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End of Season 2019

Fish Lake Beach is open through Tuesday, October 15th.

The water will get turned off and washrooms will be closed Wednesday October 16th at 7am. 

Camp fires, overnight stays, boating and fishing are all prohibited starting October 16th 2019.

The outer gates require remote gate openers and the entry gate at the gatehouse requires an access card; both are available at Fish Lake Trailer Sales, with a drivers license to hold until they're returned. Remotes and access cards must be returned by 2:45p. 

The outer gate at the entrance off of Rt. 12 and the outer gate off of Volo Village Rd will be locked starting October 21st. 

On October 19,20, 26 and 27  an attendant will be at the gatehouse from 9am-4pm to admit seasonals that need to complete their fall clean up. Everyone must be gone by 4pm.

Fish Lake Beach is CLOSED starting November 21st. 

The official reopening date in April will be announced on Facebook and CampersApp. 

Fish Lake Trailer Sales is OPEN 9a-3pm October 21st-November 25th Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays. Hours MAY vary. Please call 847-546-2228 first before coming. 

Voice mails and emails recieved between December 21st through January 6th will be responded to after we re-open January 7th.

  • Seasonals are welcome to make payments by mailing checks and money orders to 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo, Il 60073. Put your site number in the MEMO.  Payments can be made in person at Fish Lake Trailer Sales office. Credit card payments can be made by phone or at Trailer Sales. There is a 3% charge per credit card payment.
  • A $400 deposit is due for season 2020. If you're not renewing please notify us by January 7th; if you do not, your 2020 deposit will not be refunded. The best way to notify us is by sending an email to [email protected].  Please include your site number.
Opening for Season 2020
Every spring seasonal campers wish to check on their trailers in March, prior to the official opening in April.   However, we do not allow it due to the potential risk of damage to our roads and property caused by driving in the campground when there is snow, ice, or wet grounds. 

We hope to br open for seasonals to check on their trailers and begin spring cleanup on the weekend of April 4th and 5th.  The water will be off, however, electric service will be available. The hours will be 8a-4p. Camp fires and overnight camping are prohibited until water is on. 

If weather conditions allow, we'll turn the water on April 17th. An official announcement will be made on CampersApp and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you in
 2020 for our 81st season
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