October 2018 Newsletter
A Message from Your Vestry
Dear Friends, I am pleased to share my space this month with Mari Moody, who writes to the parish on behalf of the Vestry. Lu-Anne

Do you feel a new energy at Transfiguration? Glorious music, wonderful new faces. Joy! God’s gifts to us and ours to Him.

As part of your Vestry’s preparation of a proposed new budget for 2019, we asked ourselves “What percentage of my gifts from God am I returning to Him?” It’s been a surprising journey for each of us.

Our pledge cards this year make it easy for YOU to answer that same question: “What percentage of God’s gifts to me am I returning to Him?” A 2019 pledge card will be mailed to each household along with 3rd quarter financial statements in mid-October. Or, if you’d like to make a pledge sooner, pledge cards will be available in the pews.

As your Vestry prepares a proposed budget for the new year we’re considering an increase of 7.13 pct. We’re recognizing that a small increase to payroll is needed. Modest increases to our operating expenses fund new programs like choir and music, and continue to serve ongoing needs like building and grounds maintenance and keeping the lights and the coffee pot on for you. But our dreams are big and we hope to fund a greater contribution to Outreach in the coming year.  

We look for all pledge cards to be returned to the church by Sunday November 18. We will celebrate God’s abundance that day by bringing forward all pledge cards for a blessing at the altar. By returning your pledge on or before November 18 you make it possible for the Vestry to begin work in earnest on the 2019 budget. 

There’s joy in the air! Energy abounds. God has work for us to do. Take time to KNOW you are doing all you can to support the possibilities through your financial pledge to Transfiguration Church.


Mari Moody for the Vestry of Transfiguration Church
The Power of the Prayer Shawl

Recently I asked Rev Lu-Anne if I could have several prayer shawls.  I wanted to provide to four women I know, each going through their own personal health struggles.  I told Rev. Lu-Anne that I would be more than willing to pay for the yarn or the shawls.  Without hesitation, Rev. Lu-Anne told me that it wasn’t necessary, the prayer shawls were available to those who need comfort and prayer, without cost.

I want to share the messages I received with you about the power of the prayer shawl, in the words of the recipients:
From Tonya who is suffering from a debilitating and life-threatening disease: “Oh my goodness I have been in bed all day and woke up and saw the best thing in the world, you made my night. I love the shawl, it’s beautiful and it will make me feel warm. Please thank the ladies at your church.”
From Jo who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy: “I can feel the warmth and love and prayer in the beautiful shawl.  It is so very special to me and I love that it is purple!   Thank you and to the ladies who knitted and prayed while making this beautiful prayer shawl.” 
From Tootie who has difficulty walking due to bad hips: “Thank you so much for sending me the beautiful prayer shawl.  The colors are beautiful and it is so soft and cozy feeling.  And mostly because I will be wrapped in the warmth of the prayers that go with it.  Prayers are what I need more than anything else.  Thank you again for the prayer shawl, it means so much to me.  PS. Thanks also to your ministry ladies.” 
From Kelly who is suffering from compromised pulmonary function: “Today I received the prayer shawl, I have never seen something so beautiful. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.  I have it on right now.  I love it so much.  Thank you so much and thank you to the ladies of your church, for the shawl and the prayers.”
Our Prayer Shawl ministry often flies below the radar.  Monthly we may see the lovely ladies of Transfiguration, knitting in the cry room.  Sometimes we witness the blessing of the prayer shawls during the service.  I am witness to the comfort and blessings that the prayer shawls bring.  Somehow, the shawls transcend from a ball of yarn, into a beautiful, warm and comforting embrace.  Clearly, no amount of money could purchase the shawls. 
To the ladies who knit these wonderful gifts of kindness, thank you.  Thank you for your gift of time, for your skill and talent, and mostly, thank you for the prayers that accompany each and every stitch of the prayer shawl.  They truly are powerful. 
Blessings, Tammy Schuster
Blessing of the Pets
Oct 7, 2018
at the
10:15 service.
Bring a chair

Life Line Screening will be at Transfiguration Episcopal Church on Friday, November 2nd offering, safe, painless, non-invasive preventive health screenings that are typically not part of a routine physical.

Screening choices include Stroke risk, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), Atrial Fibrillation and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Additional blood work is offered to detect Diabetes, COPD, Cholesterol and more.

