Regulatory News
State Agency Rules Open For Comment
The following rules have been proposed by State of Illinois agencies and are open for public comment.   To read more about the rules or to submit comments regarding their impact on your business or industry, visit  and click on "submit comments" .   

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation proposed an amendment that will impact real estate brokers and providers of pre-license and continuing education for real estate agents and brokers.  To learn more about these potential changes, click here.

The Department of Employment Security proposed amendments that will impact businesses that participate in unemployment insurance.  To learn more about these changes, click here.

The Department of Labor proposed an amendment which will impact businesses that hire independent contractors.  To learn more about these changes, click here

The Office of the State Treasurer proposed a rule that will impact businesses with unclaimed property.  To learn more about these changes, click here

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services proposed a rule which will impact pharmacies meeting Critical Access Care Pharmacy (CAP) program criteria.  To learn more about these changes, click here

NLRB Proposes Rule to Change its Joint Employer Standard
On September 14, 2018, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) published a proposed rule revising the test for whether two employers are considered joint employers and held liable under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).  The NLRB and reviewing courts have over the years addressed situations where the working conditions of employees are affected by two separate companies engaged in a business relationship. To be considered a joint employer under this rule, an employer must possess and actually exercise substantial direct and immediate control over the essential terms and conditions of employment such as hiring, firing, discipline, supervision and direction.  Three years ago, the NLRB adopted a more expansive definition of joint employer that did not require direct control of an employee to be considered a joint employer.  In this rule, the NLRB has identified the following types of small businesses or entities most likely to be impacted by this rule:  contractors/subcontractors, temporary help service suppliers, temporary help service users, franchisees, and labor unions.
Comments on this Proposed Rule are due on November 13, 2018 and can be submitted hereClick here to view NLRB Fact Sheet on this rule.   

For further information on any of the above rules, contact Katy Khayyat at, or call (217) 558-0190. 
Illinois News
Sales Tax Guidance Available for Out-of-State Sellers  
The Illinois Department of Revenue is announcing online resources for remote (out-of-state) sellers seeking to determine whether they must begin collecting and remitting Illinois sales tax beginning October 1, 2018.
The guidance is a result of the enactment of Illinois Public Act 100-587 and the subsequent U.S. Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.
Illinois Public Act 100-587 requires remote sellers who have sold either cumulative gross receipts from Illinois sales of $100,000 or more, or 200 or more separate Illinois transactions to register and remit Illinois Use Tax for sales made on or after October 1, 2018. 

Remote sellers should visit for specific details and available resources on Illinois' new law, including: informational bulletin, FAQs, tax matrix, and more.   
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IDFPR Advances Online License Transformation for Real Estate
The majority of Real Estate Brokerage and related license types may now be applied for and renewed via the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation's (IDFPR) Online Services Portal. Beginning October 1, 2018, IDFPR will no longer accept paper applications for real estate licenses that have already been migrated online.
Licenses impacted by this deadline include:
* Real Estate Broker
* Real Estate Managing Broker
* Real Estate Leasing Agents
* Real Estate Student Leasing Agents
* Real Estate Brokerage Branch Offices
* Real Estate Brokerage Corporations
* Real Estate Brokerage Limited Liability Firms
* Real Estate Pre-License Instructors
* Real Estate CE Instructors
Other transactions impacted by this deadline include:
* Sponsorship Terminations
o A Named Managing Broker terminating a Licensee
o A Licensee terminating their Sponsoring Broker (leaving brokerage)
* Sponsorship Transfers
o Licensee transferring to a new Sponsoring Broker (remaining in Active Status)
o Licensee adding a new Sponsoring Broker (if currently without Sponsorship)
* Online License History Certification for Licensees without Disciplinary History
All paper applications and payments postmarked before October 1st will be accepted and processed. Those postmarked on or after October 1st for the impacted licenses will be returned to the sender.
Over 73,000 Real Estate licensees can take advantage of IDFPR's online licensure services. For a complete list of professions now online, please visit
For more information on IDFPR, please visit our website at To stay current on the latest from IDFPR, also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

News from the IRS 
Clarification for Business Taxpayers; Payments Under State or Local Tax Credit Programs May be Deductible as Business Expenses
Business taxpayers who make business-related payments to charities or government entities for which the taxpayers receive state or local tax credits can generally deduct the payments as business expenses, the Internal Revenue Service announced.
Responding to taxpayer inquiries, the IRS clarified that this general deductibility rule is unaffected by the recent notice of proposed rulemaking concerning the availability of a charitable contribution deduction for contributions pursuant to such programs. The business expense deduction is available to any business taxpayer, regardless of whether it is doing business as a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, as long as the payment qualifies as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Therefore, businesses generally can still deduct business-related payments in full as a business expense on their federal income tax return.
Updates on the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) can be found on the Tax Reform page of

