October 2019
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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From Lynn Mayo, the Moderator
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Message from the Senior Pastor

Dear Friends,   
                      Under Pressure!
Life is full of stress, and it seems our era is a particularly stressful one. Anxiety rates in all age groups are rising steadily. No one really knows why, but perhaps the amount of information we are exposed to continuously has something to do with it. But there are other reasons people feel pressure and worry. Problems at work. Broken relationships. Kids struggling. Financial strain. Political and social conflict. Fear about the health of the planet.
I am particularly aware of the pressure parents of children and teens feel as they try their best to help their kids experience a variety of activities and places, make friends, enjoy life, and succeed in all they do. Unfortunately, parenting is exhausting and worrying even as it is deeply fulfilling. 
From a spiritual point of view, what can we do to ease the pressure on ourselves and others?
Balancing our commitments - and those of our kids - is a good place to start. As you know, I am a big advocate of getting involved, whether it means at church or in some other community. Are at least some of your activities truly peaceful (walking, yoga, etc.)? Do you sometimes just participate or do you always feel the need to lead? Are your kids involved in some non-competitive activities or groups?
Here at HCC, we are trying to reduce pressure through our two types of alternative worship services: In addition to about ten Wednesday evening services, we are introducing a new Pizza and Prayer service (first Sundays of the month at 5), aimed primarily at families with sports commitments on Sunday mornings, but open to all for whom Sunday mornings are challenging. Turning to God together is so very important!
I pray that your worry and stress will begin to decrease as you seek new ways of living.

Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Senior Pastor, 
Hingham Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ 
Email: Cell:  203-522-3685
Church Office: 
Christian Education                                             Oct 2019
HCC family and friends,
Just around the bend of the wonderful ordination service that many of you attended in September is a ceremony of love and connection. For those of you that may not know, Libby and I are getting married in the middle of October. The insert mistakenly included the exact day and time. Our wedding is simply for close family and friends; we appreciate your prayers and support for this month. On a personal, just from Sara, note - THANK YOU for the support for the ordination. Services of ordination are restorative for clergy people and other church leaders as they present particular themes about call to life and church. For being a part of the ordination and my journey towards it, words can hardly express the gratitude!
For the time that I am away from work with friends and family, Jen DiMarzio will be stepping in as our Church School coordinator / expert! Thanks to her! If you have questions that relate to church school between Oct. 8th and 22nd, please contact he r: jendimarzio@gmail.com
As church school has reconvened at HCC, we are still excited to see families trickling into the flow of Sunday morning life. If anyone has questions about church school, the curriculum or being more involved, please ask myself or Jen this month. Registration can be found here: https://hccucc.com/church-school-news-and-registration/
Also, we are hiring in church school! Here is the information: https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/edu/d/hingham-progressive-christian-church/6970341374.html
As Ordinary time moves on, the season after Pentecost meets our chillier weather, we can feel the transition occurring, Holy Spirit on the move. As the leaves change, I pray we are ever so aware that we are not alone and God is by our side. Surely we'll encounter hardships but we need not feel we are in a silo all by our lonesome.
Confirmation has gotten off to an excellent start: just this past Sunday the youth painted the new shed as a group - say thanks to them if you see them around at worship or coffee hour!
Our annual service trip for 2020 is in focus now and we are officially waiting to hear back from families about if their youth want to attend!
Service Trip Details:
●  For our 2020 service trip this year, we will be serving with COAP in rural Harlan, Kentucky. https://coapinc.org
●  TThe dates will be July 11-19 and the work will involve home repair and/or constructing new homes in support of families in need.
●  The total cost will be between $400 and $500. Scholarships are ALWAYS available and we never want cost to keep a youth from attending. We ask that anyone wanting to go on the trip make a $100 deposit in order to save their spot. Checks can be made out to HCC with 2020 service trip in the memo line.
  The trip is open to any high school student or young adult (friends of HCCers included). Please reach out to any of the leaders (Sara, Pete and Tracy Allen, Greg Stupin) to let us know you (or your youth) are interested and/or if you have questions.
We are in the midst of the three week reflection of Beautiful Boy by David Sheff. This book gives a clear picture of one father's experience of working to support an adolescent / young adult struggling with addiction. The father also works to support the entire family and find himself in a harrowing journey. Learn more about Sheff's book here: http://www.davidsheff.com/beautifulboy . There is also a movie if you simply do not have time to read some or all of the book. So many of us are touched by struggles of addiction and mental illness, even if we do not realize it. Knowing this, we educate ourselves and lean into God's call to neighbor love. You may come to one, two or all of the meetings; I hope to see you there; Oct 6th and/or 27th, 11:30 am - 12:45 pm.
Peace of Christ,
Every first Sunday at 5 pm - Pizza and Prayer causual service!  Especially for those who have sports commitments on Sunday mornings.  
Breakfast Club meeting
during church for High School youth dates are chosen: Oct 27, Nov 24, and Dec 15. Breakfast Club is a faith reflection for HS youth and there is FOOD.    
Pizza & Prayer 
Do your kids have sports on Sunday mornings? Do you find it challenging to get out of the house in the morning with your children or teenagers? This Sunday, we will hold our inaugural Pizza and Prayer service! We will start with dinner and fellowship at 5 p.m., then transition to a time of worship, which will include guitar-led songs, prayer, and an interactive sermon. The whole experience will be about 45-50 minutes. We plan to hold Pizza and Prayer on the first Sunday of each month during the school year. Hope to see you there!

