October 31st , 2018
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-A TM
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Feature Article: Gluten, Serotonin and 5-HTP

Perhaps the most difficult- and easiest- decision I've had to make this past year was to use Respen-A™...on myself. Easy, because I've been telling people for years that it helps with gut issues, and after decades of trying everything possible to resolve mine, I wanted results for myself. Difficult, because I didn't want to go backwards. I hadn't eaten gluten for 9 years, and was dreadfully aware of just how crippling one spec of it would be to my body.

In addition to gluten, after an elimination process, I'd been off of nuts, most oils, dairy, eggs, most meats, vegetables and fruits for the past three years. Consequently, I'd been eating a combination of only 7 food items- the few I'd found that didn't cause a multitude of issues. How I longed to eat a real meal again, to not be limited to cold snacks, to have the freedom to sit in a restaurant and order, indiscriminately, off a menu, and finally, to enjoy a hot meal without any fear of repercussions!

I started Respen-A™ in May of 2018. While I could tell immediately that things were different, I waited a couple of weeks before I tried gluten- my biggest nemesis. While I waited, I began gaining weight, because my body was finally absorbing nutrients from the foods I was eating. It sounds awful, but I put on 23 lbs in 3 weeks! This was fine with me as I'd become scarecrow thin over the years, since I hadn't been able to keep weight on. Now, people tell me how much healthier I look.

Testing the gluten began a few crackers at a time, and soon evolved into ordering gluten items off the menu at restaurants, and even eating slices of pizza! Honestly, what shocked me most was how bad all of the processed 'foods' tasted- cookies, Danish pastries, candy bars I'd once enjoyed, even Taco Bell...which was a real treat when I was a starving college student sick of Top Ramen. So, it was super easy to maintain my new weight; I'd been without processed foods for nearly a decade, and wasn't willing to eat anything that tasted bad.

As a mom with a son diagnosed with autism, re-introducing gluten for him (back in 2009) was even more frightening. One spec for Tyler resulted in a meltdown that lasted 10 1/2 hours. But, after her first reformulation of Respen-A™, Elaine said it 'should work' for gut issues- and someone had to be the pioneer (guinea pig?). Elaine says that it works by activating MAO-A to convert Histamine to Histamine2. Histamine2 stimulates the production of gastric acid and digestive enzymes, and corrects the pH balance of the stomach and intestines. Click on the link below to see a video of Tyler the morning after we had a big pizza party- with no meltdowns from gluten! Back then, we had to increase the Respen-A Disc by half a disc, but now you don't.

Gluten has come under attack, from everybody. Going gluten-free has become not only a fad for the general public, but a necessity for most kids with autism. However, according to Elaine, gluten isn't the problem. It is just a protein that our body doesn't make. But it is not a pathogenic protein, so it presents no threat to our body. Because of this, the immune system would normally just ignore it. But, when MAO-A (monoamine oxidase-A) is inhibited, such as by stress (environmental toxins, financial worries, working three jobs), this causes our Mast cells to become neurotic, and our immune system goes nuts.
Mast cells are the first line of defense for the body- they are the alarm system for the immune system. The lungs, gut, and skin are portals of entry that a pathogen could use to get into the body. These organs are loaded with Mast cells. Mast cells go into high alert when MAO-A is under attack and suppressed. As a result, a person experiences a full blown, immune inflammatory response to gluten.

As far as autism goes, the reason the gluten-free diet has helped these children is because gluten releases the serotonin in the gut. With low MAO-A activity, the serotonin builds up and is not able to be converted into its active neurotransmitter. Behaviors get better when gluten is restricted because you are avoiding the build up of serotonin. However, gluten isn't the culprit. Instead, whatever is inhibiting the MAO-A is.

