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Funding Your Business
Use Your IRA/401K
to Fund Your Business
If you have retirement funds that you have not yet paid taxes on, you can access those funds to capitalize a business. You can then use those funds to buy a business, for any business expense, and to pay salary!


You are in control, you decide how much of your retirement funds you wish to use for the business. When working with a company that specializes in this funding option, and follows all of the IRS guidelines, you are able to buy a business Debt Free and Equity Rich (from the rollover of your IRA/401K funds). Additionally, you'll have a new 401K/Profit Sharing Plan that you can begin to contribute Tax Deferred.
Click here to learn more about using your retirement account and other funding options that are available.
Fun Facts
Main Event Entertainment was founded in 1998 and is currently headquartered in Plano, TX

Main Event locations feature billiards, bowling, arcade games, laser tag, gravity ropes, rock climbing, mini golf, and karaoke.  The company also serves food and beverage and offers event space for meetings and parties.

Today, there are 4,605 Main Event locations nationwide.
The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise




Author and Philosopher Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

Buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, so feeling fear is not only normal, it is entirely appropriate to the situation.

Who has fear? Everyone! Fear prevents us (most of us, anyway) from jumping out of a moving car or going over a waterfall in a barrel. Fear helps us make choices that are less likely to endanger our lives. Fear also prevents us from gambling our life's savings on a horse race or marrying someone we've known only a few days.
However, when we feel we have enough information about a subject, we can often get over fear and do things that were beyond our comfort zone.
If you are one of those people who has done your homework and found the franchise opportunity you've always dreamed of but can't seem to commit to a decision, then the final doubts you have are probably about your own abilities rather than the franchise itself.
This is where a qualified franchise consultant can help you. By assessing your interests, skills and experience, a consultant can guide you to a decision where risks are at an acceptable level and the benefits, while not certain, are well worth the effort.
The only problem with fear is when you allow it to stop you from doing something you know will make a positive difference in your life. Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals! 
Buyer Checklist 
green checkmark

1. Work with a consultant, he/she already knows the answers to most of your questions.

2. Take your time.

3. Identify your financial goals.

4. Understand your marketplace. 

5. Compare several franchise options.

6. Attend the Discovery Day.

7.Validate information with current franchisees.

8. Consult with a franchise attorney prior to signing any documents.

9. Begin your journey as a successful business owner.

Did you know... 

One out of every 12 businesses operating today is a franchise.


What are some of the benefits to owning a franchise?

1. It's an established, successful brand.  
2. There are proven operating systems in place.  
3. Volume purchasing power. 
4. Shared experience with other franchisees. 
5. Formalized training and marketing programs to help ensure your success.


We've helped many aspiring business owners, just like yourself, realize their entrepreneurial dreams by matching them with their ideal Business or Franchise Opportunity.  If you're ready to take control of your future but need expert assistance finding just the right business, we can help.

You are never charged a fee for our services.
Featured Franchise Opportunities
Surface Specialists
Cash Needed: $35K
Total Investment: $43K-$56K
Current Locations: 44       
Surface Specialists repair and refinish kitchen and bathroom surfaces to look like new.  Commonly referred to as refinishing, reglazing, resurfacing, or painting a tub - Surface Specialists locations have been providing this service across the U.S. for 35 years.  Over the years, Surface Specialists has expanded their bathroom and kitchen refinishing and repair services for tubs, sinks and countertops to include acrylic tubliner and wall installation, converting tubs to whirlpools, glass scratch removal and turning existing bathtubs into safety or handicap accessible walk-in showers. 
Surface Specialists is among the largest bathtub refinishing franchise providers of surface restoration services in North America.  Since 1981, their bathroom remodeling franchisees have been providing real value to their clients, and enjoying huge opportunities for profitable growth.  Surface Specialists trains their bathtub refinishing franchisees on how to complete a multitude of different bathroom remodeling services so you don't have to rely on only one service for your source of income.  Some additional services include surface and structural repairs, acrylic bath liner installation and tub to shower conversions.
A Surface Specialists home improvement franchise is not for everyone.  Though experience in some sort of a hands-on field is beneficial, it is not required.  Their franchise owners come from all walks of life including serving in the military, repairing copy machines, running a bread route, and an information technology manager just to name a few.
For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio
Cash Needed: $45K
Total Investment: $80K
Current Locations: 9                             

Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio was founded in 2010 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and is currently based in Mentor, OH.  Busy Bees offers art as entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.  Customers enter a bright, relaxing environment, choose from one of their art medias, such as unfinished ceramics, mosaics, glass fusing, canvas painting or clay hand building, and more, and spend time to create their own masterpiece.

Busy Bees primary priority is providing the support their franchise owners need to be successful.  Their focus is on long-term market presence through multiple product offerings, relevant innovations, centralized marketing, and an operating system that are difficult and expensive for independent operators to achieve on their own.

When you own a Busy Bees franchise, you gain several important advantages over independent operators.  As a franchise owner, you are part of an established system of operations from the moment you open your studio.  You receive a full week of comprehensive training and have access to experts with years of experience in the contemporary and arts fields so that you don't have to rely on trial and error.  You become part of a team of informed operators who share experience and expertise, have access to marketing ideas and materials, and become part of an organization that has strength in numbers.

