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How To Bring Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween To Your Home: Treat Edition
Lifestyle Feature By: Nicole DiLillo, Gamma Phi-York College of Pennsylvania
No matter the season, everyone can agree on one thing: a Disney trip is extremely expensive and at times, not feasible to plan for a family. There’s no getting around explaining to guests that Disney World’s edition of Halloween, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, is also an expensive add-on to their already over-the-top trip. As the classic saying goes, if you can’t go to Disney World, bring Disney World to you -- and here’s how to do just that!
Halloween at Disney World is all about the spooky adventures while keeping it PG, hence the “not so scary" part. You might find it hard to separate scary from Halloween, but Disney World does a great job at it.
With a simple trip to any craft store and your favorite Halloween colors (purple, black, orange, white and yellow), you can turn your Halloween Party treats into a miniature version of the treats at Magic Kingdom!
Nicole DiLillo, Gamma Phi-York College of Pennsylvania
Working in a production kitchen, I am able to bring home some secrets for when I want to plan a party involving those delicious cake pops and cupcake treats.

My favorite “bring home” treats are Mickey and Minnie Candy Corn cake pops. Follow these instructions to make your own:
  • Start by mixing together already-baked cake batter and icing and rolling them into a ball to represent Mickey or Minnie's body.
  • For the other two circles (Mickey or Minnie's ears), you will need either milk or white chocolate wafers from any craft store.
  • Stick the wafers into the cake pop, leaving a pinky’s width in between. Our helpful hint is if they are too close together, they look like bunnies, and if they are too far apart they look like bears. Placing them right in the middle will guarantee a Mickey head!
  • Next, melt white chocolate. Dip the whole cake pop in the white chocolate and let it dry.
  • Melt yellow chocolate and only dip the cake pop up to the ears.
  • If you are making Mickey, grab orange mini M&M’s to stick onto the cake pop while the chocolate dries, this will give Mickey his “pants”
  • Let Mickey or Minnie dry.
  • Lastly, melt orange chocolate and only dip the tiny bottom, right underneath where you placed the M&M’s and let dry.
  • Repeat all the steps to make Minnie, but instead of placing M&M’s as the “pants,” grab two candy corn pieces, cut off the bottom white part of the candy and stick two candies together with that orange chocolate you melted.
  • Place a mini orange M&M right where the two candy corns are attached by using more chocolate and place this new bow on the corner of one of the chocolate wafers used before as the ears. This will give Minnie her cute hair bow.
  • Place them side-by-side and marvel in your work. You brought Halloween Mickey and Minnie treats home to you!
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We had a terrific alumnae event in Pittsburgh last month where we shared information about our extension efforts at Pitt and enjoyed visiting with sisters. Thank you to all who came to the event!

If you have an interest in helping with our extension efforts, please email nationaloffice@sigmadeltatau.org
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Calling all alumnae who have a background in interior design and a desire to get involved. Our housing team is looking to hear from you on ways we can elevate the design elements of Sigma Delta Tau’s current and future homes around the nation. If you’re interested in providing your services and supporting this endeavor, please email Joe Drain, Director of Housing, at housing@sigmadeltatau.org
Mission & Values
Mission Statement

Sigma Delta Tau empowers each member to reach her fullest potential by enriching the experience of women with similar ideals, building lasting relationships, promoting civic responsibility and fostering personal growth.

Individuality : Enable each member to be her authentic self and empower her to reach her fullest potential through leadership and personal skills for academic and professional success.

Connection : Create a sense of belonging and meaningful relationships for sisters, not only in the sorority, but also within the community and world around them.

Engagement : Participate in a lifetime experience which provides opportunities and a network of personal and professional support for every phase of a sister’s life.

Community : Instill a sense of philanthropy and generosity in sisters and build purposeful partnerships to enhance the mission and goals of the Sorority.
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