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October 2019
The Michigan "Go Logo" Is
Making Its Way Through the House  
_Changing Signs_Changing Minds_ with the Go Logo
The "Go Logo" Legislation is making its way through the Michigan House of Representatives.The proposed legislation would 1) replace the current international symbol of access with a new, more active icon on all signs throughout the state; and 2) remove the term "handicapped" from signs and other communications throughout the state. The proposed legislation has passed the Ways & Means Committee and is now on the House floor.  
Disability Network Michigan is leading the charge for the Go Logo legislation. You can learn more about it at migologo.org.  
Supreme Court Allows People to Sue
Over Inaccessibility of Websites 
judge_s gavel
In a case involving Domino's Pizza, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for people with disabilities to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible. By turning down an appeal from Domino's, the justices let stand a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling holding that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects access not just to restaurants and stores, but also to the websites and apps of those businesses. You can read more about it here
Disability Community is the 3rd Largest Economic Power     
Often businesses reach out to the disability community out of a sense of "doing good," but they should realize that it's good for business as well. According to this article, the disability community is the third largest economic power in the United States.  
Being inclusive allows them to reach a large customer segment, access a hugely underutilized talent pool, and find a much larger group of potential employees and consumers. 
Inclusivity is not just ethical and moral, it also drives success.  
Just Use the Mic!    
microphone on red carpet
Using a microphone when speaking to a group of people is not for the convenience or comfort of the presenter--it's for the accessibility of people in the audience. When presenters are offered a microphone and they say something like, "oh no, I'm good" or "I have a pretty loud voice," they might as well be saying, "It's okay, I don't really care if people with hearing loss can hear me or not because they're not important."  
Of course, if asked, no one would actually say that; but in effect, that's what they are saying. This is classic ableism. And whether you are a person with hearing loss or not, we encourage you to insist on amplification and tell them to "Just Use the Microphone, Already!

Employee Disclosure   

2 business people meeting at a table
In recognition of October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we are offering an Employee Disclosure workshop. This workshop is designed to help employers understand their responsibilities when an employee discloses a disability.

This workshop is being offered in St. Joseph (10/29) and Kalamazoo (10/30). Follow this link for all the details of the Employee Disclosure Workshop and to register.  

Rethinking Guardianship with Dohn Hoyle    

Dohn Hoyle
Join us for this important presentation on guardianship from a historical perspective and learn more about alternatives to guardianship.Dohn Hoyle is a respected leader and innovator in the disability rights movement and a long-time advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.
The presentation will be held at the St. Joseph County ISD in Centreville on November 7. Please register in advance with Michigan Alliance for Families
This workshop is being presented by Disability Network Southwest Michigan, Michigan Alliance for Families and the St. Joseph County ISD.

A Future That Includes Employment     
woman in a uniform in a warehouse

What does your future hold? . . . Possibly a job! This workshop is an overview of topics for people with disabilities to think about when considering employment. The information presented will assist in making a plan and understanding what to expect when preparing for employment. 
The workshop will be held in Kalamazoo on November 13. Please register in advance with Michigan Alliance for Families.   This workshop is being presented by Disability Network Southwest Michigan and Michigan Alliance for Families.

Rise Up!
Disability Resistance, History & Pride
disability rights protestors
Many of us in the disability community are unaware of the depth of our culture and history and feel shame and stigma instead of pride around our disability identities. Join us for this workshop with discussion and activities that promote knowledge of disability history and support the journey to disability pride.

This workshop is being offered in Kalamazoo (11/15), Lawrence (11/20), and St. Joseph (11/21). Follow this link for all the details of the Rise Up! workshop and to register.  
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