SFCCPA October 2018 Events & Updates

In response to concern and desire to take action during the border crisis last June, SFCCPA held a community meeting focused on what early care educators could do to support immigrant children and families. An idea generated at the meeting was to hold frequent workshops with updates and resources for educators and immigrants in our community.

Please join us at our next SFCCPA community meeting. Speakers from the San Francisco Immigrant and Legal Education Network (SFILEN) and Mario Paz, of Good Samaritan Family Resource Center will share their experience with ICE interventions, expertise, and resources at our October 22 SFCCPA Community Meeting. Register below.

June meeting participants also suggested creating a central place on the OECE website with essential resources to help educators support immigrants. Participants recommended the site include an OECE position statement and a list of the public stances taken by San Francisco’s elected officials. Visit sfoece.org to see the OECE website resources and record of public support.

We’ve also compiled a number of articles in this newsletter under News & Reports addressing ongoing issues of concern for immigrants in our community and those educating and caring for children and families who rely on state subsidies. How many children separated at the border remain separated? See the PBS accounts of declining numbers on September 7 and 21. Still, the NYTimes reports growing compounds holding migrant children not counted in this number. Two articles address the impact of impending restrictions on immigrants who use public benefits. And while lower courts have played a role in halting the some of the border control decisions of the current administration, The Independent describes what we can expect from Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court.

Prop C Updates
The SFCCPA is part of an active SF community advocating for increased public funds to ECE. We passed Proposition C in June—now we must defend it. Join us in community activities to be sure the passage of ECE For All (ECEFA) is upheld. Your participation will strengthen our voice. Did you sign the Parent Voices petition? Email sara@ecesf.org for more ways to help.

The Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC) and the Office of Early Care & Education (OECE) are collaborating on two AdHoc committees to take a deep look at implementation planning: one focused on workforce compensation, another on expanding ECE capacity. Additionally, the OECE will be convening opportunities for broad community participation over the next nine months. The SFCCPA is actively involved in both AdHoc Committees, and will work to keep you informed and involved in key questions through updates and topical meetings. Interested in participating? Email sara@ecesf.org.

Please see the links below, including the articles related to immigration, SF SEED and SFSU Path information applications, as well as upcoming conferences and an East Bay workshop, Understanding Challenging Behaviors.

Sara Hicks-Kilday, Director
San Francisco Child Care Providers' Association
SFCCPA Community Meeting

Monday, October 22
6:15 – 8:30 PM
Children's Council, Room 120
445 Church Street, San Francisco

Focus: What to do if ICE comes knocking? And other important things for Early Childhood Educators to know to support immigrants in your community.

Guest speakers invited for a workshop on preparedness at your site. Bring a friend, and grow an active & engaged early care and education community!
News & Reports
Fewer than 200 migrant children remain separated from their parents
PBS, Sept. 21, 2018
More than 400 migrant children remain separated from their parents. Here’s what we know
PBS, Sept. 7, 2018
Hundreds of Migrant Children Quietly Moved to a Tent Camp on the Texas Border
NYTimes, Sept. 30, 2018
A New Report Reveals How Family Separation Led Border Officials to Break the Law
Pacific Standard, Oct 4
Trump administration moves to restrict immigrants who use public benefits
Reuters, Sept. 22, 2018

“Immigrant advocates have criticized the administration’s plan … believe the rule could negatively affect public health by dissuading immigrants from using health or food aid to which they or their children are entitled.”
Trump administration moves to penalize immigrants for using government benefits
NPR, August 20, 2018
What will a Kavanaugh Confirmation Mean for Trump Immigration Policies?
The Independent,Sept. 5, 2018
SF SEED and CSU Applications
SF SEED Educational Stipends Now Open
Applications for the Fall 2018 SF SEED educational stipends for early childhood educators are now open. Apply now to receive money for the units you are taking this Fall semester!
Some important highlights include:
Changes to Note:
  • Free City College: Free City participation at CCSF is no longer a factor in determining an applicant’s SF SEED stipend award. Individuals who are receiving free City College at CCSF will be eligible to receive the full SF SEED stipend amount.
  • Community College Stipend Levels: Stipend amounts have changed for community college applicants; check out the flier for the new community college stipend levels!
  • SF SEED Flyer: Information about eligibility, stipend levels, and how to apply.
  • CCSF Drop-in Hours: Dates and times for when SF SEED staff will be at CCSF to collect applications and answer any questions.
  • How to Apply to PATH: For those interested in a 4-year degree, please read the flyer for steps on how to apply to the CAD PATH program at SF State.
In addition, EDvance staff is available to come to your sites to make announcements, answer questions, and support in the SF SEED application process and/or provide more information on degree attainment options and supports.
NAEYC Annual Conference
November 14-17, 2018
Washington DC

Early registration rates through October 13
CAAEYC Forum for Professional Development
November 8-10, 2018
Palms Springs, CA

Registration is still open for CAAEYC’s Forum for Professional Development.
CAAEYC Annual Conference and Expo
April 11-13, 2019
Santa Clara, CA

Super Bird early registration through Dec. 14. 2019
Events & Workshops
East Bay Chapter of CAAEYC presents
Understanding Challenging Behaviors

8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Nov. 3, 2018
Chabot College, Hayward, CA

Join to learn strategies to address challenging behaviors as you help children develop their social/emotional skills!