To be more proactive about your health, register for these potentially life-saving tests today. The cost for a Wellness Package is $149.00 (ONLY $124 WITH OUR HOSTING CHURCH DISCOUNT).

You must pre-register via one of the methods below in order to receive the discount and appointments are limited.
CALL: 1-877-3840-1743
OR TEXT: the word ‘circle’ to 797979

More package options and single tests are available. All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete.
Laundry Love Update (July-September) 
Hello from Laundry Love!! Our outreach ministry, providing clean clothes to underemployed and homeless in St Charles county, continues to thrive! In addition to 16 NEW families who have found love (and clean clothes) through our outreach, we have several NEW volunteers as well! A special thanks to the following who have assisted with Laundry Love during July, August and September: Pam Fadler, Kathy Strautz, Ron Howden, Claire Reynolds, Rev Lu-Anne Conner, Kate McCormick, Deb McIvor, Alice Foster, Jennie Kelly, John Purcell, Larry Hopen, Bette Hammond and Kerry Quinlisk. THANK YOU for your help and commitment!!

For those of you who like numbers, here are Laundry Love stats for the period of July-September, from our three locations. 
* Number of Families Served (July-September): 67
* Number of New Families Serviced (July-September): 16
* Loads of Clean Clothes Provided (July-September): 381

We have volunteers lined up for the October-December Laundry Love dates, however we are always looking for new helpers! Please let Tammy Schuster know if you would like to learn more! 

Laundry Love! Loving God’s People, One Load at a Time. 
Tammy Schuster 
Amt of pledge income received YTD               $146,920.08                      Under budget
Amount budgeted YTD                                    $148,030.00                        $1109.92
Overall income from all sources                      $157,270.13                      Over budget
Amount budgeted YTD                                    $156,166.00                         $635.88
Total expenses YTD                                         $130,815.63                       Expenses under budget
Budgeted expenses YTD                                 $140,555.00                            ($9739.37)

For the month of October, we ask for purse size tissues . Please leave the item(s) in the container marked "Support Our Troops" on the shelving in the narthex . (As a reminder we are always
looking for hotel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap/body wash)
For the month of October, we are collecting Toilet Paper for our neighbors at LINC in Wentzville. Remember the children at Love Inc. Please bring in your donations and drop them in the designated box in the entry area. 
Schnucks Escrip Program Update

The Schnucks Escrip program is still a simple and easy way of giving to the church by doing what we all do each month – grocery shopping – without adding an additional cost to your bill and allowing the use of any method of payment. With the new Schnucks rewards program being implemented, shoppers must choose to use either the Escrip program to benefit Transfiguration or the rewards program. 

In 2017 $246.37was received from the program with 96 families participating in the program. In August $33.33 was received from Escrip. The total amount received for 2018 is $224.58

Please consider signing up and begin participating in the program. Invite family and friends to also sign up also. If there are any questions or concerns about the program, please do not hesitate to call.
Mike Parker, Rich Robison, Karen Proctor, Dan Loewe, Karen Owen, Auggie Powers, Jaime Lauck, Scott Leriche, Sarah Pryor, Diane Willard, John Antonio, Judy Kirby, Mark Ebert, Fay Wehmeyer, Joey Huber, Mary Sue Robertson, Joshua Shire, Kathy Furgason, Ashley Kintz, Lino Ferrari, Betty Porter, Sally Klaskin, Marolyn Schuenke, Daniel Smith, Richard Seng, Ria Van Ryn, Brendan Eisenmenger, Alex Miller, Cheryl Houston, Rodolfo Ruiz, Jessie Riley, Bob Daniels, Kasen Halbert, Amanda Shire, Elaine Campbell, the Rushing Family, Jessie Riley, Corliss Wallace and the Jennison Family.

October Birthdays
  8 Karen Owen
13 Joan D'Ambrose
13 Kate McCormick
15 Henry Wasmer
15 Jack Robertson
15 Brad Young
24 Bob Jipp
24 Mark Ball
28 Claire Reynolds
31 Janet Morris
October Anniversarys
14 Mark & Dani Taliaferro
24 Stephen & Judy Ducar
24 Ed & Nicole Jones
30 Bill & Ramona Moyer
30 David & Janet Walling
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