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October 2019
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October 29
Aspire Orientation

October 30
Aspire Orientation

October 31
Aspire Orientation
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November 8
Associate School Meetings & LINKS

November 21
Lakeside & Saint John Sophomore Showcase

November 25
Conneaut, Grand Valley, & Jefferson Sophomore Showcase

November 26
Edgewood, Geneva, & Pymatuning Valley Sophomore Showcase
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Students successfully completing A-Tech programs will receive a Career Passport that includes a resume, occupational skills inventory, and a listing of awards, achievements,  certificates, and one of three available Career-Technical Achievements!
A-Tech Blood Drive

    A-Tech students and staff partnered with the American Red Cross for another successful blood drive. More than 100 students and staff signed up to participate. 
    Every year, Healthcare Academy students assist during the Blood Drive. Healthcare Academy Dental students assist in the snack area, while Healthcare Academy Medical students provide support while people are donating. 
    Over the course of two days, staff and students donated 104 units. Those donations can save up to 312 lives! A-Tech holds blood drives twice each year and is recognized annually by the American Red Cross with scholarships for its strong participation.  
Health Care Academy students Raven Walker, Tiffany Ruks, Abby Wiker, and Nina Sirrine, with A-Tech Student Liaison, Mrs. McQuoid. 
A-Tech Students on Early Placement

    Several A-Tech seniors are already applying the skills they've learned in their career technical program through the school's early placement program.
    The early placement program allows students in the second year of their career technical program to attend school for a half day and work in a related job a half day. Students are graded on their work and paid by their employer. Specific guidelines must be met and transportation to and from the work site is the student's responsibility.
    Each student has an individualized training plan listing the competencies they will learn at the work site and those they will learn at school. Students must work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Employers evaluate each student's performance by completing an Employer Rating Sheet each week. Students must complete a log sheet each week listing the job tasks they performed at the work site and review that sheet with their career technical instructor.
   If your business would like to participate in the Early Placement program, please call Mr. Brian Kimmel at 440-576-6015, ext. 1149.
Logan Braden, a senior in the Power Sports and Outdoor Equipment
program is employed at Quality Track in Austinburg  through A-Tech's Early Placement program.  
Workforce Development
The Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disabilities, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.