Things that Inhibit MAO-A Activity:
(Note that autistic patients are sensitive to all of these)

  • High Estrogen such as Soy, tea tree oil (this is why soy should be avoided)
  • EFA supplements
  • Many, many Herbal Supplements
  • Stress
  • Heavy Metals such as aluminum, mercury, cadmium
  • High copper levels
  • Parasites and other Pathogens (interfere with the production of MAO-A)
  • Lipid peroxidation (this is why the EFA supplements should be avoided)
  • High levels of alanine (an amino acid- we have far too much alanine and glutamine in our bodies, which is the result of eating too many calories and not having the activity to burn them off. The body stores the excess calories as alanine, and alanine inhibits MAO-A).

Prior to Respen-A™, if a child with autism ate gluten, it would just cause more serotonin to build up. With the Respen-A™ disc, the child is able to convert the serotonin- therefore avoiding a build up of serotonin- which means that gluten is now tolerated.

Some children on a gluten free diet have seen a return of symptoms after seeing good improvement on the Respen-A™ Disc, and some children have seen no results, or even a worsening of their symptoms, when starting the Respen-A™ Disc. Elaine thought that this was due to a depletion of their serotonin by the Respen-A™, so she recommended that they take 5-HTP or L-Tryptophan to replenish the serotonin. Several of the parents reported that this made no difference, but one parent noticed that if her child had a small amount of gluten, the symptoms resolved. A few more parents have reported the same findings after incorporating some gluten back in their child’s diet. 

Researching the scientific rationale for this, Elaine discovered that L-Tryptophan produces 5-HTP, and 5-HTP increases the production of serotonin. This newly synthesized serotonin is put into storage vesicles in the cells. The stored serotonin then needs to be released into the synapse (the junction between nerves), so that the Respen-A™ Disc can stimulate its conversion into the active aldehyde (active neurotransmitter). Research shows that gluten (and inositol 500 - 700 mg once per day, 15 minutes after applying the Respen- A™ Disc) will stimulate the release of serotonin from the storage vesicles. The Respen-A™ Disc activates MAO-A, which then stimulates the turnover/conversion of the serotonin in the synapse into the active aldehyde (active neurotransmitter) so the body can utilize it.

Without Respen-A™, MAO-A activity is decreased, which is what causes the buildup of serotonin in the nerve synapses, triggering a shutdown and negative feedback on other systems, such as the Oxytocin system, which results in other systems shutting down. When you start Respen-A™, you have the ability to immediately turn the stored serotonin over into its active neurotransmitter so the body can utilize it, however you need gluten to release it from the storage vesicles into the nerve synapse. 

You've got to have a balance of serotonin production, serotonin release, and serotonin turnover. Otherwise you'll end up with a buildup of serotonin, which shuts systems down, or a depletion of serotonin, which creates the same symptoms. It's much easier to balance this if you don't restrict gluten. I want to encourage you to let your child have whatever in their diet, in moderation, and the body will handle this balancing act. This is a lot simpler than counting crackers/pretzels and making sure they are getting gluten every two hours. You are just better off to let the body do its own regulation of the balancing system- it will let you know what it needs with cravings.
If your child is on a gluten-free diet due to food intolerance's, these should be resolved when using the Respen-A™ Disc. However, there is no carryover, so if you have to stop the Respen-A™ Disc, PLEASE be aware of this as you will need to return to your previous gluten restriction. 
If your child is on a gluten-free diet due to allergies, you will need to supplement with inositol to release the serotonin from the storage vesicles, so that the Respen-A™ Disc can stimulate its conversion into the active aldehyde. In most cases, 500 mg to 700 mg daily of inositol supplementation has been adequate in the release of serotonin to keep up with the turnover stimulated by Respen-A™ Disc.  

(article submitted by Kerri McCormick)

 Alex had a Gluten Bakery Cake for his Birthday! His mom's story:

Alex’s birthday was in August , and my husband and I had talked about getting a birthday cake from a bakery- with gluten! That would be the best birthday present. Alex had seen bakery cakes, but had never been ale to eat one, or have a great one for his birthday.

