October 2019  |  Vol. 71, No. 5  
TLARGI is a Subdivision of the Rubber Division, ACS
Greetings Friends. I hope you all had a great summer! According to Costco, Christmas is right around the corner, but first let's enjoy fall. For TLARGIans, that means we're starting up many of our annual activities. Join me as I review the upcoming slate of events.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the GLTPC Scholarship Golf Tournament which took place on September 16th at the Western Hills Country Club in Chino Hills. GLTPC is the main fundraiser of TLARGI's Undergraduate Scholarship Fund. We appreciate the efforts of the honorable members of the Grand Lodge of TLARGI Past Chairmen.

The "Basic Rubber Technology Course" started September 5th and will last 20 weeks. This is always highly anticipated and well attended each year. The course will be presented by Rick Ziebell and Matt Rogers of RDAbbott. The course consists of in-class instruction, as well as factory tours of many manufacturers in the industry. Many of us have attended this historic class and continue to benefit from its curriculum.

We're also looking forward to the annual Technical Conference, Oktoberfest and Mini Expo. This is scheduled for October 1st at the Phoenix Club, starting with the Technical Conference at 1 pm. Dr. Ragin Amrutiya currently has five papers scheduled, so it should be a very informative afternoon. The conference will be followed by the Mini Expo in the courtyard and we're bringing back the " Most Outstanding Booth" contest since it was such a success last year. (See all the details below.) After the Expo we'll enjoy traditional German Oktoberfest faire under the big top.

Elections for the Board of Directors will be taking place in November. The current board has put together a ballot of candidates who have experience and/or have expressed an interest in participating.  If YOU are interested in being placed on the ballot, it's not too late. We are happily taking write-ins which only need to be supported by ten signatures. Positions accepting write-ins are Secretary, Treasurer, and Two-Year Director.

The next event after our Oktoberfest meeting will be the Christmas Party. It is scheduled for Saturday, December 7th, at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa. Deena Campana, Cindy LeClair, and the Christmas Party Committee are finalizing the details of this much anticipated event. In fact, be on the lookout for them at the Mini Expo on October 1st as they will be running a special promotion that includes an exclusive early-bird rate, plus some raffle tickets. For more details, see the Christmas Party section in this newsletter.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support of TLARGI and encourage you consider a donation before the end of the year. We're still accepting donations to the Scholarship Fund, which assists worthy college students, as well as the Prize Fund which goes toward the Christmas Party and the Summer Conference. Please see the payment options below.


Darren Marcoux
2019 TLARGI Chairman
If you are interested in donating to the TLARGI Scholarship Fund, you may pay by credit card or check. To donate by credit card, click the "Donate to Scholarship Fund" link below.

Checks should be payable to TLARGI Scholarship and sent to this address and contact:

TLARGI Scholarship Committee
c/o Keith Thomas
16511 Carmenita Road
Cerritos, CA 90703 
If you are interested in donating to the TLARGI Prize Fund, you may pay by credit card or check. To donate by credit card, click the "Donate to Prize Fund" link below.

Checks should be payable to TLARGI and sent to this address and contact:

TLARGI Prize Committee
c/o Marilyn Stein
16511 Carmenita Road
Cerritos, CA 90703
Oktoberfest, Mini Expo, and
Technical Conference  

October 1, 2019  |  1:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 
TLARGI's Oktoberfest and Mini Expo are the perfect opportunity for you to focus on local businesses.  
Come find out about new projects, materials, equipment, and general advances in the local industry. Meet with out-of-town vendors who come to answer technical questions and address current challenges; and get caught up with friends and business contacts.  
We're also bringing back the "Most Outstanding Booth" contest to the expo since it was such a success. Ballots will be on hand for all attendees to cast their votes. The company which receives the most votes will be awarded $250 to a restaurant of their choice to treat their staff to a company lunch. The contest winner will be announced during the dinner meeting. However, there's a new twist to this year's voting: You may NOT vote for your company's booth; you must vote for a different company. 
To reserve a table at the Mini Expo, contact Dr. Ragin Amrutiya at ragin.amrutiya@wacker.com . Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so you'll want to reserve your table soon!  
And, you definitely don't want to miss the 2019 Technical Conference which starts before the Mini Expo at 1:00 p.m. (See additional details below.)
Click the "Learn More & Register" button below to get all the details about our Oktoberfest and Expo. 

Basic Rubber Technology Course
September 5, 2019 - March 12, 2020

Even though the class started on September 5th, there are still a few spots available in this remarkable 20-week course. Whether your background is operations, sales, technical, finance, or management, it provides invaluable training to further your success in the rubber industry.

Technical Conference
October 1, 2019  |  1:00 p.m.

This year's Technical Conference is shaping up to be a great success. Sign up today and look forward to hearing from Frank Pappas of ACE Products & Consulting LLC, Julie Baker of 3M, Dr. Detlef Klingberg of Wacker Chemical Corp., Dave Pugne of LORD Corporaton, and Gianluca Melillo of RDC S.r.l.

Winter Wonderland Celebration 
December 7, 2019  |  6:00 p.m. 

Christmas comes but once a year, let's celebrate with some holiday cheer! Save the date for the 2019 TLARGI Christmas Party on Saturday, December 7th, at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa . It will be a special formal evening with dinner, dancing, and prizes. Music will be provided by Vanity Fair.  
The deadline to register is November 22, but if you register between now and October 2nd, you'll receive an early-bird rate of $130 per person.  
And if you register with one of the Christmas Committee Chairman on October 1st at the Mini Expo, you'll also receive 20 raffle tickets toward the Oktoberfest prize drawings!

