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No Boundaries
Congratulations, Randy!
At Gold Country Artists Gallery
If Walls Could Talk
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Monday, October 15, deliver pieces for member show at Placerville Government Center, 8 to 9:30 am

Sunday, October 21, General Meeting, 1:30pm at the Placerville Senior Center
Linda Heath Clark
Cathy Keil
Debra Appleby
Pen Slade
Sylvia Saxon and
Lynell Phillips
Kaaren Poole
Celeste Bunnell
Kauai Otake
Member Show
Julia Swain
Mother Lode Show
Gloria Vernon

The News

oct18fallshowFall Member Show

oct18boundariesNo Boundaries

A group of five contemporary artists f rom El Dorado County:
Marshall Brewer's work in wood and clay is meant to suggest different ways of looking at the world around us. Linda Heath Clark's unique scratchboard abstracts are infused with exciting color and movement. Myra Cooper Holmes' steel mesh sculptures create intriguing and sensual shadows that expose the many dimensions of her graceful Shadow Sculptures. Lucia Rothgeb's abstract acrylics some with musical collage elements are both dynamic and soothing.  Gloria Vernon's vivid pastel compositions represent her ability to celebrate organic shapes and concentrated color in nature.

The show runs from October 19 through November 6 at Art House, 10th and R in Sacramento.  The opening reception is Saturday, October 13th from 6 to 9pm.

-Linda Clark

oct18randyCongratulations, Randy!

Randy Honerlah will be the Featured Artist at Artistic Edge Gallery, 1880 Fulton Ave, Sacramento throughout October and November.
Randy recently was awarded the "Expressions of Excellence" award for his painting "Spring Splash" by Judge Margarita Chaplinska. The Bold Expressions exhibit is being held Oct 4-28 at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5330 Gibbons Dr B, Carmichael, CA.

oct18goldgountryAt Gold Country Artists Gallery

El Dorado Landscape by Jean Stiles.

oct18wallsIf Walls Could Talk

Art On the Divide Gallery  will be featuring the mixed media art of Peggy Depue, Guest Artist for the month of October. Please join AODC members in welcoming this talented local artist.

Peggy Depue, a long-time Divide resident and art teacher will be showing a range of her artistic interests which include collage, mixed media portraits, encaustics and eco printing art. Often, you will find several art mediums in one of her paintings along with multiple textures. She approaches her collage art like a puzzle, figuring out how best to tell her story.

Peggy says of her art, "I thrive on experimentation and often a word or a phrase will inspire an entire painting or a series of paintings." A common thread in her art is the love of texture, layering and collage as she says that "Rip and Tear" should be her middle name.

Always sharing her art, Peggy was a fine arts teacher in the Black Oak Mine School District for many years. Now retired, Peggy can be found in her art studio with friends, and new students. An artist that Peggy admires is Henri Matisse. She says of him..."he also brought paper to life, as she does."

The AODC Gallery wall will have a lot to say when you view this special show, "If Walls Could Talk".
Visit the Gallery during the month of October, Friday-Sunday between 10 and 5. The public is invited to a "meet the artist" reception and garden party on October 7th between 1 and 4. AODC is located at 6295 Main Street, between the fire station and the American River Inn. The phone number is 530 333-2787 and the website is artonthedivide.com.

oct18smallworksSmall Works Show in December

Many of you will remember the 3D shows we used to have at the old El Dorado Arts Council location on Main Street Placerville, as well as the 3X3 collections that we had on the walls.  A few weeks ago our Member Show Chairman, Julia Swain, mentioned that the calendar for the Government Center was pretty empty and I asked her to see if the week of December 10th was available.  It was!  And now it's reserved for PAA!  So, in addition to our regular Fall Member Show we will have a new show - Small Works - the week of December 10th - perfect for Christmas shopping.

The show will be judged and will have three categories.  Awards will include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each of the categories as well as Best in Show and People's Choice.  The categories are:

series of 9 - 9 pieces, each 8"x8" (framed or unframed, but in either case, 8"x8" finished outside dimension), all by the same artist and in the same medium, and following a theme of the artist's choice.  For sale as a set, individually, or nfs, at the artist's discretion.  Any medium and any subject matter.

series of 3 - 3 pieces, all the same size (either 6"x6", 8"x8", 8"x10", 10"x10", 9"x12", or 12"x12"), by the same artist, in the same medium, and following a theme of the artist's choice.  Size refers to the outside finished dimension whether the pieces are framed or not.  For sale as a set, individually, or nfs, at the artist's discretion.  Any medium and any subject matter.

individual piece - framed or unframed,  image size (not outside framed dimension if framed) no larger than a total of 25" on two adjacent edges.  Any medium, any subject, for sale or nfs.