Believe me, we knew that he was going to be so excited! He'd been over the moon eating hot dog buns and bread. He'd even asked for toast out of the blue one day - he'd been used to the gluten-free breads, which are usually harder and not so tasty. He would go nuts for an actual bakery cake! His birthday was at the end of August , and we celebrated it earlier since that's when school begins.

Alex's birthday cake- his first with gluten since his first birthday. He was so excited! He picked the design, too!
We took Alex out to IHOP with us the other day and let him order whatever he wanted- he loved that. We only go out to eat a few times per year, and it's always to the same place (not IHOP). We always have a tablet to distract him, because he gets so impatient, and I order french fries immediately- but last Friday, the tablet stayed in my purse, and Alex waited for his food with the rest of us. He was a little squirmy, but he did a great job! That is a direct result of Respen-A ! It is very exciting!!!

Also - we picked up my mom, stepdad and nephew on the way to the restaurant. Before we picked them up, I looked at the tiny middle seat between my boys and asked rhetorically, "Who is thin enough to sit there?" Alex automatically pointed at Calvin- it was hilarious! That's new too! Thank you, so much for developing Respen-A ...it's a game-changer!

(Respen-A  Mom, Suzanne)
Feedback Corner

We are seeing great things with Respen- A for our son - increased language, increased interest in reading, better mood, and learning, finally, to ride a bike!   I feel like a light switch goes on when he gets his toast!
C. Jones

Before starting Respen-A , my son had been on a GF/CF diet for two years. I wasn’t familiar with inositol, so I chose to give him some gluten even though I felt quite uneasy about it. I began by giving him just a little every day. My son usually behaves as though he drank 5 coffees in the morning, and I was surprised to see that when I increased his dose of gluten, he became so much calmer.
G. J., mom of a 5-yr-old Respen-A user

Alex just had his IEP, and PT was removed from his services because "Alex is able to access his educational environment successfully without the need for assistance to do physical needs." He will be starting a mainstream PE class soon as well!

The speech therapist was very excited because she used a communication app, and he did great with it. We've tried them in the past and he was never very interested in them. He was using the app at a higher level than they expected. At this point, we are mainly concerned about his communication - so this is AMAZING!!!
Respen-A  Mom, Suzanne

My son has been on Respen-A for 3 months now.  The last time I took him to his doctor's appointment, the doctor said that his food sensitivity is gone! I'm so happy! Some positive changes I've seen are that he is happier all around, able to follow directions quicker, and to adapt to more activities during the day. 
His language development hasn't taken a leap- yet. I've noticed that he's scripting less the last few days. I hope it'll become less, and less, as that impedes his learning and social interaction.
Thank you for all your help! I believe Respen-A is worth it. It feels great to let people know that my son is off a special diet and that he is free to eat anything.
Solon, OH
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How to get it: send us a before and after video of your child on Respen-A that we can post on our www.respen-a.com website under testimonials, and on our Facebook page.

This offer is valid WORLD-WIDE and includes the calcium/magnesium skin cream. Simply upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, then send us the link at info@respen-a.com.

We are seeing, anecdotally, and from experience with thousands in the MS community and now in the autism community, that it is a rocky road for those who supplement and/or restrict their diet while striving to improve their health. When you reach a plateau where you find that what you've been doing can take you no farther, you hear about Respen-A™. If what you are doing is working, you wouldn't be looking for more and better. It is worth stopping the other therapies for 1 month (or to baseline on the Respen-A™ as some children will have issues with L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, docking sites, etc., which may require more time) to try Respen-A™ by itself, to see if the difference is worth it. Don't restrict anything- eat everything. 

