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October 2018

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

From the State President

     When you go to the polls on November 6, feel a special tingle knowing that 100 years ago, New York foremothers were voting for the first time in a national election.  Yes, NY women won the vote in 1917, but it didn't go into effect until 1918. 
     It appears women will be making more history by turning out in droves this year. If you are still trying to decide whom to vote for, join us via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube on November 1st at 6 pm for a live-streamed LWV debate with at least 4 of the 5 gubernatorial candidates. Just because the Governor has not committed to this and debated only Marc Molinaro earlier this week - without the three other candidates - this does not mean you should be deprived of the opportunity to see all your options. 
     We are grateful that these four candidates see debates as an essential component of the "job interview" process with the voters, and we thank them for participating. We also thank the College of St. Rose for hosting the debate and helping with the live-streaming, and we thank the many donors who responded on our Go Fund Me page and in other ways.  Now we just need everyone to watch!  
     Whatever happens on November 6, plan now for a post-election low-effort, high-fun party with all the new members you've been gathering in these stressful times and all the great volunteers who helped you through the election. This is the time that the League really shines and we need to let newcomers (and us long-timers too) know how appreciated they are and how proud they should feel.  
   If some still owe their 2018-19 dues, give them a special call. They cared enough to join, and maybe a personal call and a social event will keep them with you.
     And remember - LOW EFFORT. You're exhausted! This means pot luck, pizza, a friendly caterer, whatever it takes to let YOU have a good time too. You've earned it. A big THANK YOU from us and all your League allies as together we empower voters and defend democracy.

Dare Thompson, President
League of Women Voters of NYS
darethompson@gmail.com; Tel: 518-465-4162
Facebook: League of Women Voters of NYS
Twitter: @LWVNYS
Voter Guide Part II
Travel with the League
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Voter Services
Judie Gorenstein, Judiel728@aol.com

I want to compliment you all for your efforts to register and educate voters and then to try to get out the vote.  This has been a most challenging year, but our leagues have worked diligently to meet the demands while maintaining our gold standard of being nonpartisan. Here are some last minute things to do.
  • Remind voters that they must apply for absentee ballots by Oct. 30 and mail the ballot back to their County BOE no later than November 5 or bring in person by November 6.
  • Contact your county BOE to see the days and times they will be open to allow voters who did not apply for an absentee ballot in time and cannot get to polls for designated reasons.  I believe all County BOEs are opened for some hours the weekend before Election Day. Post times and dates on your webpage, facebook page, etc. as this is a little known fact.
  • Find out if there are any organizations, groups, etc, who offer rides in your area to voters who lack transportation and provide their contact information to voters in your area.  If you find a resource not only in your area, share with other leagues.
Remember, together we have done and can do so much. Thank you!
National Voter Registration Day Contest 
National Voter Registration Day Contest - Did you win it?
The results are in! We are so thrilled with the results of our National Voter Registration Day Contest.  Thank you again to all the volunteers who helped register voters during this nationwide event. In total, 15 League reported hosting registration drives in New York. These Leagues registered 1,286 voters and handed out an additional 374 voter registration forms.
The League who hosted the most forums and registered the most voters was the League of New York City! Our NYC League registered a total of 373 voters at 17 different locations in the city! We sent NYC 300 "Watch Out I'm a Voter" stickers for their win.
We also have two runner ups for both the amount of tables and the number of voters registered:
  • Saratoga County League won second in the number of tables with 16 different locations all over the county! Saratoga received 200 stickers
  • St. Lawrence County League won second for number of voter registered with 203 voters registered! St. Lawrence received 200 stickers
We were so pleased with how many Leagues reported back on their NVRD results that we have decided to award ALL Leagues who reported back with 100 stickers! Great job by all!
Gubernatorial Debate
As you should have seen, the state League has decided to organize its own debate among the gubernatorial candidates. We became frustrated as many media partners were willing to partner with us only if the Governor attended. We felt it was important that all candidates be invited and if at least 2 are willing to attend, we hold the debate. Currently four of the five candidates have agree to participate and the Governor hasn't said "no" yet. It will be held at the College of St. Rose (Albany) on Thursday, Nov. 1, from 6-7:30 pm. The College will live stream the debate on our facebook and twitter accounts and on Youtube. Everyone statewide who has internet access should be able to watch the debate live. We are currently confirming the media panelists, but one will be a student from St. Rose. A limited number of seats will be open to the public and available on a first come, first serve basis. We will announce all details as soon as possible. Thank you to all who supported this effort on our Go Fund Me page - this debate was not budgeted and will have expenses that will be covered through these donations. We can still use your help and you can donate at: https://www.gofundme.com/gubernatorial-debate?fbclid=IwAR15WTtpOhgR1q7XQAYVKIYTOM-ws6VQJ6wxxAJCmzuo_eXrw7f0PYn4jmE . You can also confirm your interest in attending the debate at: https://www.facebook.com/events/558055944625882/ . Both links are on the state League's facebook page.
Civics Education

