Tishri-Heshvan 5779/October 2018

Nevada County Jewish Community Center
and Congregation B'nai Harim

Dedicated to the preservation, continuity, and enrichment of the spiritual, communal, ethical, and cultural teachings of Judaism
Monthly Newsletter
Rabbi's Message
I'll be reaching middle age this month, if you count Moses living to 120 as the gold standard. In Pirke Avot , the teachings of our ancestors in the Talmud, Yehuda ben Teima outlines the traits of different ages, from age five to start learning Torah, to age 13 to start observing commandments, all the way up to 100. Age 60, he says, is "zikna," which some translate as "mature age" but actually has the root for "elderly" in it. I suppose hitting the second half of life tips the balance in that direction, and I accept that time marches on. As my father has always said about aging, "it's better than the alternative."

As I join the ranks of elders, I'm not sure what wisdom I've exactly gathered together. My quest has been about upending conventional notions and whether that has always been wise or not, I cannot say. However, as the only man of the cloth to play Adam in Eden, in a show I conceived and produced about the start of the environmental crisis, I still want to share the alternative stories to traditional interpretations of the Torah!

May this month bring all of us blessing and healing,

Rabbi David
President's Message
As I prepare to write this message, I am in awe of the many activities and accomplishments of the NCJCC & Congregation B’nai Harim in recent months. It would be disingenuous to define us as anything less than fully engaged in promoting the values that define us as being part of the Jewish tribe. It’s not always easy to describe the details of such a statement...but consider the following examples of our community engagement during the past few months:

•Annual Member Meeting held in May 2018;
•Celebrated Purim and the courage of Esther as only the Beatles can do;
•Election and seating of 2018-2019 Board of Directors;
•Annual Community Picnic in June;
•Yolanda Lerner led us in a well attended and delightful Social Event with a Thai Culinary Theme;
•Jerry Waxman and Ralph Remick Directed and tended to our wonderful volunteers who staffed the Corner Deli for Five Days of the Nevada County Fair Annual Fundraiser;
•High Holy Day Worship & Memorial Services were led by Rabbi David and Lay Cantors SharonJoy Jahoda and Iola Gold, with support by Arnie Adicoff on the Shofar and Ted Zalkind with Kol Nidre's Learning Session. We had a Tashlich Walk, a “Break the Fast” Potluck and initiated Sukkot, rounding out the Ten Days of reflection and Shana Tova. Joshua Lichterman, Challah Maven, created the beautiful Round Challahs used during this time;
•Kinneret Vinitzky, Principal and Director of Educational Programs, initiated the 2018-19 School Year on September 9 with 30 Children (ages 3-12) enrolled in Sunday School. We welcome two new Teachers: Dana Valensky and Lori Cohen;
•Rabbi’s Kids with Rabbi David began with six Young People aged 13+ for the first session; Dan Kalt will soon begin adding Social Activities to the venue;
•Garrett and Teresa Eckerling with Eli Okrent and Ed Strongin took responsibility leading a team in charge of the content, Ad solicitation, editing, and publication of the Annual Directory;
•Note in the “Annual Directory” the addition of a Memorial Page for those who have been part of our community and have moved on... we know there are a few people that we missed and sincerely apologize. Please advise us of those you remember so we may ensure they are added to all future acknowledgments of those who were a part of our “Community Family”;
•In the past two months, we've added ten new and three returning individuals and families with children to our “Community Family”;
•Our Sunday School Kids and Teachers decorated the Sukkah and shared a tasty, joyful and rambunctious luncheon;
•David Cohen and Patricia Smith took on Leadership of “Deli Nite” a Major Annual Fundraising Event with rave reviews;
•Participating with the InterFaith Community in the March for Peace, Downtown Grass Valley and Leadership, and the recent International Day for Peace Service.

Moves, Retirements, and Welcomes

•Farewells of Gratitude to Long Time Active Members who moved to other geographic areas. Plans are in the works for a more robust opportunity to express sincere appreciation for their many years of dedication and commitment to our Community;
•Harriett Kroot, Arnie Adicoff, Jay and Shirley Sondheim;
•Retirement: After 10 Years Serving as Administrative Assistant for the Nevada County Jewish Community Center, Bobbi has retired. We had a mini "Send Off of Gratitude" and plan a time for our community to offer our thanks and best wishes in the future;
•Welcome to Jolene Shif: We are excited to introduce our new Office Manager, Jolene Shif, and her family who have recently moved to the area from Virginia. Jolene previously worked as a religious school office manager at Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia. Jolene and her husband have two children, the youngest of whom is attending our Religious School. Please feel free to stop by the office and meet Jolene!

New Construction, Upgrades, and Improvements to Facility

•Construction of a new redwood fence to the back of the new Property with emergency access gate; 
•Improved protection of property with an upgrade to the Security Alarm System infrastructure;
•Removal of old deck, and construction of new deck and ramp off the side of the Sanctuary leading to our newly purchased land;
•Upgraded pavement and striping of parking lot
•Commitment of directed, set aside Funds to support the construction of a staged area for celebrations, observances, and performances of Life Cycle, Worship, and other Special Events;
•Initiation of talks to secure funding for our future with potential Private Philanthropists, Foundations, and Grant Makers... in progress. 

