October 2019
Happy October!

This month's newsletter includes exciting updates and details about your final shot at becoming the 2020 Technician of the Year, lots of cash prizes, a pop quiz, and more.

Questions? Suggestions? Let our marketing coordinator know: schavey@alliance1.com .
We're already halfway through our Big Race Weekend promotional period sweepstakes, which means you have fewer than 50 days left to enter! Don't miss your shot to win a five-day trip to one of the most exciting events in the racing world — VIP-style.

Let six-time Indy 500 Competitor Sage Karam tell you about it:
If racing events aren't your style, cash probably is. We're giving away more than $75,000 in cash gift cards to an additional 500 winners during this sweepstakes event.
We're on a quest to find the best technician in our network! All finalists must be ASE-certified CSC members. Brownie points for anyone willing to ride a carousel with 25 other grown men .

U.S. finalists and their guests will be invited to join the Canada and Mexico winners in San Antonio in the spring of 2020 for three days of camaraderie, fun, and a custom ASE test to determine the 2020 Technician of the Year. Winners will receive $2,500 USD each, and the U.S. champion will represent Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper at the ASE Awards Banquet in November 2020 in Clearwater, Fla.

"I'm honored to have been a finalist. I would encourage other technicians to enter because it's such a fun experience, and also because it feels good to be recognized for your effort in training and certification."
— Nate Brindley
2019 Technician of the Year Finalist

"It's great to get together with some of the best technicians in the country. I have made memories this week that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life."
— Jason Jackson
2019 Technician of the Year Winner

"It was a really nice experience because it gave me a chance for travel that I may not have ever thought about on my own. I would encourage all techs of any age to make the Technician of the Year challenge."
— Justin Leuschen
2019 Technician of the Year Finalist
Contact your parts supplier today if you're interested in competing to be the 2020 Technician of the Year .
In 2021, we're heading to Washington, D.C. as a group for our April 2021 Alliance Takes the Hill Convention. In keeping in line with our previous conventions, we'll learn a little and have a lot of fun.

But this time, we'll be doing something different as well: We're becoming advocates. Our convention will make industry history when the Alliance becomes the first program group ever to rally in Washington as advocates for our shops, consumer rights, and our industry as a whole.

The Alliance Takes the Hill Convention is part of an ongoing effort that many industry leaders — including our own members — have already begun.

In mid September, 300 industry professionals, technicians, and shop owners met in Washington, D.C. to talk to Congressmen and Senators about the challenges our industry is facing. Nearly 20 Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper representatives were among them.
The issues
  • Technicians need to be able to access vehicle data in order to make repairs on the vehicles that are brought to them for service. Seems obvious? We thought so too. The lawmakers are going to need some more convincing.
  • Consumers should own the data their own vehicles are collecting about themselves and their driving habits. Our phones and cars are already collecting data on how often we frequent that neighborhood pizza joint; we should at least have a choice in who has access to that data.
  • Consumers have the right to get repairs done at independent repair shops without having their manufacturer's warranty voided, but unfortunately many of them don't realize that.
Nearly 50 Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper guests flew into Missouri earlier this month for a legen-(wait for it)-dary weekend at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Mo. While cozied up in their own private cabins overlooking Table Rock Lake and the stunning Ozark Mountains, guests enjoyed an array of activities from nature explorations and extravagant meals to drinks in a cave.
"It was a one-of-a-kind adventure," said Angie Schmid of Scott's Auto Service, one of the grand prize winners. "This group of winners from all over the U.S. were the BEST bunch of people."
October Tech Tip
Do you get scared every time a shop or new car dealership in your town rolls out a "$99 Brake Job Special" banner?

Don't be. Go premium instead.

ASE-certified technician Andrew Markel explains how you can keep customers safe and happy without sinking to cheap brake specials.

Visit perfectstop.com to learn more.
In August, an Alabama automobile dealership reached a settlement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring the dealership to pay nearly $115,000 in penalties for a June 2017 fire accident that left three employees dead and two injured.

The fire's cause? Employee's were using flammable brake wash to scrub the service pit floor.

The deadly incident is a reminder for other auto repair shops around the country to review their own safety basics.

If you're ready to revamp your safety strategy, check out the Cintas discounts available exclusively to CSC members. Cintas provides world-class services in a variety of categories including clean and safe floors, fire protection services, first aid and safety, and more. And in case of the rare accident, confirm you're completely covered with comprehensive business insurance .
It's not too late to get one month of Identifix free! Sign up for a one-year contract today and receive your first month free and exclusive CSC pricing all year.

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It's 2019. Most customers now expect shops to have professional-looking websites. And our fantastic partner Repair Shop Websites is here take care of all the grunt work.

In order to offer trend data over the years, Repair Shop Websites annually collects data about independent shop habits such as:

  • What are independent shops doing to prepare for the future of auto repair?
  • How are other independent shops recruiting technicians?
  • What marketing techniques are working for them?
  • What new equipment are they considering for their shops?

If you would like to contribute to this independent survey , click the button below.
Test your knowledge on circuit failures and prepare for the ASE A6 test by answering the questions below.
1. Electrical currents move from ____ to ____ in an intended path. A short circuit means the electrical path has ____.
a.) Positive, negative, changed
b.) Negative, positive, changed
c.) Positive, negative, stayed the same

2. What is an example of a short circuit?
a.) Wheel speed sensor that is crimped and changes the voltage path.
b.) A seat heater that is frayed and feeds power to another circuit.
c.) Both a and b.

3. A short circuit could also be identified as ____ using a voltmeter.
a.) 15-volts found in a 5-volt circuit.
b.) 12-volts found in a 5-volt circuit.
c.) 20-volts found in a 5-volt circuit.

4.) High resistance in a circuit involves ____ current flow caused by ____ in the circuit.
a.) Reduced, resistance
b.) Increased, resistance
c.) Reduced, no resistance
d.) Increased, no resistance

5.) What is a cause of high resistance?
a.) Corrosion
b.) Good connection
c.) Wrong gauge of wire
d.) Both a and c
6.) True or False:
8-gauge wire is larger than 12-gauge wire and allows more current to flow because the lower the gauge number, the larger the wire, which allows more current to flow.

7.) True or False:
Without the circuit loaded and a circuit voltage drop test you can still accurately measure the current in a circuit.

8.) A short to ground means you have ___ to ground and ____.
a.) High current flow, no resistance
b.) High current flow, resistance
c.) Low current flow, no resistance
d.) Low current flow, resistance

9.) What is a cause of short to ground?
a.) Power shorting out on an exhaust header
b.) Power shorting out on a chassis part
c.) Wrong gauge of wire
d.) Both a and b.

10.) A/An ____ has no path from power to ground from the circuit resulting in no current flow.
a.) Closed circuit
b.) Idle circuit
c.) Open circuit