-day income levels and expenses that show how many Iowa workers are struggling financially, and why.

To learn more about ALICE go here.
The BounceBack Books collection offers ideas for books to read and discuss with children. BounceBack Books tell stories that children can learn and grow from. They speak to the child's imagination and capture attention in ways that set the stage for rich discussion with caring adults.

These stories depict characters that THINK BIG, STAY STRONG, and DO GOOD. The skills and mindset demonstrated in these beautifully illustrated picture books and smart, touching stories can be used to jumpstart conversations, instill values, inspire action, and build hope and resilience.

Research tells us that kids who learn how to BounceBack from struggle or trauma become adults who approach life with a strong sense of hope and resilience. And we know that hopeful and resilient adults can work to break cycles of intergenerational trauma by modeling those skills and mindset.
Visit BounceBackBooks today!  
The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) is a study that shows how childhood trauma and stress can effect health later in life. We all play a part in reducing these factors, and we ask you to pledge to be a part of a NEW GENERATION, providing support and assistance whenever someone needs it. A u-tube video has been produced with several local community partners. Check out the video here. For more inforation about ACEs go to IowaACES360 website.
Early Childhood Iowa
Stay up to date with Early Childhood Iowa.  The  Early Childhood Iowa website has a plethora of information. 

No Kneecaps
On birth, babies do not have kneecaps. Rather they have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don't develop them fully until after six months. 

Unbelievable Growth

During the nine months between conception and birth, a baby's weight increases 3,000 million times. On average. And this doesn't even take into account for multiple births.


Mama Is Number One

It only takes a few weeks in before a baby can visually distinguish between his or her mother and other adults. The constant sounds and sights are soothing to the child and are missed when gone. However, the voice and smell of the mother can be recognized from birth.

 November 6, 2018
Is election day! Don't forget to vote!

Babies Eyesight

According to BabyCenter, a newborn's eyesight is just about as good as an adult's. However, their brains aren't able to process information as well and usually start out at about eight to 15 inches of range.

Save The Dates
4 R Kids 
Board Meetings

November 15, 2018
December 20, 2018
Legislative Agenda
The 4 R Kids ECI Board has drafed their FY19 legislative agenda, click here to see it!
The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to assist low income families meet the cost of home heating. Contact your local community action agency by going here.

Debra Schrader, 4 R Kids Executive Director

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