Laura Ladd Bierman, LWVNYS Executive Director,  has been appointed to the NYS Education Department's new Civics Readiness Task Force. She will keep us updated as this statewide task force considers how the state curriculum will ensure all students have a basic understanding of civics and how they can be engaged in their communities.
The lesson plans for teachers on civics, developed by the state League and the NYS Social Studies Supervisory Association, have been distributed statewide to all school districts. You can view the plans on our website or at www.lwvnycivics.org.

Local League News
During the month of October and up until the November 6 elections, the LWV of Chautauqua is signing up volunteers to ring doorbells telling people where their polling place is and that their votes will make a difference.

LWV of Buffalo/Niagara sponsored a community discussion entitled, "Immigrants and Refugees: Good News for the Buffalo and New York State Economy," with speaker  Eva Hassett, Executive Director, International Institute of Buffalo. Since August 2009, Eva Hassett has led the International Institute, whose mission is "Making Western New York a better place for, and because of iimmigrants and refugees."

LWV of Broome and Tioga Counties and the Rural Health Network of South Central New York, Inc. presented a program on Healthy Food in your Schools and Communities. You can watch it on Youtube here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A8goXOSpDM&feature=youtu.be  

LWVs of Westchester, Larchmont/Mamaroneck and New Rochelle sponsored a showing of the Anthony Bordain documentary, Wasted, concerning food waste and food insecurity followed by a discussion on the issue.

LWV of Rochester had a panel discussion on the Supreme Court to discuss the appointment process, judges and judging, and whether the Court is the "Least Dangerous Branch." The panel included Richard C. Wesley, J.D., Senior U.S. Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; Dan Braveman, J.D., President, Nazareth College of Rochester, Former Dean, Syracuse University College of Law; and moderator, Sarah Liebschutz, Ph.D., Distinguished Service Professor Emerita, The College at Brockport.
Linda Greenhouse, the Joseph Goldstein Lecturer at Yale Law School and former Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times, will be the Keynote Speaker for the LWV of Scarsdale at its annual Food for Thought Luncheon. Ms. Greenhouse will speak about the Supreme Court, upcoming cases to be heard by the Court, and the recent nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh.
LWV of Suffolk County has organized a post-election discussion on the results. Neil Buffet, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Suffolk County Community College, and Nicholas Giordano, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Suffolk County Community College, will provide their analyses of the election night results.
The First Wednesday Luncheon in September for the LWV of Syracuse included a briefing by Martha Viglietta, a member of the Citizens' Climate Lobby on a Carbon Fee Proposal on fossil fuels.
A Conversation about COPD: Raising Awareness and Taking Action In Recognition of COPD Awareness Month will be the topic of the meeting in November for the LWV of Tompkins County. Speakers will include local health professionals and a community member.
The LWV of Saratoga has taken action locally on a county charter revision proposal. In a letter to the editor, the League stated, "The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County (LWVSC) does not support the new charter being proposed for the City of Saratoga Springs. LWVSC believes that cities in this County should separate their administrative functions from their legislative functions by having a City Council that makes policy and laws and either an elected executive or an appointed administrator to carry out administrative functions. The League supports this separation of functions in order to have a strong centralized administration, to have clear lines of responsibility and to eliminate waste."

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