IEC 2019 in Cleveland, Oct. 8 - 10

The International Elastomer Conference, featuring the International Rubber Expo, 195th Technical Meeting and Educational Symposium is 2 weeks  away. Be sure to register soon and secure your lodging at rubberiec.org.   
Member Updates  
Manjinder Singh is now serving as Technical Director at Hexpol's Long Beach facility. 
Andrew Wallace is now General Manager at Wacker in Chino. 
New Memberships 

Alex Bingham, Sales Engineer for Trelleborg

Kevin Jimenez with Momentive Performance Materials

Michael Fox, Executive Vice President, Business Management, for West American Rubber Co., LLC

Vinny Peru, Process Control for Martin Rubber Corp./Open Loop Energy

The GLTPC annual tournament drew 41 golfers to the Western Hills Country Club on September 16, 2019. The tournament contributed over $8,000 to the TLARGI Undergraduate Scholarship program. The participants had a good time and helped a worthy cause. GLTPC thanks everyone who participated in the tournament.   

GLTPC members involved in the tournament included: Lois McKinney, Keith Thomas, Tom Martin, Ron Sparks, Karen Kelly, Gerry Wicker, Margaret O'Donnell, Mike Haney, and Howard Vipperman. Beth Sepulveda was also on site to photograph the tournament.
In addition to all the golfers who participated, the following Corporate Sponsors helped to make this a special day for all: Martin Rubber Company; Vip Rubber Co., Inc.; R & S Processing; Ace Calendering Enterprise, Inc.; R.D. Abbott; Silmix Division of Wacker Chemical Company; and Channel Prime Alliance.

Final standings for the tournament
were as follows:

Dino Chavez
Ralph Aldrete
Ernie Baltierra    
Alex Escamilla

Fred Rodriguez
John Alarcon
Anthony Pereta
Jordan Guilleu

Closest to pin #6: Steve Scheuermann
Closest to pin #8: Barry Hofstetter
Closest to pin #14: Tony Barba
Over the years TLARGI members and industry friends have generously supported our successful scholarship program. We are proud that TLARGI's educational support is tops among the rubber groups. In fact, thanks to your donations, our cumulative scholarship fund donations total as of last year was $180,632.

This scholarship campaign, in conjunction with the GLTPC Scholarship Golf Tournament, are the sources for these scholarships.

Our intent for the Educational Scholarship Fund is to assist college students with an educational program that provides broad and general training as an inducement to attract young people to the rubber industry. TLARGI feels this is necessary for the industry's health and longevity. We're hopeful we can depend on your support once again.

You may donate by credit card or check. To donate by credit card, click the "Donate to Scholarship Fund" link below.

Checks may be made payable to TLARGI Educational Scholarship Fund and sent to the following address and contact:

   TLARGI Scholarship Committee
    c/o Keith Thomas
   16511 Carmenita Road
   Cerritos, CA 90703

(Please reference Account #427-527-19 in the memo line.)

Remember, your contribution is tax deductible (Tax I.D. # 956113650). We greatly appreciate your support and trust that you will send your contribution as soon as possible.

The Scholarship Committee

The Honorary Lifetime Member Selection Committee is
looking for nominations for 2019.

What does it take to be voted in as an Honorary Lifetime Member? Exceptionally outstanding and unselfish service to the Group or the industry shall be considered as a qualification for this honor. In other words, this membership is reserved for those who have made contributions over and above what's been asked or assigned to them.

Please email the name of the individual and the reasons why this individual should be considered to Scott Kearns at scottkearns@gmail.com. All your recommendations will be collected between now and October 1st and will be passed along to the board for consideration at the October meeting. The committee will vote on the proposals at the November board meeting.

The committee consists of Scott Kearns, Darren Marcoux, and Beth Sepulveda.

Are You Interested in Getting More Involved in TLARGI?  
If you've considered a role on the board or as Chairman of a committee, we'd like to hear from you so we can grow our team. Please email Scott Kearns at scottkearns@gmail.com if you or someone you know would be a good candidate for a board position, such as Treasurer, Secretary, Director or a Committee Chairman, so when the Nominating Committee meets we have a list of candidates who are available and willing for the roles.
Advertising with TLARGI
If your organization is interested in advertising in our yearbook, newsletters, and/or website, please contact Cindy LeClair at cindy@viprubber.com or complete our 2020 Advertising Agreement.

2019 Membership Dues
Don't forget to send your membership dues to Jackie Gandara by January 1, 2020, and keep in mind that any new members who apply in September, October, November, or December become members for the balance of 2019 and for 2020. If you have any questions, contact Jackie Gandara at jgandara@RDAbbott.com. 

TIPS Presenters  
If you're interested in presenting at a TIPS Meeting or the 2020 Technical Conference, please submit abstracts to Dr. Ragin Amrutiya at Ragin.Amrutiya@wacker.com for consideration. 

Current Events or Member Updates 
If you have current events or member updates to share, please send them to Doug Limkeman at  doug_limkeman@hmroyal.com for consideration.
Complimentary Mailing List   
Normally at their April meeting, the TLARGI Board approves the mailing list for the TLARGI newsletter to non-members. Nominees generally include advertisers, scholarship recipients, and scholarship donors. If you have nominations for this list, please send their names and contact information to Gabriel Gonzalez at ggonzalez@RDAbbott.com

The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI) mission is to promote the professional growth of those associated with the local rubber and affiliated industries and to meet the needs of companies and academic centers that support its members through educational, technical, and networking activities.