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October  2019
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         This month marked our busiest season for a decade. It was quite a moment captured below as sailing gave way to the work the crew and I do to get the American Eagle ready for the 2020 sailing. Five of the guests in the picture stayed for the first phase of fall rip-up, storing blankets, mattresses, sails, lifejackets, and some pizza!

Sails off within the hour

Where did  2019 go? 
Sailed as far east as Grand Manan, New Brunswick
As far west as Cape Ann, Massachusetts 
Good whale watching on both of our longer adventures
Returning shipmates from as far back as 1986 and as recently as July
Guests from spry nonagenarians (four) to teenagers with parents (20)
Came in last in the Windward Class Great Schooner Race in July
Twelfth win in the Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup
Fourteen different kinds of pies
And an eagle on a fir tree!

courtesy of Ralph Smith

 Cruise News

              It wouldn't be October on board without...the Pumpkins Progress

courtesy of Steph Grant

courtesy of Margery Sly

On the last cruise the patch expanded overnight

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

 left to right: TSU Horned frog, Ned and Nancy; Panther head, Christa; John's Bay lobsterboat, Logan; Smiley face, Sarah 

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

Breakfast in Pulpit Harbor when things started to get a little weird

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

Getting ready for deer season

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

Antlered for fall

courtesy of Sarah Collins

This was on the September cruise to Gloucester;
 too good a picture to not include in October.

  Crews News

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

Off comes the jib

courtesy of Nancy Fleming

and the foresail

courtesy of Sarah Collins

Day three of fall layup

And, by day six, that's Sarah slushing the foremast.

courtesy of Ali Spaulding

Kevin, Asher, Christa, and Matthew..the crew at Christa's cabin in the woods, channeling Game of Thrones.

  Postcards From Away

You just can't keep these people at home.
Tom and Elfi in New York

Ralph reports that there are some good brewery in Europe.
Who knew?

courtesy of Sean Sheppard

And there's always next summer!

  John and the crew

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