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THE PHOENIX BEAKIN'             
October 6th
Springfield, VA
Toy-making Fall Festival
October 7th
Rockville, MD
Preparing Parrots for Life in Multiple Homes
October 20th
Fairfax, VA
No Place Like Home
October 20th
Alexander, NC
Dr. Brynn McCleery
Why Labs Are Important
October 21st
Jacksonville, FL
No Place Like Home
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Springfield, VA
Come out for our fall toy-making event and some new enrichment ideas, fun conversation, and fall-themed snacks. We will have an assortment of supplies for making toys for our birds at The Landing, or you can purchase some supplies for your own flock. If you would like to bring a fall-themed dish, please contact: Dan Roberts, at
Brynn McCleery, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice)
Alexander, NC
Brynn McCleery,  DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr. McCleery heads the avian and exotics service at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton, NJ. We know that our birds deserve their own kind of doctor, a veterinarian that specializes in avian medicine. It's also important that our birds see their doctor regularly, because as prey animals, they will not show us there is a problem until they are very ill. One tool that helps veterinarians understand a bird's state of health is lab work, testing for important things like kidney or liver disease, bacterial infections, yeast etc. Please join us at The Landing for this special guest speaker.
Should I Get a Parrot for My Child?
Parrots are loud, messy and fun - probably a lot like your kids. A parrot could be an excellent companion for a child, or it could be another abandoned hobby. Consider the characteristics of parrots as you decide whether a bird is a good option for your family. Parrots thrive in homes where the whole family is committed to providing care, and when the kids are old enough to understand when, and when not, to interact.  Read Jenny Drummey's new blog post based on her experience as a Phoenix Landing adoption coordinator for over 10 years.  Click here
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
We are showcasing some of our adoptable African greys this month, but there are many other birds looking for their homes.  2,864 birds have entered the Phoenix Landing adoption program since 2003, many of which have already been adopted more than once. Birds can live a long time and deserve to have a succession of good homes. There are currently 122 birds in foster, and 141 others waiting for our help.  Please consider adoption first!  Here are just a few of our many adoptable birds. Learn more about our process here:
LOUIE,  a Congo African grey, is around 20 years old. He was with his most recent owner about 2 years, and she converted him from a seed diet to pellets, but he's still learning to appreciate fresh foods other than grapes. He's missing most of his toes due to an old injury, but that doesn't stop him from perching and climbing around his cage. He hasn't been talking much in his foster home (just "hello" and "pretty bird"), but he has a wide array of beeps, boops, whistles and other sound effects. He loves music, especially Louie Armstrong and will dance along to the beat. His favorite toys are anything shreddable. He supposedly didn't like baths, but he's now enjoying spray baths, yay! (currently in Florida)
MOSES  a Congo African grey, recently loss his person unexpectedly, and since all relatives lived far away, Moses was waiting alone in the house for a new place to go.  After being on a yucky seed and peanut diet for an unknown number of years, he is in amazingly good health and feather.  We are transitioning him to pellets and fresh foods, and a new variety of activities and enrichment.  He's been an avid eater of the wide variety of foods now available. Moses is generally an amiable guy, and he's looking forward to meeting new friends and family. (currently in North Carolina)
JOIE  is a 12 year old female Timneh African grey and  AG   is a 12 year old male Congo African grey. They grew up together in a very loving and attentive home, but t hey lost their person a few months ago.  We originally thought they might need to stay in the same family, but no longer believe that to be the case. Both enjoy a little flight, for good exercise, and dancing is definitely a favorite activity!  They have recently added fresh foods to their diet, in addition to Harrison's pellets and much loved Nutriberries. Their new favorites are snap peas, pumpkin bread, and cantaloupe!! (currently in North Carolina)
ALEX  is an 18 year old Congo African grey, formerly adopted through Phoenix Landing.  His family met some unexpected challenges, so he is back with us for a new home.  Also joining us from the same family is  ZEUS , also a Congo African grey.  We don't know too much about Zeus yet, but he's charming and curious, as you can see from his photo.  We understand that he enjoyed his initial introduction to target training, a great way to interact with a bird.  Alex and Zeus do not need to stay in the same home (currently in Maryland).
Teach Your Bird to Read?
We are regular attendees at the annual conference of avian veterinarians, which just wrapped up. One of the definitive highlights of this year's event was researcher Jennifer Cunha, and her training program geared to teach birds to read. As a former teacher for inner city children, she has adapted these skills to teaching birds how to communicate using flash cards, where they learn to distinguish between words, pictures, and symbols. What a super-charged form of enrichment! To learn more about Jennifer's work, go to She has a variety of useful on-line resources to get started, and an on-line course starting this October.  What an exciting new way to provide the mental stimulation that our birds so deserve!
Our Wish List
* Big bird homes, see our note at the top!! 
* We can always use more in shell almonds and walnuts; as well as dried/unsweetened banana chips
* Canned garbanzo beans
* For our pumpkin bread, a favorite in the adoption centers: canned pumpkin; oat or garbanzo bean flour; and applesauce snack packs
* Midwest Life Stages wire carriers, double door, for transport - 30" and 36" wide
* Shopping on Amazon? Use our Affiliate button (click here and bookmark).  It is far more beneficial than the Amazon Smile program.
* Do you have a high speed camera and a Phoenix Landing foster or adopted bird?  We're looking for photos for our 2019 calendar.  Email us ( for more information.
* And we really appreciate your support for the many parrots of Phoenix Landing by shopping with us at
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