It is best to pull the nutrients we need out of the foods we eat. As long as we are eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of whole and organic foods, our body will pull out exactly what it needs in terms of vitamins and nutrients, and flush out the rest. This is the same for gluten. Then, see how you respond to the Respen-A™ and get to baseline on it. You can always try adding things back in, one at a time, once at baseline on just the Respen-A™. Monitor each item for two weeks to see if it helps or negates the Respen-A™. If it doesn't negate the Respen-A™, and you see no added benefit, you probably don't need it. We have found that those who don’t take any supplements other than the calcium skin cream that we provide with the Respen-A™ Disc, and 5-HTP and/or inositol if you don’t eat meat or are on a gluten free diet, do the best on the Respen-A™ Disc.
Meet Guillermo!
August 26, 2018

Dear Elaine,

My son is showing obvious improvements that I am able to pin point, even though I have been away for 6 weeks. We started the patch May 16, 2018, and I've been wanting to update you to be able to give you facts with a solid basis. 

I revisited your website with the purpose of really understanding why Respen-A™ works with my son. While there, I was really moved and impressed with Mathew's story- it's a beautiful story. My son was vaccine injured in July of 2015, so this has been a 3 year journey for us. He is doing great now, considering where we started, but it has been too slow for my liking.

My son's recovery has been unprecedented. Prior to Respen-A™, it had been taking too long, because I was doing it one supplement at a time- the number one rule for me is "do no harm". Within the first month on Respen-A™, the greatest immediate change that we noticed with my son was almost no stimming. We also began observing a gradual gain of understanding and comprehension. We've looked forward to the start of the school year in order to see these improvements reflected at school!
My son's diagnosis is Autism, PANDAS and toxic effect of Metals (truthfully I think all of our kids have the same diagnosis, whether or not they have officially been given that label by a doctor). Before I had the official diagnosis, I had already started checking my son's viral titers, heavy metals, and neurotransmitters. Since I'm a Biochemist, I also did genetic testing, and had run his raw data through different databases. 
My approach was to assume that nothing was working correctly, and to make certain that I could give him whatever support he might need to ensure that every biochemical pathway would work again- or that it could be supported the right way to allow for proper functioning...one pathway at a time. Also, my main strategy was to support his body at a cellular level, focusing on the mitochondria. The biochemical pathway that I'd left for last was the Biopterin pathway (his brain), as I was really intimidated by it, and inexperienced with it. 
My son's tests showed elevated levels in all neurotransmitters. Because I am really curious, I am excited to go back and retest for toxic metals and neurotransmitters in October, 2018, after 3 months on Respen-A™, and will share our numbers with you!
Based on the data from your website, and my son's genetic susceptibilities related to MAO-A, I understand why I am seeing what I am seeing, and why my son has responded beautifully to the Respen-A™.

Let me explain; part of his protocol has been using the Ion footbath by AMD (I now know to use that therapy sparingly since it interferes with calcium absorption!). According to his toxic test results- base line and a later one-, his toxicity level has diminished considerably. However, now that Respen-A™ is in place, his footbaths are coming out really dark and dirty. Based on the newest research (great August article BTW), since MAO-A is one of the greatest detoxifiers of the liver, by activating the MAO-A with the use of Respen-A™, the liver is actually able to do its job. This is why his detoxification has improved not only in test results, but also visually.
Now, since Respen-A™ has been able to make the MAO-A active, we have been able to observe significant improvements as follows:

- His sensory needs are reduced to a minimum (arm flapping, hand pressure applied to his face for sensory reward)
- He is more affectionate towards his grandma
- He uses more complete sentences, and appropriately used words like: "I am glad you are here", said to his brother
- He is able to eat pasta, and is tolerating gluten and food textures 
Respen-A™ has worked so beautifully for us, and we are so happy with my son's progress. I believe in paying it forward, and I believe everything happens for a reason. My son's injury could not be only about him. The bigger reason for me is in helping other moms recover their kiddos. I've shared our story with lots of moms of kids with special needs (especially Autistic), and this information will be good for them as affirmation of my son's progress. 

Thank you Elaine, for all your support. 
Mayra J. Arredondo M.S., B.S. Biochemist 

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