What is the Sharing Economy and Is It Taxable?  
If you use one of the many online platforms available to rent a spare bedroom, provide car rides, or to connect and provide a number of other goods or services, you're involved in what is sometimes called the sharing economy.
An emerging area of activity in the past few years, the sharing economy has changed how people commute, travel, rent vacation accommodations and perform many other activities. Also referred to as the on-demand, gig or access economy, the sharing economy allows individuals to generate revenue from assets they possess - (such as cars and homes) - or services they provide - (such as household chores or technology services). There are tax implications for the companies that provide the services and the individuals who perform the services.

This means if you receive income from a sharing economy activity, it's generally taxable even if you don't receive a Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, Form 1099-K, Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions, Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, or some other income statement. This is true even if you do it as a side job or just as a part time business and even if you are paid in cash. On the other hand, depending upon the circumstances, some or all of your business expenses may be deductible, subject to the normal tax limitations and rules.

The IRS encourages taxpayers participating in the sharing economy to understand the potential tax issues affecting them.
The following tax issues may apply to those participating in the sharing economy:
These topics are addressed on the Sharing Economy Tax Center online: .
The Internal Revenue Service urges anyone working in the sharing economy to perform a Paycheck Checkup now to avoid an unexpected tax bill when they file their return next year. Many people working in the sharing economy need to make sure they pay their taxes either through withholding from other jobs they may have, or through estimated taxes.
The easiest way for most employees to check their withholding is through the Withholding Calculator available on

News from the IRS

New Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave Available for 2018 and 2019
The IRS has announced that eligible employers who provide paid family and medical leave to their employees may qualify for a new business credit for tax years 2018 and 2019
In addition, eligible employers who set up qualifying paid family leave programs or amend existing programs by Dec. 31, 2018, will be eligible to claim the employer credit for paid family and medical leave, retroactive to the beginning of the employer's 2018 tax year, for qualifying leave already provided.
In Notice 2018-71, posted on, the IRS provided detailed guidance on the new credit in a question and answer format. The credit was enacted by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

The notice clarifies how to calculate the credit including the application of special rules and limitations. Only paid family and medical leave provided to employees whose prior-year compensation was at or below a certain amount qualify for the credit. Generally, for tax year 2018, the employee's 2017 compensation from the employer must have been $72,000 or less.

Updates on the implementation of the TCJA can be found on the Tax Reform page of

Clarification for Business Taxpayers; Payment under State or Local Tax Credit Programs May be Deductible as Business Expenses
Business taxpayers who make business-related payments to charities or government entities for which the taxpayers receive state or local tax credits can generally deduct the payments as business expenses. See News Release 2018-178 for more information.

IRS Launches New Webpage on Tax Reform
Business owners and self-employed taxpayers should make their first stop for information on how tax reform affects both their business and individual taxes. The updated reform page has helpful information for three types of taxpayers: individuals, businesses and tax exempt entities.
The Businesses page is for businesses of any size and includes these topics, among others:
Illinois to Celebrate Manufacturing Month
October is Manufacturing Month in Illinois
Recognizing the importance of an industry that employs more than a half million workers in the state, Gov. Bruce Rauner proclaimed October Manufacturing Month in Illinois.
"Manufacturing is at the heart of the Illinois economy," Rauner said. "For decades, Illinois manufacturers have shown their savvy by adapting to changing market conditions and embracing innovation to stay at the top of their game. I am proud to recognize this strong industry."
Illinois companies manufacture a wide range of products including farm equipment and machinery, automotive parts, plastics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels and food products.
Illinois Manufacturing Highlights:
* Manufacturing is the third largest industry in Illinois by employment with more than 580,000 workers.
* Illinois is the fourth largest manufacturing state in the nation by output.
* Manufacturing makes up 93.6 percent of all Illinois goods exported.
* Average annual income for Illinois manufacturing workers is $70,174.
"Manufacturing accounts for 12.4 percent of our gross state product," said Deputy Gov. Leslie Munger, acting director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. "Every day we work with businesses, community leaders and stakeholders across the state to support, strengthen and grow this critical Illinois industry."
Manufacturing Month events will take place throughout October in Illinois. These events showcase some of the nearly 13,000 manufacturing firms that call Illinois home. October is a time to highlight the benefits of working in the industry and continue to build a talent pipeline that guarantees Illinois remains a leader in manufacturing for years to come. Manufacturing Day will be celebrated nationwide on the first Friday of the month, Oct. 5.
Please visit the link below to find events in your region, and help celebrate Manufacturing Month in Illinois!
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

