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YW 101
What is Transitional Housing?
If you have toured the YW Hub facility, you will have learned the top three floors of the building are intentionally designed for YW Transitional Housing. However, you may not have had a chance to learn what that program entails.

The YW Transitional Housing program provides safe and affordable housing for women who are in transition or struggling with trauma. Women often arrive at YW on the worst day of their lives. Once they arrive here, we provide supports to help deal with crisis and focus on healing, security and safety planning.

Others arrive on a YW doorstep because they have found themselves at a difficult and unexpected place in their lives: job or family loss, financial instability and lacking the resources to find alternative housing options. YW is a safe place to land, work on developing their economic stability and ultimately finding affordable housing options of their own.

For all women accessing this program, it is about transitioning to a place of safety, independence and a healthy future. On average, women will spend 6-8 months with us but can stay for up to two years. While in the program, women have 24/7 access to client support, counselling, and other resources offered by YW. Client support teams provide life-skill development including employment workshops, budgeting and community engagement activities.

Our Program Operations Director, Lana Bentley provides some insight on how YW programs benefit our clients . Read the blog here
YW Community Spaces
Grand Opening
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Grand Opening on Saturday, September 28 th . We welcomed hundreds of curious community members into our new space and encouraged them to explore the many services and programs in the building. We were delighted that so many of you came to join us for this momentous occasion.

On October 1 st we officially opened our Community Hub spaces that provide opportunities for the public while generating revenue to support YW’s core programs and services. We are now accepting memberships for the co-ed YW Calgary Fitness Centre. In addition, our Community Kitchen and Community Rooms are available to rent. If you are interest in purchasing a gym membership, please visit ywfitness.ca and if you curious about using the Community Kitchen or rooms spaces for your next event or workshop – please contact:


Neighbourhood Engagement
Neighbour Thank You
Thank you for the kind words from neighbour Dale Hughes, He writes:

 “I've enjoyed the presence of a nice new building in the neighbourhood. It feels like a huge improvement over the storage facility that used to occupy the site. I appreciate the presence of people - especially people walking.  

There is a fair amount of under-used land in the area that makes the neighbourhood appear undesirable. The storage facility underlined that sentiment while the YW facility makes the area feel like a place that people want to be.”  
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We're always happy to hear from neighbours and community memebers. Please send questions, concerns or comments to:

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