Somehow in the midst of all the fun of Oktoberfest last Saturday, I shared my childhood disappointment of being the only girl in sixth grade cut from chorus during tryouts. Every week I literally had to sit in the classroom while all the other kids went to chorus practice together. I laugh about it now, but it was probably the first time I really had to face that I could not be part of a group I so desperately wanted to join. Thank goodness there are no singing tryouts at HCC!
We are blessed with a community that supports each other when we most need it, and also can sing in joy together. With all the important work we do, we sometimes forget the value of just having fun. Soon we will be regaled with the talents of many of our fellow congregants at, "HCC Off Broadway". It promises to be a night of great entertainment and lots of laughs. I look forward to getting together, and just having fun with you all. When we join our talents, we build a powerful community. We may not all be great singers, but together we make a beautiful song!

Lynn Mayo 
GUILD Consignment Center: Golden October
This is a busy time for the Consignment Center workers, with a mix of new and traditional events throughout the month ahead.
Beginning on October 2, Wacky Wednesdays will bring a spontaneous pop-up sale on the first Wednesday of each month. Each month, a different feature in the shop will be highlighted and offered at a 50% markdown. Come in for surprise savings!
Halloween costumes and décor are arriving, as well as accessories from which to create your original disguise, whether spooky or Hollywood...or pet. This could also be the place to find a bit of "glitz" for an Off-Broadway event!
We will begin to accept winter boots, coats, and cold-weather apparel on Tuesday, October 22. Clothing must be clean and current; please check for working zippers, and empty out pockets!
Once again, the Hingham Public Library has offered us the use of their lobby display cart
for two weeks at the end of the month starting on Oct. 21. This has become an annual community presentation, and provides information about our mission and resources to a broad spectrum of area residents. Each year, new customers arrive who have learned that there is a "jewel around the corner" upholding twin practices of repurposing and charity.
Visit the library display, and chat with a neighbor!
We are still welcoming additional helpers. If you are interested in becoming involved, contact Marcia Sinclair ( marbensin@gmail.com) , Gail Shields ( gpsshields@yahoo.com),
Sarah England ( england-sarah@comcast.net) or stop in to see the work in action!
Meditation Monday's - 
Oct. 7th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 2nd (all 7:30 - 8:15 pm)
Meditation Monday is a time for any seeker to retreat from the busy-ness of everyday life. We use a singing bowl, prayer, silence and interfaith readings to tap back into who we are and find the still small voice within ourselves. 
Location: 3rd floor Middle School classroom of Hingham Congregational Church, accessible via elevator. Questions directed to pastorsara@hccucc.com
Everyone is welcome.
Halloween Costumes Needed by 10/11/19 -
new or gently used
Once again the Board of Outreach is supporting the wonderful effort by one of our great sponsored agencies, the Interfaith Social Services Agency (ISS) - providing Halloween costume for needy children. Close to 400 young people in the greater Quincy area have signed up to be a part of this program and we are hoping to have a great impact.  Now's the time to clean out the closets of outgrown costumes or have fun shopping for a new one! 
If it is your desire to make a financial donation to the cause, please send it to the church office (check made out to HCC, put Halloween costume drive in the memo line) so that we can measure the total impact we are having on this drive.
There will be a receptacle set up in the Hale Fellowship Hall beginning this weekend October 6. We will be delivering donations to the ISS on the 11th so time is of the essence. Thank you!