For the series of 9 and series of 3 categories, PAA will supply a backer board on which to hang the series.  The backer boards will be available the morning of the show and will be handled by the staff hanging the show.  To enter in either of the series categories, contact Kaaren Poole at kspoole@hughes.net by November 15 to reserve your space.  (No reservations are necessary for individual pieces.)

Each artist may enter one series of nine, one series of three, and a total of 4 pieces.   Entry fees are $15 for a series of 9, $10 for a series of 3, and $8 for individual pieces.

I think this is an exciting opportunity for PAA and I'm really looking forward to it.  In the next few weeks I'll post this information as well as the entry form on the website and will send out an e-mail to everyone once it's there.

Have fun with this one!

-Kaaren Poole
From the Editor
 editorHi, everyone.  I sincerely hope that each and every one of you is planning to enter our new show - Small Works - to run the week of December 10 at the Government Center in Placerville.  

There are three categories in the show - series of 9, series of 3, and individual works.  You can find out more information about these three categories as well as the show in general in the article in the news section.

Working in a series is so fun.  And you needn't commit to 9 if that seems overwhelming - do 3!  And certainly everyone can enter the individual category.

With all the pieces being small, it will be a challenge to fill the walls at the Government Center but my fervent help is that we can all pitch in and make this a spectacular show, celebrating both PAA and the holiday season.

-Kaaren Poole
September Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance and welcoming of guests and new members opened the meeting.
Volunteers needed: There are two positions we need volunteers to fill. There is a lot of support built into the continuation of these positions within PAA. So don't be scared get involved. Please contact Kaaren Poole for information.
          Newsletter Editor
          Paint Out Organizer
Fall Membership Show: Is scheduled at the Government Center, October 15 - 19. Please drop off art work on October 15, between 8:00 am to 9:30 am. If you are participating in the show, please plan to take a turn and help set the show. Your participation in setting the show is welcome even if you are not bringing art to hang. Please contact Julia Swain for information. Participation fees are $8.00 for large and $6:00 for small.
Small Works Show: Is scheduled at the Government Center, the week of December 10th. Deadline for entry is November 15th and it will be judged. Details for this show will be in the September newsletter.
Art Display Opportunity: PAA discussed displaying art, in the hallway at the Senior Center.
Our Demonstrator for this meeting is Jeanine Robb, watercolor batik technique.
Community Outreach Program
  • Donations are needed for the "Community Outreach Program" Bring donated art supplies to each meeting to be purchased by our members and guest. This is one way money is collected for the "Community Outreach Program." If you have extra supplies, art books please consider donating them for this cause. Please take home any unsold items, for we have no storage in our meeting room.
  • Donate cards to PAA to be sold at the general meetings. The money will go to the outreach program.
There are weekly art meeting on Tuesday mornings, at the Senior Center, starting at 9:30 am, in the craft room, free to participate. On Thursday, at 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, Coloma St., Church of Our Savior, $5.00 fee is charged to participate.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM
Debra Appleby
Placerville Art Association Secretary

October Program
 For our October program, Steve Memering will demonstrate the use of digital applications to expand the way you paint.
Odds and Ends
Member News

Louise Freeman has some beautiful 30" x 40" frames for sale.  For information, contact Louise by emailing her at  detailartist7@gmail.com or phoning her at (530) 622-6130.

Art Studio 360 has a new owner, Elena Tucker , who took over in July. Currently we have 16 artists but we have room for more, specifically 3D artists to display work on the new tables. Stop by to see our new look and pick up an information form if interested in joining.

Workshops and Shows to Enter
Mask Making!  

Get ready for Halloween!  Lofty View Studios (www.loftyviewstudios.com) will be hosting two weekends of mask making classes October 13/14 and 20/21.  You can sign up for a single day or more depending on how elaborate you want to make your mask.  Any one day for $35 all materials, including the mask form provided.  Two days to complete one mask: $50.  Sign up for all four days (includes a second mask) for $100.  Hours 12 to 2p.  (Bring a sack lunch).  Drinks and snack provided.  Call Sylvia at (707) 328-5419 to reserve your place.  Each class no more than 6.  See you there!  If you bring a group of 6, all of you get 10% off.  For adults as well as children.

Joyce Martin brings a special workshop to our attention:  Charles Muench , an acclaimed plein air artist, will be giving a workshop in Placerville November 5, 6, and 7.  Joyce has been working with him to set up the workshop and is excited that he is coming to the area.  You can find more information  here .

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