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Penn State National Science Foundation Center for Health Organization Transformation
(Penn State CHOT) - An Industry-University Cooperative Research Center
October 2019
Research Projects
Virtual Reality for Health Systems Simulation
PI: Faisal Aqlan

Faisal Aqlan, assistant professor of industrial engineering at Penn State Erie, is working on a new CHOT research project on virtual reality (VR) for health systems simulation. This project will integrate sensing technology (i.e., eye and motion tracking) and VR simulation of health care environments to improve clinical decision making and treatment strategies for patients with mental disorders. VR simulations will be benchmarked with traditional mental health screening tools. Researchers will develop analytical models to improve clinical judgment and predict for the risk of mental illness. This project will fill the gaps by integrating sensing technology with VR simulations to develop a new generation of diagnostic tools of mental disorders, and further provide VR-based metacognitive activities for treating these disorders.
A New NSF Grant for Heart Simulation and Modeling
PI: Hui Yang

Hui Yang, Harold and Inge Marcus Career Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State, was awarded a $320,625 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study how a process called glycosylation can cause proteins to disrupt the harmony of cell activity. By utilizing in-vivo and in-vitro data, Yang aims for the study to transform the current understanding of myocyte function by determining a fundamental role for regulated glycosylation on cardiac cell function. By using a combination of experimental, statistical and computational models, the results can be broadly applied to describe cellular mechanisms in which a disturbance modifies heart electromechanical activities.
CHOT Scholars
Christian E. López B.
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Lafyette College  
Congratulation to Christian López, a CHOT scholar, for his new position as an assistant professor in computer science with an affiliation in mechanical engineering at Lafayette College starting in fall 2019. López completed his Ph.D. from the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the Penn State. He holds a master of science in industrial and systems engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He has worked as an industrial engineer in both the service and manufacturing sectors before pursuing his Ph.D. His research interests include the design and optimization of intelligent decision support systems and persuasive technologies to augment human proficiencies. 
Rajeev Bhatt Ambati
Research Scientist at Siemens Healthineers

Congratulation to Rajeev Bhatt, a CHOT scholar, for his new position as a research scientist at Siemens Healthineers, which he started in September 2019. He received his master's degree from Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology in summer 2019. His research interests focus on deep learning in natural language processing and computer vision. 

Bhatt worked with his adviser, Professor Prasenjit Mitra, in a CHOT research project to build the state-of-the-art text summarizer.  The text summarizer  takes a large   document as an input to automatically summarize the important highlights in a few sentences. The model is built on fundamentals from deep learning largely due to its effectiveness in predictive modeling and scalability with available training data.  ROUGE is a standard measure to evaluate the quality of a summarizer compared to a human benchmark. The model currently has a ROUGE score of 39 compared to the state-of-the-art of around 41. Bhatt and Professor Mitra are working toward the advancement of the summarization. 
CHOT Personnel
Welcome new CHOT s taff members!

Lisa G.  Korman
Debbie Mottin
Cheng-Bang Chen
Post-Doctoral Researcher and Project Manager, CHOT at Penn State

Cheng-Bang Chen has been appointed as a postdoc and project manager for Penn State CHOT starting in January 2020. He received his Ph.D. in industrial engineering and operations research at Penn State and his master's degrees in statistics from Columbia University and industrial engineering from National Taiwan University. His research interests are data-driven analytics and optimization, nonlinear system dynamics, transfer learning, explainable modeling and complex  network theory for modeling, monitoring and control of large-scale complex systems with the applications in health care, manufacturing, and social science.
CHOT at Penn State
Penn State Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) is an industry-university cooperative research center (I/UCRC) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and health organizations to conduct research supporting major management, clinical, and information technology innovations in health care. The benefits of CHOT membership are:
  • Gain a competitive advantage on evidence-based innovations in health care delivery specific and relevant to industry
  • Engage in a multidisciplinary approach to research;
  • Have a valid, neutral third-party perspective by using university researchers to collect and analyze data;
  • Enjoy pre-publication access to CHOT research findings at least two years ahead of publication;
  • Access CHOT university sites' resources and facilities;
  • Leverage credibility of the NSF CHOT research methodology and rigor to engage physician leaders;
  • Work alongside other industry members to develop CHOT's research agenda;
  • Develop working relationships with leading researchers from internationally recognized academic institutions;
  • Access the top graduate students from Penn State