Rev. Antal
Green Team presents Jim Antal:
On Sunday, October 20th
Jim Antal, former Massachusetts UCC conference minister and president, nationally known climate activist, and author of Climate Church, Climate World, will be preaching to our congregation and leading a discussion after worship that will explore the shared values we must embrace to build a clean, safe, healthy and viable future. Jim will help us address questions like
  • How can the church support individuals, families, leaders and communities as they live into these values?
  • How can we be part of a real movement, learning from and/or working with other communities of faith that may be further down this path?
Jim's presence will inform and likely stir passion - please make every effort to participate!
         The Jr. Choir started its year with two after-church rehearsals before four brave members joined together very sweetly on Sept. 22 to share our song, "God Made Me," with our worshipping church family.  
         Following a short rehearsal after church on Oct. 6, that same afternoon at the Blessing of the Animals we will lead those attending with a choir favorite, Bill Staines's, "Place in the Choir,"  a fun song about the the variety of voices sung by our furry and feathered friends. 
         Rehearsals will continue throughout October almost every Sunday. On the 27th we will again sing in church. Right now we have a mostly younger group of singers, and we would love have more Pre-K - 6th graders join us - boys and girls!! Contact Mr. B. or Mrs. England for more information. 

Carrot Sunday
The Board of Outreach is collecting one-pound bags of carrots for the Hingham Food Pantry. Please bring carrots in on Carrot Sunday, October 27. Look for collection boxes in the narthex and in Hale Hall.

        ***DON'T MISS THE FUN!***

                                  INVITES YOU TO
                            AN ALL CHURCH EXPERIENCE
Sunday, October 27, and Sunday, November 3 -
Join us during Coffee Hour for:
Kids Games
The Return of the Famous Basket Raffle
The Wishing Wall
A Broadway Musical Performance you WON'T want to miss
Saturday Night, November 2, 6-10 p.m.
In the HCC Hale Fellowship Hall
Dinner, Entertainment and Live and Silent Auction
MC's Jen Dimarzio and Doug McCaig
Tickets for the evening event are on sale for $45 per person at coffee hour on
October 20 and 27, on the website at HCCUCC.com, or by calling the church office.
Tickets price includes appetizers, dinner, dessert and tons of fabulous entertainment. Cash Bar.
There are many books we should be reading if we are interested in learning about how to better care for our earth. Here is one not to be missed: INCONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION, by Tatiana Schlossberg (available thru Old Colony Library System). (Subtitle - "The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have") VERY readable (in fact entertaining) with tons of info on such topics as Technology, Food, Fashion, & Fuel. We ARE a convenience-driven society with hidden impacts that are "hidden." Eye opening!!! 

