October — 2018

by Bob Bernstein

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans.

I am writing this on 16 September, a beautiful day. I rode this morning with friends on an old route that is very scenic. Unfortunately, it was not the Backroads Century that I and many others had anticipated. The ExCom voted to cancel the ride last Monday...

We were all disappointed not to see our hard work come to fruition when the Century was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence. As Chair of the event, I want to recognize members of the committee who spent countless hours helping to plan what would have been a fabulous event.

Planning an event for 1500 riders over two days is a massive undertaking. Eric Pilsk and Matt Birnbaum, former BRC Chairs, were always responsive to my calls about the most minute details. The Steering Committee started meeting in February and carved out their Monday evenings for weekly calls as we got closer to BRC Weekend. Below are the members of the Steering Committee who spent countless hours through the Spring and Summer helping plan, promote and were ready to host a wonderful 2018 Century. I want to thank the many PPTC volunteers who answered the call to support the Century as well as Sherri Core, the club's Business Manager. Without their support, the club would not be able to offer the premier event that so many riders look forward to year after year. Kudos to all!

Task Lead Tasks
Ed Hazelwood Deputy Chair and Marketing Coordinator
Bob Bernstein Jersey Coordinator
Paul Huey-Burns Volunteer Coordinator and Transportation Lead
Jim Quinn Route Marking and Sign Pick-up
Rudi Riet Road Prep/Sweeping Lead
Anne Hyman Rest Stop Coordinator
Rudi Riet Road Prep Coordinator
David Whitaker Saturday Rides Coordinator
Nancy Kotarski Saturday Dinner Coordinator
Deb Reynolds Registration Coordinator
Eric Pilsk Safety and Command Center Coordinator
Stephen Krill Sponsorships
Will McKinzie Ride Marshal Coordinator
Mary Ann Breunig —  Social Media and Bike Shop Liaison

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by Dan Lehman

Apologies, all --mea culpa. When I failed to come through for The Last Printed PPatter, the wind left my sails and I hit the doldrums. Rising now, well belatedly, by popular demand, I bring at last, our annual review of our long-mileage riders, for 2016 --aged whines & all. Given Ernie's just-released 2017 Survey, I suppose that this a "prequel"!

by Dan Lehman

After a hiatus of a year or so, returning is our annual listing of the order of the cast iron crotch. As usual, it is a little late. And the volunteer that compiled it for us this year, Ernie Hazera, is moving out of the area, so we need a new volunteer to compile our 2018 order.

Since 2008, we have combined travel, cycling, and support of good causes with spending time with our friends! It is always a surprise to discover the interest other cyclists have in our travels and in how to do this! Thus begins a new series of articles called “Exploring with Friends.”

August 1, 2018
Running toward the finish line, family members and cycling fans hastily reached open spots along the finishing straight and stared at the final turn. Was there a leading rider or two or would it be a field sprint? Less than a minute later, in the distance, a large group of young cyclists came into view heading toward the finish line. One could feel intense anticipation rise in the crowd as the racing peloton rapidly approached in this fiercely contested national championship race...

by Anne C. M. Hyman

Where: River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
When: Sunday, November 18th, 5pm-8pm
Why: This annual meeting allows us to congregate out of our cycling gear and enjoy each other's company off the roads, discuss the state of the club, and vote on this year's board candidates. 
How: Please bring a dish to share with your fellow club members, either hot or cold, as well as suggestions for how to improve the club experience for all current and future members PPTC. We will also have a guest speaker and sponsor booths for you to enjoy. 

Any questions about the meeting can be sent to Anne CM Hyman at

I’m a baker. It’s one of the reasons I ride as much as I do, in a futile attempt to burn off delicious calories. And like every baker in this country, I make chocolate chip cookies. So much so that they are specifically requested every Sunday during football season, especially during the playoffs and the Super Bowl, because they have become a lucky, edible talisman.  

Women Are Stronger Together!!
by Robin Sparer , Women's Ride Coordinator
September was the wettest month on record but that didn't stop us from riding. During the Weekend of September 8-9 the Leader's of the Women Group and over 400 women came to Cambridge Maryland to ride the 10th annual Wild Goose Chase in support of Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. On the 8th we were treated to a wildlife tour bike ride in the early morning which made us aware of why we were there and Brenda Ruby, Denise Cohen and Deb Reynolds gave a afternoon Workshop while Martine Palmiter, Deborah Turton and Robin Sparer Volunteered in other ways. Our biggest treat was a group picture with Georgena Terry who started the event and was the special honorary guest and received a fit it station in her honor at the Visitor Center at Blackwater. The next day the rains of Gordan came but that did not deter us nor most of the women and off we went with our rain gear and a positive attitude. Not one complaint from our soggy ride . When we returned we were treated to lunch and most of our group were winners of door prizes and raffles

The last Saturday of September we finally got good weather and Jessica Hirschhorn repeated and lead her weekly ART to Lake Artesema from District Hardware on Sept 29th.

More fun is on the October Calendar. Get your costume ready and join us for the Great Pumpkin ride on October 27, 2018 in Warrenton, Virginia.

Robin with PPTC member Sue and ride leader Jessica center.
Left to right Sue, Robin, Georgena, Deborah, Denise, Brenda
Brenda Deborah, Robin, Martine, Sophie, Sue, Connie