From the Desk of the Community Lay Director:  

As the season changes in South Georgia, there have been some unwelcome visitors- love bugs. These flies are particularly troublesome in that they really make a mess on our cars. It is most helpful when cleaning off love bugs to thoroughly soak the affected area with water. Wait a few minutes and begin the cleanup process. The pre-soak makes the job much easier. 
In our daily lives, we encounter circumstances and situations that are worrisome or problematic. If we take time to soak in God’s Word, we will discover that comfort and relief are near at hand.
Preparations for the recent Walks were ongoing, and many Willing Servants worked tirelessly in their respective areas. There was great energy and enthusiasm as the Walk dates approached. There is a massive amount of effort involved in staging each Walk. What a blessing it is to witness this effort come to fruition, as we join with the Pilgrims on their life-changing journey.
We have 42 new members in our Golden Isles Community. Let us welcome them and embrace them at every opportunity.
Consider Galatians 6:9-10:
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”
Walks #35 and #36 are complete. Let us look forward with great anticipation to #37 and #38 next March. Please begin to pray about sponsorship and servanthood for these Walks.
Our next Gathering will be the Pio Party, on Friday October 5, at 7:00 p.m. Remember to bring an extra portion to share, as we will treat the Pios once more. Take a moment to think of someone in the Community that has not been actively involved recently. Get in touch with them and invite them to the Gathering.
As the holiday season approaches, please be in prayer for the Lay directors for the Spring 2019 Walks: Vickie McDonald and John Rivers. 
Thank you for your prayers and support for the Golden Isles Emmaus Community.

De Colores!

Phil Scott

The Team Selection Committee for Spring Walks #37 and #38 will meet immediately following the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on Saturday, October 20th. 
ATTENTION: AREA HEADS for Walks #35 and #36

Please submit your receipts to Ralph Nantze as soon as possible. He needs to process expenses for the weekends. Thanks. 

If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts at Community Gatherings or Walks, please contact Jim Hitt, the Music Board Rep, at: (912) 614-4701.
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings:      

Friday, October 5th--7:00 p.m. Pio Party Brunswick FUMC

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact David DuBois for more information regarding what is required of a host church.
Reflections from the Heart
Trisa Chancey
Table of Mary

There has long been an intense conversation about whether or not Christians should “celebrate” Halloween. I share my opinion here. First, I’d like to share my memories of Halloweens long past.

My earliest childhood memories of Halloween involve trick-or-treating down a long, winding country road. Houses were so far apart that our parents drove my younger brother and me from house to house. We readily accepted the apples that were offered to us, excited for the treats. A few short years later, we celebrated Halloween at Spartan Village, where we lived while our parents attended Michigan State University. Here the Halloween experience was unique. Spartan Village was apartment-style living, so we were able to do our trick-or-treating on foot. Spartan Village was also a multi-national community. We got plenty of typical candy fare, but we also received homemade treats that represented other countries. Attached to the homemade treats were the address and phone number they came from, in case parents had any questions. The only thing I remember about those homemade treats is that they were sweet and delicious!

In Mexico, Halloween is celebrated as “Día de Muertos,” or “Day of the Dead.” The children’s movie “Coco” presents Día de Muertos as a fun time to remember ancestors and honor their memory. Naturally, there are more scary images associated with Halloween. The “Halloween” movies, for instance, based around the character “Michael Myers.” The “Freddie Krueger” Movies. (For the record, I have never seen those movies.)

My personal experience with being frightened on Halloween relates to visiting a Haunted house at a fair. Walking through the haunted house with my parents and my little brother, the things we saw were scary enough without inducing terror. However, on the way out of the building, there was a man lying on a table. I stood there a few extra moments, trying to figure out if he was “real.” As I stood there looking at him, he suddenly jumped off the table. I ran out of the building and into my Dad’s waiting arms!

I see Halloween as a time to show hospitality. Many of the churches I have been involved in provide their neighborhoods and communities with an alternative Halloween. Rather than spending Halloween going door-to-door, potentially getting frightened by neighbors who think of Halloween as a time to play tricks on unsuspecting children, these churches encourage a time of family-friendly games and laughter. Of course, candy still plays a big part in the fun!

Whether you choose to stay at home and hand out treats to those who visit you, or to be a part of a bigger Halloween celebration such as a Fall Festival, I hope you will take the opportunity to show hospitality, and be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.
Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

The next GIWTE Board Meeting will be held on October 20 at 9 A.M.

E mmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board Meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month in the Open Door Classroom at Brunswick First United Methodist Church. 
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