HCC Off Broadway Raffle Baskets Need Filling!
As part of our upcoming church fundraiser, we're continuing the tradition of raffling baskets of "great stuff" during coffee hour on the Sundays before and after the big night. In keeping with the Broadway theme, we will be creating Broadway Baskets and are looking for your donations of "great stuff" (great items, gift cards, gift certificates, etc). to fill them. The Broadway Baskets (so far) are:
*Mama Mia - Italian night out basket (restaurant gift certificates, bottles of wine, specialty foods)
*Jersey Boys - Men's "great stuff" basket
*Beauty and the Beast - Women's "great stuff" basket
*Cats! - Pet "great stuff" basket (gift certificates for grooming, treats, fun pet products)
*School of Rock - After school "great stuff" basket (toys, video games, Nona's gift certificates, movie tickets)
You get the idea...Please help out by contributing to one of these OR if you have your own idea, let us know and we'll create a basket with you!
Donations can be dropped off to Lynne Powell-Pinto's front porch - 27 Maryknoll Drive anytime before October 20th.

In Our Community:
The Li nden Ponds Harvest Fair is free to the public. Please join us from November 9th from 10:00 until 2:00 at our campus at 300 Linden Ponds W ay just off Whiting Street (RT 53) in Hingham. We have about 30 or more artisans and crafters who will be showing and selling their hand crafted items. Additionally, we have a well stocked bake sale and a number of raffle items ( you need not be present to win )

Th e Ha rvest Fair Old South Union church 25, Columbian St, South Weymouth thanksgiving.jpg Saturday, October 26 9 am to 2 pm: Country Store, Book 'n Bres, OSU Roadshow, Village Jeweler, Holiday Worshop, Children's Corner, Cafe - Please bring a can good for the Weymouth Food Pantry.  
Heels for Harlow team
Susan Hagstrom, Lynne Powell-Pinto, Kit Schlosky and the Harlow kids would like to say a HUGE Thank You to our  HCC community for supporting our Heels for Harlow team in this year's Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk to conquer cancer! We raised over $25,000 (over $185,000 over the past 6 years!).  Lead by Susan, we walked in memory of Carolyn and Jonathan Harlow, long time HCC members, and others affected by this terrible disease. We continue to keep their spirits alive and support crucial research through this effort. Here's hoping more research will lead to more breakthroughs. ��  
If you'd still like to donate to help cure cancer, you can find our page at Jimmyfundwalk.org, and search for Heels for Harlow, or at this link https://danafarber.jimmyfund.org/site/TR?fr_id=1160&pg=personal&px=1030487
Thank you!
 Kit Schlosky 
From the Waynen family:
Brad and Yoko are very proud and pleased to report that Kai has been selected to perform with a group of musicians in the 4th annual Concert Across America To End Gun Violence. This nationwide musical experience started here in Boston, brings together a network of organizations, activists and artists to take a united stand against gun violence. Included among the 12 players will be Cape Cod Synagogue's Cantor, Bruce Malin and Rabbi David Freelund, Dr. Mark Walcutt, and Kim Moberg. Kai is honored and grateful to be part of this ensemble.
The concert was held on, September 25th at 7 pm, at the Cape Cod Synagogue 145 Winter St. in Hyannis.
September 25th has been congressionally designated as The Day Of Remembrance for murder victims.
Please keep all the families affected by gun violence these past weeks, months and years in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and blessings to all, Steve & Lynn

Prayer requests...
  • Jim Dolphin
  • Jessica Janusz
  • Priscilla Anderson's children - Rebecca and Keith Anderson
  • Mark Minister, whose brother died recently 
  • Family and friends of Wilma Lorenson
  • Winola Carman, Lenore Rasmussen's mother
  • Betty and Tom Hulbert
  • Don Giessow, David's brother
  • Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney's brother 
  • Lynn Wellings, Erin Childs' mother 
  • BJ Gorczyca
  • Neil Boylan, Cheryl Pinarchick's, father
  • Meredith Anderson
  • Suzy Burba, Winston Janusz, and Bill Ketchum, Members in Discernment 
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.
October 1
 7:30 pm 
Suzy Burba's Ecclesiastical Council/Reception following
October 2
 6:00 pm
Christian Education Meeting
 7:30 pm
Evening Services
 October 6
10:00 am
Sunday Worship, Communion, Rev Dr. Peter Allen, Children's Church for littles up to 5th grade

11:20 am
Beautiful Boy Book Study & Reflection
 1:30 pm
Blessing of the Animals on the pation (weather permitting)  Important note: If you being a K-9 please be sure yhey can play well with others so we can ensure the safety of all children and youth.  Feel free to bring pictures and stuffed animals too!!

