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Phoenix Landing Foundation | October 2019
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20/20 Vision for the Future for Parrots, Wellness Retreat
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May 16-17, 2020
Sherrill Center, University of North Carolina at Asheville
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Meet some of our adoptable African Greys!
Interested in adopting a parrot? Here are just a few of the
many birds available through Phoenix Landing.
Information on Phoenix Landing's adoption process may be found at
Flapper is a 31 year old Congo African Grey. She is very social and loves to be the center of attention. She has no wings, and has balance issues, so needs a special set up to ensure she doesn't hurt herself. (NC)

Shadow the Congo African Grey
Shadow is a 20 year old Congo African Grey. She is a healthy eater, and loves foraging for snacks. She appreciates good music, and has an affinity for classical piano. She can tell Alexa to "play music." (NC)
Jocko a Timneh African Grey
Jocko is a Timneh African Grey. We aren't sure her age or sex. She is very talkative, and even barks. She also enjoys shreddable and foraging toys. Her foster home finds her very entertaining and enjoyable to be around. (NC)
Piper a Timneh African Grey
Piper is a 21 year old Timneh Aftrican Grey. Her sex hasn't been confirmed. She loves cardboard shreddable toys and a nut for a treat. Once trust is built, and when it is on her own terms, she may even request a head scritch. (WV)
More Adoptable Parrots and Parakeets!
Bertie the blue and gold macaw
Bertie is a 22 year old female blue and gold macaw. While she doesn't necessarily want to be petted, she loves blowing air kisses and interacting, once she knows you! (NC)
Jonah eclectus
Jonah is a male eclectus parrot estimated to be about 15 years old. He is very personable, enjoys shredding toys, and has great things to say. He's done well around gentle children, and has lived with dogs. (NC)
Four adoptable parakeets
Solstice, Juniper, Snowy, and Fluffy are a small flock of four parakeets looking for a home together. They love balsa wood and other shreddable toys and chattering together. (NC)
Kiwi is a Quaker who is a little over a year old. He came to Phoenix Landing in September, 2019. He had dislocated his knee. His family took him to the veterinarian, but worried they could not care for him effectively, so transferred him to Phoenix Landing.

Kiwi is now in a wonderful foster home in Washington, D.C. in a special setup to help his recovery. He willingly takes his medicine, is active, and seems to be getting stronger every day. He is now even perching and putting some pressure on his leg! We look forward to followup veterinary appointments to see how he is progressing.

Be sure to look for Kiwi updates (#kiwithecurious) on our Phoenix Landing Facebook page and Instagram!
Perches, swings, boings, shelves, and more!
When outfitting a cage or other environment with perches, think of what Goldilocks might encounter if she, and the three bears, had been birds. Make sure you have a perch that seems way too small in diameter for their feet, way too large in diameter for their feet, and, some that seem just right in diameter. You may have to switch out stainless or nickel-plated washers for larger ones to accommodate cage bar spacing. Having real variety in perch diameters is important for foot health as well as enrichment.

Include at least two non-stationary items for birds to perch on (swings, boings, or both), in their environment in order to improve balance and encourage exercise and movement.
Perch collage
Pictured: Stainless steel shelf, Triangle rope swing, Rattan perches, Cotton bungee, and Safety pumice perches. Proceeds from the volunteer-run Helping Parrots store support the birds in the Phoenix Landing adoption program.
Phoenix Landing Wish List

Donated items may be sent to Phoenix Landing Foundation, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC 28701.

Please drop us a note at if you purchase something for us, if you'd like a thank you note, as vendors do not always provide information on who generously purchased something for us. Thank you for helping parrots!