This list is not exhaustive--there are many more actionable items to be initiated and accomplished which I will share in upcoming publications and in-person accounts.

**Please contact me directly at (530) 613-2363, a board member, or Jolene in our Office at (530) 277-0922 for additional information and to Volunteer to HELP with one or more of our many services, activities and raising funds to effectively keep moving forward!
"May we continue to grow from Strength to Strength"

Sincere Appreciation 
B’ahava and Shalom,

Men's Club
The Men's Club meets the second Sunday of each month at 9:30am. We feature interesting speakers and presenters from the community. The activities include monthly meetings with stimulating speakers, and events such as a scotch and BBQ, wine and beer tastings, golf, and Poker games to prepare for the next Poker Tournament. We will be co-hosting the Fifth Friday Film Shabbats in November, March, May, and August.

The Men's Club is open to the entire congregation and community, man and women alike. Speakers and events are scheduled on Sundays as well as in the evenings and we'll share the upcoming opportunities in the weekly and monthly announcements, as well as the website.
We appreciate your interest and support of our activities and look forward to seeing you. Our annual dues are only $20. When we meet on Sunday mornings, we serve lox and bagels, coffee, and orange juice for only $5.00 (such a good deal your mother would be proud).

Contact Gordon Mann at sharkmann@suddenlink.net for more information, to suggest an interesting speaker, or to schedule an event.
The Sisterhood holds its meetings on the first Thursday of every month at the NCJCC in Grass Valley.

The Sisterhood met on October 4th and, in addition to their regular monthly meeting, they welcomed playwright Robin Wallace as a guest speaker. Wallace spoke primarily about Josiah Royce, a native son of Grass Valley who, as one of the most prominent philosophers in the United States, influenced generations of philosophers and intellectual and world leaders. This was a wonderful and informative event!

Please come and join us. We have fun, food, drinks, and friendships. For questions or to join, contact Arlene Waxman at Arlene@arlenewaxman.com.
Religious School News
September and early October have been very productive and exciting at the Hebrew and Religious School. The students got to celebrate all the High Holidays in the first month of the school year. We started our first day inviting the New Year with an apple dipped in honey for a sweet new year. In preparation for Yom Kippur we discussed the meaning and the “Midot” of being Jewish and the kids got to explore the values we live by and what we would like to change this coming year.

Sukkot was eagerly celebrated in our new back yard with a beautiful Sukkah decorated by the kids. Students and their families enjoyed a great feast of bountiful fall fruits and vegetables.

Wishing you all a pleasant fall - don't forget to enjoy the beauty of nature represented by the changing seasons and the crispness in the air!

Yours, Kinneret Vinitzky                                          
Book Club
To those women who love to read, the Book Club provides a stimulating and interesting discussion each month. Our choices include both fiction and non-fiction books. We meet on the second Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Your only requirement is that you be a Sisterhood member.

The October Book Club meeting was held on Monday October 8th at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Lauren Rossovich. The book being discussed was “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.”

Arlene Waxman
October Birthdays
Tammie Goldstein- Oct 2       
Lauren Kalt- Oct 8                 
Jeanne Thies- Oct 13                
Jeffrey Fulmer- Oct 14              
Steve Kirshbaum- Oct 14       
Bea Pressler- Oct 14      
Teresa Eckerling- Oct 15  
Shawn Valensky- Oct 15     
Lenny Kirshbaum- Oct 16 
Jerry Pressler- Oct 18                     
Darrell Goodin- Oct 22  
Rebekkah Karp- Oct 30
Bruce & Lucy Bottrell- Oct 12                         
Yahrzeits Honored in October
Friday, October 5
Jack Kagan remembered by Merril Kagan-Weston
Nathan Rosenfield remembered by Shirley Barsky
Alexander Bloom remembered by Stan Karp
Becky Waxman remembered by Jerry Waxman
Judd Trotter remembered by Grace Trotter
Friday, October 12
Louis H. Kroot remembered by Bill Kroot
Morris Kroot remembered by Bill & Ruth Kroot
Sarah Kenedi remembered by Judith Kenedi
Friday, October 19
Irving Weiner remembered by Merril Kagan-Weston

Friday, October 26
Polly Murov Lerer remembered by Judy Goldman
Richard Allan Newman remembered by Sam & Connie Newman
Mishebeirach- Prayers for Healing
Harper Faith Browning
Iola Gold
Meghan Rose Havery
Lawrence Katz
Ruth Kroot
Judith Kenedi
Nancy Maxwell
Dan Geffner
Pat Bennett-Schwartz
Eva Florsheim
George Ruben
Manon Ruben
Jane Bass

Andrea Frankel
Joni Gold
Charles Morgan Havery
Elijah King
Bob Levine
Jim Anderson
Charlotte Moore
Deborah Ruppert
Nadine Brown
Marilyn Salomon
Abigail Weissman
Gloria Livingston
Beth Marchio
Sally Hines
Richard Klein
Keith Ott
Melissa Nixon-Lingk
Jeff Lulla
Leah Chava
Eveline Lamm
Marselle Schwartz
Anthony Russo
Laura McIntosh
Robin Parisse

We always welcome and appreciate donations to the many funds which are used to enhance our community. If you would like to give, or just take a look at the list of funds, please CLICK HERE.
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