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Jan and John Maggs
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October 2019 Newsletter

This morning our October newsletter goes out on the heels of our recent buying trip to England and our brief holiday in Holland. Though brief, it contains a pictorial essay on our European trip, our regular features, and a reminder of our Fall Post-England Show in Conway on November 9&10.  We hope you'll scroll down for a look.

Our Fall Show
The shop - ready for last Spring's show

On November 9&10,  we'll be open for another  semi-annual showing of our latest acquisitions. Scores of pieces of jewelry and many of the small pieces we purchased during our recent buying trip will be on view for the first time, as will furniture and paintings that have arrived since last May's show. It's an exciting time for us, and we invite you to join in the fun.

Click the image above for details.
A Brief Visit  to
England and Holland

We've just come back from a three-week trip to England and The Netherlands. As always, we tried to mix pleasure with business and, while our time in England leans more heavily towards the latter, our time in Holland has always been filled with the former. This trip was successful in both ways, and we've come home laden with bounty and filled with memories.

We'd like to share some of our experiences with our readers, in the form of a pictorial essay. It contains but a few words and is, by design, not in chronological or geographical order. We visited four Dutch cities and many English cities and towns, from London on our first and last days to the tiny village of Wineham. This essay is not about business, but only about the joys of living for a few moments in another world. We hope that you'll enjoy the brief journey.

Since this piece is about pleasure and good company, we invite you to begin by clicking the picture above of our favorite pub, The Royal Oak in Wineham, West Sussex.

Pippin's Page  

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The Back Page

This fall Pumpkin Hollow is an amateur photographer's dream. The morning mists provide a particularly engaging format, and we've taken several photos of our house and barn in the autumn morning. You can see our current favorite by clicking here.
As always, we close by thanking you for being a newsletter reader. We treasure your interest in our business and in our lives.
John and Jan