enjoy slices of pears
EilSan Fall favorite pear
Pick of the Month.

The Subarashii team has been harvesting EliSan variety of Asian Pear and it is delicious this season! 

Flavors of Fall all rolled into one. Hints of all-spice, plum, citrus and kiwi. Exceptionally crisp, too.  With its muted copper, bronze color and a splash of green on top - it even looks autumnal. 

Pair a slice with your favorite cheese. We recommend Havarti, or a smoked cheddar or a savory brie.  Enjoy some EliSan today when you order a box of Artisan's Choice through our online store.

Available any day now will be our ultra-juicy AnaSan variety of Asian Pear as well as other gift box offerings.

Speaking of Pears... 
We...recently ordered two boxes of pears for vendors of ours and they absolutely loved them!
Kudos to you.
   - Kim, Lehigh Valley, PA

Halloween Treats.

halloween treats

Trick your Halloween-ers with the healthiest treats ever: slices of our fresh Asian Pears

And of course, we offer other sweet, healthy treats from our orchard ideal for Halloween. Dip the ever-popular Bugles into  Subarashii all-natural Asian Pear spread for a bewitching snack. 

Or serve up our 100% natural dried Asian Pears and watch your kids gobble them up...better than gummy worms!

Say thanks with corporate gifts
Corporate Gifts

Not too early to think about who you would like to thank for their support this year. And what better way than a luscious gift box of our gourmet Asian Pears. 

Sharing such special thanks can be done anytime, but we suggest shipping thank you gifts prior to Thanksgiving or immediately thereafter - as it is the true time of thanks.  

Tho' Subarashii does have different options available -  we recommend our medium gift box, fruit du jour with your personalized gift message and corporate logo included. To learn more download our flyer or visit our Corporate gifting page

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