October 2019 Newsletter
Newsletter Contents

I. The War on Psychotherapy - book

II. Help Needed for the Scientific Policy Committee

III. 2020 ACPeds National Meeting - save the date!

IV. Pornography and 11 Stats Parents Need to Know

V. Farewell and Best of Luck to the Lim Family

VI. A Review of Ellie Klipp’s I Don’t Have to Choose by Andrè Van Mol

VII. Christian Employers Alliance Benefits Pro-life Physicians

VIII. Leukemia drug shows promise for treating a childhood brain cancer

IX. Sexual violence and family breakdown

X. Jobs

XI. Cleveland Conference

XII. Processing with a Purpose

XIII. Follow us on Social Media
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I. The War on Psychotherapy

This year is the 50th anniversary of the 1969 riots in Greenwich Village, New York - the spark that lit the fire of the modern gay rights movement in America. What has resulted in the following five decades is the takeover of a new ideology of sex and gender, with devastating effects on all sectors of our society.

In this book with a preface by ACPeds Executive Director Dr. Michelle Cretella, The War on Psychotherapy: When Sexual Politics, Gender Ideology, and Mental Health Collide, Christopher Doyle provides a map of unprecedented assault on personal freedom and religious liberty while answering some tough questions along the way.

Happy Autumn!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
-Albert Camus
II. The Scientific Policy Committee Needs more Members

Many hands make for light work! The ACPeds' Scientific Policy Committee seeks additional members to verify references on new position statements created by the College. Members create statements and the Committee is tasked with making sure that the references concur with the material. References are split up among the members of the committee so as not to over-task one individual. If you have an interest in writing statements or in verifying references or even if you would just like to chat with a committee member, p lease contact the office: 352-376-1877 or by email to admin@acpeds.org to indicate your interest. We appreciate all help!

III. 2020 ACPeds National Meeting - Register Now

The American College of Pediatricians is happy to announce the next National Meeting* to be held in conjunction with the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists once again.

Date: March 27 - 29, 2019
Where: Trinity International University, Deefield, Illinois

Details for the upcoming meeting can be found at this link which includes a link to registration.

*Scholarships are available for students and training fellows on a first come, first serve basis. See this link for details on how to apply.
IV. Pornography - 11 Stats Parents Need to Know

Protect Young Minds has terrific resources for parents and children in an effort to shield the young from developing unhealthful attachments to pornography by helping them learn how to recognize and avoid. Visit this link for a list of 11 Startling Stats Every Proactive Parent Needs to Know to get you started.
V. Farewell to the Lim Family as they Embark on an Important Mission

The Lim family will soon begin an important new chapter in their lives. Drs. Paul and Susan Lim have been members of ACPeds for more than 13 years. Dr. Susan served recently on the Board of Directors and Dr. Paul Lim has for several years been assisting the Scientific Policy Committee by finding research articles. See the attached about their upcoming chapter and if you are able to help support their endeavor with an online tax-deductible donation please click this link to contribute.

Our appreciation and our prayers go with the Lim family.
VI. Reinforcing Children’s Sexual Identity: A Review of Ellie Klipp’s I Don’t Have to Choose

ACPeds member André Van Mol, MD is a board-certified family physician in private practice. He serves on the boards of Bethel Church of Redding and Moral Revolution (moralrevolution.com), and is the co-chair of the American College of Pediatrician’s Committee on Adolescent Sexuality. He speaks and writes on bioethics and Christian apologetics, and is experienced in short-term medical missions. Dr. Van Mol teaches a course on Bioethics for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He and his wife Evelyn —both former U.S. Naval officers—have two sons and two daughters, the latter of whom were among their nine foster children. Dr. Van Mol enlightens readers with one of his recent blogs found here highlighting his recommendation for the children's book I Don't Have to Choose.
VII. Christian Employers Alliance Benefits Pro-life Physicians

The Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) has won a major religious freedom victory on behalf of its current and future members. The United States District Court for the District of North Dakota has ruled that the abortifacient mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the subsequent "accommodation," burdens the religious exercise of CEA's members and violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. See the full press release here at Christian Newswire.
VIII. Leukemia drug shows promise for treating a childhood brain cancer
Science News  announces in a study, published September 20, 2019 in  PLOS One , the team demonstrated how use of a single drug -- in this case  nilotinib  -- specifically targets cancer cells that have an abnormal activation of a cell communication system, called the Hedgehog pathway, via two different mechanisms, making it more effective and less toxic than combining drugs. Christian Newswire.
IX. Sexual violence and family breakdown

The results, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found 6.5 percent of women surveyed experienced verbal pressure, physical threats, physical dominance, or drugs before losing their virginity. Nearly half said they were physically held down. The average age of women at the time of the forced sex was 15 years old, while the average age of their partner was 27, a significantly wider gap than among those who reported voluntary sexual initiation.  

World  magazine carried this article recently and ACPeds Executive Director was one of the featured interviewees in the article. See the full article  here at this link .

X. Visit the ACPeds' Jobs Board

There are practices hiring and looking for YOU. Jobs available in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Montana, California, Alabama, Georgia and Colorado. See this page for details on the ACPeds website.
XI. Cleveland Medicine, Bioethics and Spirituality Conference - November

The 4th Cleveland Medicine, Bioethics and Spirituality Conference will be held on November 6th and 7th at St. Albert the Great Church in North Royalton, OH.  This conference is open to anyone interested in healthcare and the role of bioethical principles as well as spirituality that helps bring forth definitive healing to those suffering in any way. This conference will be of particular importance for healthcare professionals who may also obtain continuing medical education credits. Conference registration can be completed online here or by calling 1-800-462-7426.

XII. Processing With A Purpose ®
The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cornerstone Payment Systems ® to bring you the Processing With A Purpose® program. If you own or manage a business that processes credit cards or check transactions of any type, the Processing With a Purpose program may be right for you. The program, which doesn’t cost anything, helps participants save money on their existing credit card processing guaranteed, and Cornerstone will donate 50% of their profits to the American College of Pediatricians . You can visit our custom website at http://cornerstone.cc/acpeds to sign up today and take advantage of this unique program, or you may call Cornerstone directly at (888) 506-0208.
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