InTouch - October 2019
Save the Date: Monthly Webinar Series
As part of our commitment to provide you with timely information and updates that respect your busy schedules, we are running a six-month pilot of monthly webinars. These short, interactive sessions take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. and recordings are available shortly afterward.

Upcoming Webinar: How MPAC Assesses and Classifies Cannabis Facilities in Ontario
Cannabis facilities are relatively new in Ontario. As the industry continues to develop, MPAC is reviewing the assessment and classification of these types of facilities based on differences in operations at each property. Join Mary Dawson-Cole, Regional Manager, Northern Ontario, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations, to find out how MPAC is assessing and classifying cannabis facilities. 
Date: Wednesday, November 6
Time: 1 to 2 p.m.
In case you missed it:
Our October 2 webinar was a focus group-style conversation to gain input from municipalities on how best to support your communities through the 2020 Assessment Update. You can watch the recording here . You’ll also have the opportunity to provide your feedback through a survey in the coming weeks. 

Up next:
Addressing extreme value changes and sensitive sectors as part of the 2020 Assessment Update

Date: Wednesday, December 4
Time: 1 to 2 p.m.
Making Connections
Thank you to everyone who attended our session at the Ontario Municipal Administrators’ Association Fall Workshop and stopped by the MPAC booth to share insights and feedback from October 16-18. 

Carmelo Lipsi, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, talks to municipal CAOs and other OMAA members about MPAC’s 20-year evolution to becoming a more transparent and customer-focused agency, and how this will be demonstrated in the 2020 Assessment Update.
Large and Special Purpose Properties
As part of the 2020 Assessment Update, we will be engaging with large and special purpose property owners, affected municipalities and other stakeholders as part of our work to determine updated assessments for these properties across the province.

Our engagement process will focus on bringing property owners, municipalities and stakeholders together with our assessors to:

  • Improve data collection;
  • Consult and collaborate on valuation methodologies and key valuation parameters;
  • Identify areas of risk within each respective industry; and,
  • Share preliminary values with property owners and municipalities to identify any concerns before roll return in December 2020.

To learn more about the sectors included in our large and special purpose properties engagement and our progress, visit .
Service Level Agreement and Reporting Dashboard Changes
MPAC has made two minor changes to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that impact product delivery:

  1. The Post Roll Amended Notice (PRAN) report will still be provided on a monthly basis but an annual report has been discontinued. Our SLA Municipal Working Group concluded it was a replication of the monthly PRAN report with no perceived additional value for municipalities.
  2. The New Assessment Forecast will continue to be provided 30 days after the first, second, and third quarter of each year, but the Q4 New Assessment Forecast has been discontinued. The Q4 New Assessment Forecast provided limited value given it follows roll return and re-presents information already known to municipalities.

We have also introduced two enhancements to the SLA Dashboard in Municipal Connect to better support our municipal partners:

  1. Municipal users will now be able to drill down to see the roll number/work object ID associated with reported service levels – including items that met the SLA, those that did not, and those still in progress. This is intended to increase understanding and help municipalities identify potential issues.
  2. If there are no metrics to measure, the reporting tool will show “No Work Objects to Report” instead of “Service Level Met.” A new colour will differentiate these items from those that are met (green) or not met (red). This helps municipalities quickly identify where work objects have not submitted to MPAC for processing.

These enhancements are now available in the SLA Dashboard through Municipal Connect. We look forward to continuing to work on other SLA improvement areas identified by municipalities and our SLA Municipal Working Group, specifically Severance/Consolidation Information Forms (SCIF) and municipal inquiries. Please contact your MSR Account Manager if you would like to discuss these changes further.
Missed our Annual Municipal Update at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference?
Don’t worry, we recorded the session for all municipalities to view:

  • Accountability and growing partnerships, Former Board Chair, Dan Mathieson Watch now
  • MPAC’s evolution over the past 20 years, Nicole McNeill, President and CAO Watch now
  • Insights on the 2020 Assessment Update, Carmelo Lipsi, VP and COO Watch now
  • Municipal question and answer session Watch now
Mailing Address Change
We have changed the mailing address for our Central Processing Facility and Customer Contact Centre. Effective immediately, all mail previously sent to PO Box 9808 Toronto ON M1S 5T9 should be sent to the new address below. Please update MPAC’s contact information on your website to reflect the change.

         1340 Pickering Parkway
         Suite 101
         Pickering ON L1V 0C4