October 2019
Fall is in the Air!
Re-Spook, Re-Scare, Re-Wear!

We've become accustom to using items for a short time without much thought. Halloween is no different. Every year millions of costumes are produced and sold to be used for a single night. More than 175 million Americans celebrate Halloween and spend a total of $9 billion, with the average consumer planning to spend over $86 on decorations, candy, costumes and more.

The good news is that you can easily go zero-waste and low cost with your Halloween celebrations! With millions of costumes sold each year and used only a few times that means that millions of gently used costumes can be found in thrift stores, online, or on social media sites.

Zero-Waste Halloween Tips:
  • Swap costumes with friends or host a costume swap party. October 12th is National Halloween Costume Swap Day!
  • Shop thrift stores or online "buy-nothing" or sales groups for used costumes and decorations
  • DIY your costumes with items you already have
  • Source Plastic free or earth friendlier trick-or-treat options:
  • Draw Jack O'Lantern faces on mandarin oranges for a healthy Halloween treat
  • Plastic free/recycled art supplies like mini notebooks, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, monkey string/wikki sticks or origami animals
  • Locally made sweets like honey sticks or local bakery treats
Pumpkin Recycling

Did you know that your Jack O'Lantern can have a second life after the trick-or-treating has ended? Many resources went into growing and transporting your pumpkin to your doorstep. Give back to the earth by ensuring your pumpkin is composted:
  • Natural, unpainted pumpkins are accepted in your curbside yard waste cart.
  • Drop off your pumpkin with your yard waste at one of our facilities.
  • Compost your pumpkins in a backyard compost pile or vermicomposting system (composting with worms). Remember to remove candles!
  • Visit www.salinasvalleyrecycles.org or attend a composting workshop to learn how to start your own home composting system.
We've Unwraped our Organics De-Packager!
We've been working hard to upgrade our organics recycling program and have recently been putting our de-packager into use! Read all about it in our latest press release here .

Stay tuned for details on the
Grand Opening of the De-packager and Organics Composting system!
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