 5:00 pm
Pizza & Prayer

 6:30 pm
Confirmation Class
October 7
 7:00 pm
Trustees Meeting

 7:30 pm
Meditation Monday
Oct 8-22
Rev. Sara away - Please direct pastoral concerns to Rev. Pete - revpete4@gmail.com and church school concerns to Jen DiMarzio - jendimarzio@gmail.com
October 8
 8:00 pm
Young Mens' & Dad's at the Snug
October 9
 7:00 pm
Outreach Committee

  7:30 pm
Evening Services
October 13
10:00 am
Worship, Pastor Sara Holland, preaching

11:20 am
Climate Change Cafe

11:20 am
Fall Fundraiser Meeting
October 14
Indigenous People Day - Office Closed
 6:30 pm
Men's Group
October 16
 7:30 pm
Executive Council
October 20
10:00 am
Worship, Rev. Jim Antal, Preaching

11:15 pm
Rev. Antal presentation on the environment
Ticket Sales for Fall Fundraiser; Last day for Auction Donations

Confirmation Class
October 21
 8:00 am
 Pine Street Meal Prep
October 23
  7:00 pm
Ladies Lounge  http://evite.me/qap41Gjqjt
October 24
 11:30 am
Rev. Sara's 'open office hours' at Brewed Awakenings
October 27
10:00 am
Sunday Worship, Rev. Pete Allen, preaching

11:00 am
Fall Fundraising Events during Coffee Hour

11:30 am
Beautiful Boy Book Study & Reflection

 4:00 pm
Middle School Youth Group

 6:30 pm
High School service trip meeting, guardians to attend - IMPORTANT!
October 29
 6:30 pm
Confirmation Class
Looking ahead...

Nov 1-2

Southern New England conferences annual meeting - https://www.macucc.org/eventdetail/12011650
Nov 2
6:00 pm
Off Broadway Gala Fun-Raiser!
Nov 3
11:20 am
Fun Fall Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour!

  5:00 pm
Pizza and Prayer
Nov 24
10:00 am
New Members Service

Tree Lot set Up
Nov 29

Unloading Christmas Trees
Dec 15

Community Caroling
Please contact the church office if you have any questions changes to the above 

Wishing a happy October birthday to our HCC family:
Ben Sebestyen
Melissa McCullough
Eloise Claydon
Jake Noordzij
Abigail Cosulich
Carrie Edmundson
Katherine Kallis
Ferdinand Lucas  
Mark Pryor 
Avery Warshaw
Quinn Eaton 
Ruth Whitner 
Kathy Beitler  18  Terri Fortin  
Neve Dimarzio  
Laurel Cosman 
Larry Mayo 
Linda Jones
Mark Schlosky 
Brooke Pryor   
Susan Sardina  
Michael Antoine
Gwendolyn Baltera   
Kristina Shorey   
Danielle Buczynski
Laura Boer 
Jeffrey vonLoesecke  
Robert Blomberg  
Sean Moriarty   
Austin Schilb
Peter Hornstra  
Julie Nickerson 
  Nancy Hoit  
Chase Crawfor Wolfgruber 
Hugh Hurstak    
Mark Passaretti        
Jessie Stoeckle 
Kendra King  
Wishing a happy October Anniversary to:
Eugene & Danielle Buczynski  
Warren & Lisa Brini
Al & Linda Carpenter - 65 years ! ! ! 
Mark & Stephanie Minister