To be held October 16-18   
The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency will offer a course in the Evaluation of Visible Emissions during the week of October 15, 2018.  The class will run from Wednesday, October 17 through Thursday, October 18, 2018.   Class begins at 9:00 AM each morning with registration beginning at approximately 8:00 AM; everyone must sign in one time only.
All newcomers attending for initial certification (not recertification) are expected to be present for a lecture session at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, October 16th; persons recertifying are welcome to attend the lecture as well.  The lecture will include discussion of visible emissions and the finer points of reading opacity.  The lecture will be held at the Ramada Limited Motel, 3281 Northfield Drive, Springfield, Illinois.
The class will be held at the Ramada Limited Motel, 3281 Northfield Drive, Springfield, Illinois.  The telephone number is (217) 523-4000.  A block of rooms has been set aside for the session, so please mention you are attending "Smoke School" when making your reservations.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency does not charge a fee for this instruction.  All participants must arrange for their own meals and lodging; however, all materials necessary for the course will be supplied with the exception of writing tools and a clipboard.  Please be reminded this class is held outside, so dress appropriately and bring your own lawn chair.
Please fill out the registration form online at prior to October 12, 2018.  If you do not have access to the Internet please contact Linda Kulek at (217) 524-0546 to receive a registration form by mail.  Remember to check the designated box for either certifying the first time or recertifying. 
If you have any questions, contact or by phone (847) 294-4019.

Does your Business Need Assistance?   Visit our website at, call our helpline at 800.252.2923, or email
Upcoming Events
The Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Program stimulates economic development and creates jobs in urban and rural communities by providing federal contracting assistance to small businesses. The SBA Illinois District Office will conduct a presentation covering registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) and the HUBZone Program.  

DATE:              Wed, October 10, 2018
TIME:               9:30 AM - 11:30 AM CDT
LOCATION:     SBA, 500 West Madison Street, Suite 1150, Chicago 60661

If there are any HUBZone questions, you may call (312) 353-7076 or visit SBA's HUBZone homepage at Application for certification in the SBA HUBZone Program is available online.   

To register for this October 10th event, click here

This event repeats on various days: Oct 10Nov 14Dec 12

8(a) Orientation in Chicago
8(a) Business Development Program The 8(a) Business Development Program is a business assistance program for small disadvantaged businesses. The 8(a) Program offers a broad scope of assistance to firms that are owned and controlled at least 51% by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. This session will cover the tenets of the 8(a) program, steps to apply, and SAM registration.  

DATE:              Wed, November 21, 2018
TIME:               9:30 AM - 11:30 AM CST
LOCATION:     SBA, 500 West Madison Street, Suite 1150, Chicago 60661

Click here for more information on 8(a) Business Development Program.

To register for this November 21 event, click here

This event repeats on various days: Oct 3Nov 7Dec 5



Fund Conference - October 24-25 - Chicago
FUND is a national connector of entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, and industry experts with a focus on curated deal flow, captivating content, and same day connections. Join us as we bring together hundreds of thought leaders for an action-packed show, sure to leave you wanting more. Upon securing your ticket to FUND Conference, you will be invited to attend the Women Investing in Women event taking place the day prior.

Held annually in Chicago, the 4th annual FUND Conference will feature 100 early state companies, accredited investors from across the country, and over 50 prominent speakers.  

When: Thursday, October 25, 2018, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
Where: Venue SIX10, 610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605, USA 

For more information, visit  Use code ILSBDC for a special discount.  
Winning Contracts with the State of Illinois 
P2PLogo Winning Contracts with the State of Illinois 
Have you ever thought of doing business with the State of Illinois? Do you know how to win contracts with the State? Did you know the amount for conducting a "formal" solicitation was recently changed to $100,000 for most contracts? The State offers a lot of opportunities for emerging businesses to compete for and earn its business.

Where can you get started? Start by going to the Chief Procurement Officers' web site: Pathway to Procurement ( The web site provides a roadmap on how to get registered to be a vendor with the State of Illinois. You can find information about programs for small, veteran-owned and diverse businesses. It walks you through the requirements you need to complete as part of the solicitation process and how to register so that you get notice about solicitations when they are issued (registration is free!).

Did you know that in addition to state agencies like Central Management Services, you can also participate in solicitations issued by any of the public universities, as well as construction projects with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Capital Development Board? There are training videos and other material to help you know how to compete for the State's business.

You can also follow Pathway for Procurement on Facebook for information on events and activities.  