Busy Bees' unique concept offers the franchise owner a business that requires low start-up capital, is fun to operate, is difficult to compete against, and that makes a worthwhile contribution to the community.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Garage Force
Cash Needed: $30K
Total Investment: $116K-$185K
Current Locations: 61 

Garage Force International began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 as an expansion of their successful business model in the Minneapolis, MN market.  Over the past five years, Garage Force has built a reputation as the best and most dependable concrete floor coatings installers.  Garage Force's concrete coating team works closely with their manufacturer, through research and development, to allow them to revolutionize and dominate the market for concrete floor coatings.  When dry, the concrete coating creates a seamless membrane, that protects concrete floors from breaking, chipping, pitting, and spalling.  The protective coating is easy to maintain, slip-resistant, durable, and extremely resistant to abrasion, impacts and chemicals. 

Garage Force has worked tirelessly to build a reputation as one of the most dependable installers of concrete coatings for both commercial and residential markets.  They have developed a product that speaks for itself and are proud to operate a business that they can not only stand behind but feel confident asking others to join us. 
Garage Force is looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are looking for a profitable franchise opportunity to bring Garage Force to your area.  They know that they have a superior product, but a large part of their company is offering personal experience and in custom installation to their customers.  Garage Force has spent years developing a strong business strategy and marketing plan that will enable you to operate your own franchise and begin generating immediate revenue.

When you franchise with Garage Force, you will receive all the tools you need to be successful immediately.  Be your own boss and build your own company while offering you the training and support you need to transition from an employee to a business owner. 
For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Beard Papa's
Cash Needed: $50K-$100K
Total Investment: $150K-$420K
Current Locations: 436    

Beard Papa's started as a small bakery in Osaka, Japan in 1999.  People in the town couldn't resist the aroma from the bakery, or the kind face of the owner, Yuji Hirota.  His fluffy white beard was so renowned that he became known as "Beard Papa" to all of his regular customers.

Beard Papa's is known for their signature cream puffs, attracting dessert lovers everywhere.  Their puff pastry shell is baked daily at their stores, and is made of two layers: a traditional French choux pastry inner shell and a pie crust-inspired outer shell.  Coupled with their masterful "hand-knead style" technique, creating a unique, flaky, and delicious puff pastry shell.  Customers can choose from a variety of puff shells with their favorite custard flavor.

Beard Papa's is dedicated to delivering high-quality pastries at a reasonable cost.  At every location around the world, their customers watch as their cream puffs are filled-to-order with their favorite custard.  This operation results in not only the freshest, flakiest, and most delicious cream puffs, but also produces Beard Papa's unique "eater-tainment" operations process, which appeals to all five senses of their customers.

Beard Papa's has established a large fan base that has stayed loyal from the very beginning.  They believe their success comes from their commitment to high quality ingredients and superior products that appeal to not only sweets fans, but also epicureans in general.

Becoming a Beard Papa's franchisee is a unique opportunity to invest in a culinary business.  All franchisees will have access to their brand name, brand integrity, operational support, and marketing to go with a wide variety of their delicious products.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Cash Needed: $150K
Total Investment: $356K-$690K
Current Locations: 101                            
SPENGA is unlike any studio of its kind, they combine three essential elements of fitness to create what is simply known as the best workout ever.  Their unique concept delivers a combination of spin, strength, and yoga in every 60-minute session, and is designed to help improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Every 60 minute SPENGA session includes:
  • 20 minutes of heart-pumping spin
  • 20 minutes of explosive HIIT strength training
  • 20 minutes of invigorating yoga

SPENGA's tagline is Best. Workout. Ever.; and they firmly believe this.  SPENGA fills a void in the market by delivering cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training all in one 60-minute workout.  Consumers are constantly searching for the most efficient and effective fitness solution that will yield them the best results.  The SPENGA concept was designed with the consumers' needs in mind, and they want to share this results-driven, uplifting, unique, fitness experience with as many individuals as possible.

SPENGA is targeting all individuals looking to make the most out of their lives and their workouts.  SPENGA offers a multi-sensory experience.  As soon as you walk through the door, you can see the attention paid to detail.  This includes the inspiring design elements with space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aroma from the essential oils, and the DJ inspired playlists that create an incredible energy throughout the studio.  SPENGA is a community of like-minded individuals all looking to live their best lives and get the most out of their workouts.

For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master What is an Area Representative or Master Franchise?
Some franchises have opportunities known as Area Representative or Master Franchise.  An Area Representative Franchise involves the development of a geographic region that can be as small as a single city or as large as an entire state; while a Master Franchise is normally reserved for the development of an entire country.  You purchase the right to develop a designated area and share in the franchise fees and royalties with the franchisor.  You work closely with commercial real estate agents, business brokers and consultants in the development of your area.  The investment needed to secure an Area Representative or Master Franchise opportunity can start as low as $150K depending the franchise, size of the population and the geographic area.
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master This Month's Featured Resale
Huntington Learning Center
Atlanta (Brookhaven), GA

Most franchise systems offer resales.  To find out what's available in your area, Click here
If you would like to learn more about this month's Featured Business Opportunities or have questions about business ownership, you may contact me directly by calling the number below. 

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Big $avings for  U.S. Veterans
As a way of saying "Thank you" to our Veterans, many franchise companies offer our Veterans discounts on franchise fees ranging from 10%-50%. Some also offer discounted royalty fees of up to 50% for your first year in business. Call us and we'll be happy
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