Upcoming Procurement Events

University of Illinois' Facilities & Services (F&S) Supplier Diversity Vendor Fair Tuesday, October 16 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at the I-Hotel and Conference Center

*  Learn "How to do Business" with F&S
*  Meet directly with F&S Staff to market your products and services
*  Learn the types of goods and services that F&S procures
*  Gather Information about specific supplier criteria and requirements
*  Build new business relationships with Diverse Businesses Certified with the *  State of Illinois BEP
*  Register to become a vendor in the University System

There is no cost to attend and there is free parking.  Please register, as space is limited.  Register to attend by emailing  For questions, contact Maria Thompson at

Governor's State University is hosting a "Higher Education Diverse Business Fair" on October 16, 2018.  One session will be held from 10:00 am to 12:00, and the other from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm.  One is for Veteran-owned Businesses and one is for Diverse Businesses.  Both are the same day, and vendors are encouraged to attend both, but the focus will be on Veteran-owned businesses in the morning and on Diverse businesses in the afternoon.

Governor's State University Higher Education Diverse Business Fair "Every Connection Counts", Tuesday, October 16 pm at the Center for the Performing Arts, 1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60485

*  Meet Higher Education's Buyers in one convenient location
*  Connect with State Agencies and Learn about State Certification
*  Network with Attendees across many industries
*  Attend panel discussion & presentations
To register, visit

University of Illinois Office of Procuurement Diversity will be holding a Construction Summit on Thursdayy, November 1, 2018 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm at the UIC Student Center East (3rd Floor), 750 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL. 

Architects, engineers, design professionals and contractors should attend to learn how to become successful partners with the University of Illinois System and network with other universities and governmental entities.

Gain insignt into the business process and requirements for success.  Meet and learn from the experts to help grow your business.   Register today at: 
Spotlight on Success
Spotlight on Success - The Zen of Slow Cooking
T he Zen of Slow Cooking founder and co-creator Meg Barnhart launched her company in 2012 with a vision of helping her son Doug, who had learning challenges as a child. With co-creator Jane McKay, she created a business where people like Doug can work, and now sells in the U.S. to companies like Whole Foods Market, local family Butchers such as Paulina Meat Market in Chicago, and Peapod Online.
the zen of slow cooking creates premium, Non GMO spice blends designed to simplify the slow cooking and pressure cooking experience. In addition they create slow cooker meal kits with Peapod. To raise additional capital, Barnhart and McKay launched a $15,000 crowd funding campaign through Kickstarter to move from a home-based business to a co-packing facility.
To grow the company by expanding internationally by seeking export support, the zen of slow cooking turned to the International Trade Center at the Small Business Development Center at ICNC . ITC director Lauro Arias assisted them with export documentation to sell to a successful online retailer, Sunset Gourmet in Canada. "We're grateful for ALL the guidance that would have taken substantial time and resources to track down on our own," said Jane McKay Editor and Co-Creator of The Zen of Slow Cooking. 
If you believe your company may be ready for the next level, contact your local International Trade Center .
October 2018
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Start a Business - Illinois Small Business Development Center (Illinois SBDC)
Illinois First Stop Business Information Center
Business Registration - Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois Secretary of State Business Services
Cutting Red Tape

Illinois is home to many regulations imposed on businesses.  In some cases these regulations are hindering our economic growth. We need your help in cutting the red tape in Illinois!

Governor Rauner issued Executive Order 16-13 which instructs all State agencies to undertake a comprehensive review of existing regulations and policies to determine which regulations are outdated, repetitive, confusing or hindering a growing economy. The Executive Order also establishes a committee to oversee this process and ensure State agencies keep on track with this important review.

Public participation is vital to this process. We depend on citizens' input to help State agencies determine which regulations or policies are preventing Illinois from keeping and creating jobs.  Governor Rauner invites all members of the public to use the online portal to share their ideas for simplifying or reducing regulations.

The Illinois Competitiveness Council is seeking input from the public on which rules and regulations are the biggest hindrance to people and businesses. Anyone can submit feedback to cut the red tape at 

How Can We Help You?

Illinois Small Business Development Centers are located throughout the state and provide information, confidential business guidance, training and other resources and services for start-up and existing small businesses.

Whether your company employs two people or 102, you need a strong network behind you to succeed. And that's where the Illinois Small Business Development Center comes in. SBDC partners with well-respected business development organizations and educational institutions to assist you in maximizing your potential to grow and attract investors. SBDC connects you to the experts, tools and opportunities that translate into endless possibilities!
The Illinois SBDC program is located within the Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity. For more information please click here.

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